Dear Lamplight family,


We are very grateful to each person who prays for us and to each person who contributes to our ministry.We are dependent upon your prayers and your contributions to enable us to reach out to help many needy people around the world.Thank you and God bless you.





We are pleased to share these comments with you each month.If you would like to see the over-all effect of your contributions, please visit our website at www.lamplight.net to see 525 comments from people in 39 different countries who have been helped by our books and Scripture cards.


AN INMATE IN A JAIL IN FLORIDA WHO WAS CLOSE TO DEATH BECAUSE OF ALCOHOL AND DRUGS HAS BEEN INSPIRED BY EXCHANGE YOUR WORRIES FOR GOD'S PERFECT PEACE.This man said, "While on the streets doing drugs and alcohol and all sorts of madness I prayed that the Lord would get me out of the insanity that I was caught up in.I was at a point in my life where death was around the corner.God's amazing grace caused me to become incarcerated.I came upon a pod in jail where a guy was holding Bible study using your book Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace.I thank God for this brother in Christ and I thank God for your book which has been an inspiration to me.I have truly exchanged my worries for God's perfect peace.Thank you for your inspiration.May the Lord continue to bless you and yours."


A MAN FROM GHANA IN WEST AFRICA SAID THAT OUR BOOKS HAVE INSPIRED HIM TO SACRIFICE HIS LIFE TO PREACH THE WORD OF GOD.Rev. James Amoakoh said, "I have read a lot of Christian books but your books are unique.May God bless you for allowing yourself to be a vessel.You are preaching the gospel to remote areas.Your books are helping me in my ministry as a pastor.I want to sacrifice my whole life to preaching the Word of God and to learn more from you.Your books are down to earth.They are well written and easy to read.I am writing to express my appreciation and to pray that the Lord will strengthen you to continue the good work you are doing.Thank you for helping us to do what the Lord has called us to do."


A MAN FROM THE PHILIPPINES SAID THAT HIS FAITH IN GOD INCREASED GREATLY AFTER HE READ EXCHANGE YOUR WORRIES FOR GOD'S PERFECT PEACE. Joseph Rainor said, "In the past faith to me was hoping that there would be enough rice to go around.A radical change in my faith took place after I read Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace.There has been a really, really, really big change in my belief system.Thank you Sir Hartman for the wonderful message of faith that has changed my life."


A PASTOR FROM MALAWI IN SOUTHEAST AFRICA SAID THAT OUR BOOKS ARE HELPING HIM, HIS FAMILY AND HIS CHURCH.Pastor Paul Janasi said, "I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.Jack and Judy, thank you very much for sending me your books Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace, Never, Never Give Up and Receive Healing from the Lord.These books are helping me, my family and the church I am pastoring here in Malawi.God bless you and continue spreading the gospel in this dark world."




Comments on the progress of our next book.As I have told you in previous newsletters I am 75 years old and I am totally committed to writing a minimum of six more books during the remainder of my life.I have been working six days a week to achieve his goal.We are now on Draft #4 of The Supernatural Power of the Living Word of God.


I am highly motivated to complete this book.I believe that very few Christians even begin to understand what the Bible teaches about receiving manifestation of the supernatural power of God's Word in their daily lives.This book is filled with specific instructions that will tell you exactly what the Bible instructs you to do to receive this enormous blessing from God.


Interesting information on Book # 19. The Supernatural Power of the Living Word of God will be the 18th Christian book I have written or co-authored with Judy.Something has happened in recent weeks that has greatly encouraged me that I will be able to write a large number of books during the remainder of my life.


Judy Mangle has transcribed all of our books for the past 14 years.Judy does an excellent job.We could not be more pleased with her.Judy got behind in the last half of December and early January due to many other commitments from two other part-time jobs and the normal busy times that we all experience during the Christmas season.I found myself with more than three weeks of no work to do on the book.


I decided that I had no alternative but to begin the next book which is tentatively titled God Is Always with You.I asked my secretary, Marie Hart, if she would pinch-hit and do some chapters on this book.Marie agreed.I have never before attempted to write two books at the same time.Praise God.We now have completed 13 chapters of Draft #1 of this book.I am very excited.


A brief update on our activities in Third World countries and with inmates in prisons and jails.In a recent newsletter we gave you information about how we work very closely with Rev. Jack Malone of Christís Church of the Philippines.This month we would like to tell you more information about our close relationship with Rev. Jim Koshita who is located in Zambia in Southeast Africa.


Jim has conducted hundreds of village and city crusades.He also is extremely active in street evangelism in Muslim strongholds.More than 45,000 Muslims have been converted to Christianity as a result of Jim's ministry.


In a recent e-mail Jim said, "My ministry began when I read the first book you sent me in 1994.You have sent many more books since then.I have studied each one carefully.God has brought us this far as a result of our connection with you.You are indeed my mentor.God bless you."


We also have worked closely for many years with Rev. Ebenezer Moses in India.Lamplight Ministries tithes on our gross income regardless of our financial condition. We are pleased to tell you that your contributions have enabled us to be the sole support of the orphanage that is operated by India Gospel Fellowship.Judy will give you additional information about this ministry in her comments in this newsletter.


Would you please take time to read these comments about our finances and to pray for us?We are at a financial crossroads at this time.When we are in need, all that we can do is to come to you with our needs and ask you to pray to ask God if He would have you help us.The challenge that we face on an ongoing basis is that Lamplight Ministries has far too few regular monthly partners who contribute each month to the cost of operating this ministry.


We run a very inexpensive operation.Judy and I work out of two bedrooms at either end of our home.Each of our employees works on a part-time basis.Most of our employees work out of their homes.We do not have office space.We only have a small warehouse where we store our books and Scripture cards.Judy and I each receive a salary of only $1,000 a month for all of the hours that we invest into this ministry.You can be assured that a large percentage of the dollars that you invest in Lamplight Ministries goes directly to helping needy people.


Because less than 40% of our monthly income comes from contributions from partners who contribute each month to our ministry, we are very dependent upon one-time contributions.Typically, these contributions are inconsistent.Our one-time contributions were much lower during December and January than in preceding months.


We could stop shipping books to the many people in Third World countries and the inmates in the prisons and jails who have requested them. We could stop paying the tithe that we pay each month on our gross income.Even though our funds are low at this time, we have not succumbed to these temptations.Please pray about sending a generous contribution to Lamplight Ministries to help us continue to help many needy people around the world.If you believe in what we are doing, please pray about partnering with us on a monthly basis.Thank you and God bless you.




We are honored to partner with you for the spread of the gospel. We are thankful to God that He is using our publications to spread the gospel around the world. We thank you for your prayers and financial support. You are serving as pillars in our ministry. Prayer is absolutely key to our fulfilling Godís assignment for Lamplight Ministries. We thank you more than words can say for praying for us and for your financial support.


I would like to take every one of you to India with me. I will do my best to give you a report on India Gospel Fellowship. Pastor Ebenezer Mosesí passion is to train pastors and leaders in India to reach all of India with the gospel.


One man funded an entire IGF Bible school for two years. Of the fifteen students who began the Bible school, twelve graduated. Ideally, these students would then be funded to start churches among the unreached people but the funding stopped. These twelve students are all in vital ministries. I know each of these students.


The Bible school consisted of one year and a half study and training plus a six month field outreach. These graduates went to the Andaman Islands for their outreach. Over 300,000 tracts were handed out to the tribal groups, some of which were barely civilized. Many people in these tribes who perished in the tsunami received these tracts. We will find out when we are in heaven how many of these tribal people are in heaven because of these Bible students spending six months among them.


The students arise at 5:30 a.m. for morning devotions, physical exercise, and chores; then they head for the classroom. Afternoon is often street or village evangelism. This is a very practical ministry.


We have the opportunity to support a local, proven, tried, tested, and found faithful pastor in India. If God speaks to you to commit to support the India Gospel Fellowship Bible school, please contact us. Jack and I personally believe that the soil of IGF is one of the most fruitful, harvest producing soils on earth today.


I want to invite you to visit India with me next year. We will plan a yearly trip. Please pray about going. God will provide the funds for anyone He sends, so do not let money be a concern. I will send you the details, including a letter inviting family, friends, and co-workers to invest in your trip. The rooms are air-conditioned (the electricity does go off sometimes during the day, though); the food is exquisite (toned down for usJ) and the fellowship is deep and lasting. Seeing IGF from the inside will change your life forever. Please contact me for details.


We are talking weekly with Godfried Geyevu in London.We are planning strategy for the Lamplight Ministries outreach into the United Kingdom.Please pray for this ministry.


Jack and I were invited to attend the Presidentís Council of Walk Thru The Bible in California. I will attend from March 1-4. We believe that both relationships and strategies for the spread of the gospel will be established. Please pray for this conference.††††††


We are making every effort to fulfill God's call on our lives.Thank you for joining with us.


Love in Jesus Christ,

Jack and Judy

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