January, 2008


Dear Lamplight Family,


We are pleased to share more exciting news with you about what the Lord is doing through Lamplight Ministries.  We thank the Lord for using us to help many needy people in several different countries.  We thank you for your continued prayers and financial support.  





We enjoy sharing these comments with you each month.  If you would like to see the effect of your prayers and your contributions, please visit our website at www.lamplight.net to see 566 comments from people in 41 different countries who have been helped by our books and Scripture cards.  Many more comments are waiting to be added when and if we can make the time.


BOOKS FROM LAMPLIGHT MINISTRIES NOW ARE BEING DISTRIBUTED IN CHINA.  Pastor Jim Koshita who has temporarily left Zambia to minister in China said, “God is doing a new thing in my life and ministry.  I am still in China.  I am ministering in Tianjin and Tangu.  My wife just told me on the phone that we have received more books from you.  I will be back in Zambia on July 23rd.  These books will be distributed to many church leaders.  Your books are completely different from other books I have read.  They are right from the throne of God and carry a special anointing.  It is so amazing that a man at the age of 76 can write such life-changing books.  Our great God Who sees your labour will reward you mightily.  People here who speak English will be greatly blessed to have your books.  Enclosed are some addresses of people here in China plus one man in Belgium who are expectant of reading your books.  I will send other addresses soon.”  (We have sent books to each of these people in China and to the man in Brussels, Belgium.  If you would like to contribute to this fruitful ministry to help Jim Koshita with his needs, please send us your contribution.  We will send this money to Jim.)


AN EVANGELIST IN PAKISTAN HAS REQUESTED PERMISSION TO TRANSLATE UNSHAKABLE FAITH IN ALMIGHTY GOD INTO THE URDU LANGUAGE.  Bishop Kenneth Spartan said, “It is a pleasure to know about you and your ministry.  Brother Jeff Pike met me in Kenya and gave me your book Unshakable Faith in Almighty God.  This book is a masterpiece of theology - particularly your explanation of the rapture, the second coming of Christ and the persecution of the Church.  I wish to translate this book into the Urdu language to be used in Bible schools and theological seminaries.  I have translated books by Demos Shakarian, Gordon Lindsay and Charles and Frances Hunter.  Please take initiative to bring this book to benefit us in the Third World.  May God use you like a salt and let you shine like a light."  (We gave Bishop Spartan permission to translate this book to help needy people in Pakistan.)


A PASTOR FROM GHANA HAS ESTABLISHED TEN BIBLE STUDY CENTRES WHERE OUR BOOKS ARE THE ONLY TEACHING MATERIAL.  Pastor Solomon Danso said, “I send you Calvary greetings in Christ hoping that you are doing very well as family and ministry.  We received two boxes of your books.  As the Lord made the way we sent them to rural areas where Bibles are very expensive and scarce.  We have used these books to establish 10 Bible study centres where your books are being used as the only teaching materials.  Your books are like an encyclopedia.  We are appealing to you to send more of your books and Scripture cards.  Anything you send us will be very much appreciated and used to the glory of God.  May God richly bless all of your financial supporters for enabling us to use your ministry to transform our country.  Thank you and God richly bless you.”  (We have sent more books and Scripture cards to Pastor Danso.)


A PASTOR IN ZAMBIA TEACHES IN HIS CHURCH FROM RECEIVE HEALING FROM THE LORD.  Pastor Nikhosi Emmanuel said, “Thank you for the books you sent me free of charge.  Your book, Receive Healing from the Lord, has been very helpful.  Whenever I feel sick, I read this book.  I gave this book to a pastor who has been very sick.  After reading it for two days, he was healed.  I have used this book to teach the people in our church.  This book touches my heart.  It carries a strong anointing of God.  It is very clear and easy to read and understand.  Please send me more of your books to give to other pastors."  (We have inadvertently misplaced Pastor Emmanuel’s address.  Can anyone in Zambia help?  We will send books immediately.)




An update on our next book:  I am very excited about our next book which will be titled What Does God Say?.  This book is the most important project I have ever worked on in the 76 plus years I have lived on this earth.  I have worked on this book every day for the past 53 weeks.  This work is incredibly difficult, detailed and time-consuming.  I have never tackled anything like this. 


I am almost at the end of Draft #3 and will begin Draft #4 in the next few days.  There is still a long way to go.  We are taking this massive project one day at a time.  This book will consist of 95 different scriptural topics with between 3 and 25 passages of Scripture in each topic.  I am working diligently to write a headline of brief explanation and one paragraph of approximately 100 words before each passage of Scripture.  This paragraph will give a clear and easy to understand explanation of what this Scripture says.


I am very encouraged to observe the tremendous anointing of the Lord on this book.  I am using massive amounts of material from six large file cabinets that are filled with thousands of Scripture meditations I have written during the past 33 years.  It is very exciting to see the work of more than three decades being pulled together to be condensed into one book.  We do not know when this book will be completed.  The book will not be done until we have peace in our hearts that this book is exactly what the Lord wants.  I had done virtually all of the work on the early drafts of the book as I always do.  Judy is now intensifying her labor to take what I have written to write, rewrite and condense it.  We work very well together as a team. 


In recent newsletters we have given you an overview of some of these topics.  We would like to continue this explanation by sharing a brief explanation of the following topic with you (all we have space for).  Each month we will share information on additional topics as space is available.


The topic titled FAITH IN GOD tells you that you cannot please God if you do not have strong faith in Him.  Your Father instructs you to live by faith.  He wants every aspect of your life to revolve around your deep, strong and unwavering faith in Him.  If your faith in God is insufficient, you can learn from God’s instructions exactly what your Father tells you to do to consistently increase your faith in Him.  You will learn how to develop deeply rooted faith in God that will enable you to receive manifestation of His glorious promises when difficult times come upon you.  Your Father promises that you will not be disappointed if you persevere in faith, absolutely refusing to give up.


Please pray for us as we continue to work on this book.  With every month that passes, the Lord is showing us more and more what the final book will be like.  We cannot wait to place this book in your hands so that you can see for yourself the comprehensiveness and simplicity that God has graciously given us to write this book.


Please pray about supporting our ministry financially.  Anyone who reads our monthly newsletters can see that God is using Lamplight Ministries to help many needy people throughout the world.  We now are expanding into several additional countries such as China, Pakistan and Belgium.  We are in awe of what God is doing.


We continue to send out books to these needy people with faith that the funds will come in.  We sell only about 10% of our books and Scripture cards and give away approximately 90%.  Please pray about supporting this ministry on a monthly basis.  We need more consistent monthly partners to stabilize our cash flow which varies tremendously from month to month.  Thank you and God bless you.




The world keeps becoming more hostile toward Christians.  We find the description of today in II Timothy Chapter 3.  In the 1960’s I learned this chapter by heart.  At that time the verses appeared appropriate for the way the world was.  Today this chapter describes the condition of the world clearly.  As the conditions described in the Bible for the last days continue to become reality, we must know what God tells us to do during the last days.  I am relearning this chapter this month.  Please let me know if you decide to focus upon it and write it upon your heart.  You will find applications for verses in this chapter as you go about your day and interact with others.  You will have a word ready for someone who is hungry to receive it.  Please let me know what happensJ


Jack and I are focusing our energies upon writing a book that will provide the tools for anyone to prepare with confidence for these times of intense persecution against the church.  Brothers and sisters, just because we are not experiencing the extreme abuse that others are experiencing today, they are part of the body of Christ.  Where one is suffering, we all should be aware of what is happening and do all that we can to help. 


We have been tithing for many years on all money that comes into Lamplight Ministries.  One of my deepest joys is sending the tithe to the pastors in the nations.  When you invest in Lamplight, you are investing in India, the Philippines, Ukraine, Israel and in Indonesian refugees.  You are investing world-wide through the internet, through Literacy and Evangelism International, and universities in Latin America and the US.  We are sending special offerings to Kenya.  All ministries are well known to us and tested and proven faithful to be excellent gospel soil.  You are investing in Lamplight which we appreciate so much and you also are reaching the nations financially as well as through our publications.

Every day we must spend some time in touching the nations with the gospel in some way, first of all through prayer.  I have a huge map on the wall and can touch the nations as I pray for them.  You might purchase a globe and pray for nations as you become more and more aware of their location in relation to the trouble spots of the world.  “Father, we agree in Jesus’ name for counsel, might, wisdom, and understanding for those who are living where Christians live in daily danger for their safety, their livelihood, and for their lives.  Amen.”


I am rereading Trust God for Your Finances, written by Jack in 1983.  I believe that we all need to read and study it for the first time or reread and study this book.  All signals appear to point toward times of great turmoil in the world.  We will never again live in what we once felt was a peaceful world.  God has given us instructions in the Bible are to learn and obey in order to be a blessing to others.  Blessing and favor do not come automatically.  We must be closely connected to God.  We must know what God’s directions are and follow them. 


I want to thank you for providing my new Dell Latitude D830 computer which was an absolute necessity when my previous computer crashed.  I chose to stay with Windows XP instead of the new Vista operating system.  I did not realize that my new laptop would come with Microsoft Office 2007.  What a surprise to not even be able to find how to use italics at first.  With the F2 key I am finding what I need and learning Office 2007 rather quickly.  This computer practically sings and dances.   It is absolutely comprehensive.  It will save a great deal of time AFTER I have become familiar with it.  I have an external hard drive for a backup, so I feel very blessed to have such excellent equipment.  Again, I thank you so very much.


I am totally excited as I hear people day after day tell me on the phone or in emails that one of our books is ministering to them in a huge way, making a difference in their lives.  Thank you for your prayers and support that makes it possible for our books to reach the nations.  We are blessed to be an extension of you to the world.  We thank you for your partnership with us.  We ask you to pray for us without ceasing.


We will have our yearly Board of Directors meeting in February.  Please pray for our Board as we meet to survey the past year and to thank God for His provision and Lamplight’s outreach to the nations.  Please pray for us as we look to God for His direction and anointing in the coming year and the years ahead. 


We love you and thank God for you.  Blessed to be a blessing,




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