February, 2008


Dear Lamplight Family,


Again this month we have exciting news to share with you.  We are very grateful for everything the Lord is doing in Lamplight Ministries.  We also are grateful to you for your prayers and for your financial support that enables us to help many people all around the world.





We enjoy sharing these comments with you each month.  If you would like to see the effect of your prayers and your contributions, please visit our website at www.lamplight.net to see 566 comments from people in 41 different countries who have been helped by our books and Scripture cards.  You can order our publications from our website or from the post office box or the 800 phone number at the bottom of this page.


THE FIRST TRANSLATION OF TRUST GOD FOR YOUR FINANCES IN THAILAND IS RECEIVING A PHENOMENAL RESPONSE.  Mary Sarindhorn of Bangkok, Thailand sent us an email saying, “I summarized your book, Trust God for Your Finances, into four pages in Thai and sent this summary as one of my bi-weekly publications in My Little Prayers.  My readers include bishops, priests, nuns, pastors and lay people – Christians and Buddhists alike.  The response was overwhelming.  One pastor requested 250 copies of my summary.  With my work load and activities, I could not spare the time to translate the entire book.  My friend who originally gave me the book agreed to take up the task of translation.  Within two months we printed 750 copies in Thai.  This time the pastors distributed them to members in their churches.  The acceptance of this translation of Trust God for Your Finances was phenomenal.  As an invited speaker in various places all over Thailand, I often speak on this book and the contents.  We would like to have more of Mr. Hartman’s books translated into Thai.”


LAMPLIGHT MINISTRIES HAS BEEN INSTRUMENTAL IN 440,000 PEOPLE IN THE PHILIPPINES RECEIVING JESUS CHRIST AS THEIR SAVIOR.  In preparation for our recent Board of Directors meeting I asked Jack Malone to give the following summary.  Jack said, “Late in 2002 I was introduced to Jack and Judy Hartman.  This meeting was the beginning of a journey that only God will know the full extent of.  What really changed the direction of my life and ministry was reading your book Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace.  My Bible school education did not and could not equip me with the faith I would need for this ministry in the Philippines.  Now almost five years later with 440,000 people coming forward to pray the sinner’s prayer, this has been the greatest journey of my life.  God directed me to come to the Philippines with virtually no support.  Jack and Judy started the ball rolling with the first of their monthly contributions to this ministry.  They also are in continual contact with us by email.  The ministry of Jack and Judy Hartman will far outlast their lives on earth.  These people have not been headline news on CNN, Fox News or TBN, but in heaven they are front page news."


OUR BOOKS HAVE SPREAD THROUGHOUT ZAMBIA AND TO MANY OTHER COUNTRIES.  For our recent Board of Directors meeting I asked Pastor Jim Koshita to give us the following summary.  Jim said, “I have been connected to you and Lamplight Ministries for fourteen years since 1994.  I have never seen a person or ministry sending so many powerful books free of charge as you have done.  Even though I have never been to seminary or Bible school, you equipped me.  I was a cell group leader.  The cell grew and multiplied.  I was ordained as a deacon.  I have been preaching and teaching since then from your books which have been distributed in almost every town in Zambia.  Many pastors and church leaders are using your materials as their Bible school.  Thousands of souls have been saved. We have held leadership seminars on your books in many parts of Zambia.  Your books have reached Malawi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Congo and Mozambique.  I am now in China where I am sharing from your books.  Enclosed are more names of people in China and Malaysia who are interested in reading your books.  Thank you for everything you have done.”


A PASTOR IN GHANA, WEST AFRICA IS OVERWHELMED WITH THE REVELATION HE HAS RECEIVED FROM OUR SCRIPTURE MEDITATION CARDS.  Rev. Maxwell Dumme Baba said, “I am very happy to write and say thank you for your help.  I am overwhelmed about the revelations in your Scripture Meditation Cards.  These Scripture cards have helped me so much that I cannot write enough on this sheet of paper.  We have gone through a five day programme in our church using the Scripture cards.  My faith has increased tremendously.  I no longer am submitting to my own will and desires, but I am now submitting to the will of God and it is so fantastic.  I wish I could help finance your ministry, but I am a low income earner.  I am making a promise that today I will go on my knees to ask God to help me to help your ministry.  God bless you, Jack and Judy Hartman.  I ask God to richly bless your ministry.”




An update on our next book:  I will be 77 years old in July.  Most people my age are enjoying retirement.  I cannot and will not retire from serving God.  I am more excited about our new book than I have ever been about anything I have done because this new book is the most important thing I have ever done.  Judy and I recently gave a detailed report on this book to our annual Board of Directors meeting.  After this presentation one member of our Board said, “Your excitement and energy about your new book blows me away.” 


This book will contain approximately 95 topics arranged alphabetically, beginning with topics such as ADVERSITY, AGING, ANGELS and ANGER.  The book is filled with Scriptural references in all of the topics.  Each of the Scriptural references are preceded by a headline summarizing the information that follows and then one paragraph that explains the Scripture reference in simple and easy to understand language.


Even though the topics are arranged alphabetically, we have taken three of the topics and put them at the beginning of the book ahead of all of the alphabetical topics.  These three topics are HEAVEN, HELL and ETERNAL SALVATION.  Our goal is to get people's attention at the beginning of this book.  Each of the eleven passages of Scripture on Heaven is preceded by a headline and a one paragraph explanation that will warm the hearts of anyone who reads this information and the Scripture.  Any person who reads these facts about heaven should be very excited about heaven and the opportunity to live in this glorious place throughout eternity.


The next topic is HELL.  This topic contains nine passages of Scripture. These Scripture references and the preceding paragraphs are very disturbing.  Why would anyone choose to suffer eternally in this horrible place where the inhabitants are tormented forever?  The stark contrast between the scriptural facts on HEAVEN and HELL is overwhelming.


The third topic at the beginning of the book is titled ETERNAL SALVATION.  This topic contains twenty-three passages of Scripture that clearly show the reader exactly what he or she must do to live eternally in the glory of heaven.  God has called you to share Jesus Christ with many people.  Some Christians are hesitant to share Jesus with others because they fear being rejected.  You can take advantage of our liberal 50% discount to give copies of this book to many of your friends and loved ones who are unbelievers.   You can urge these people to read the pages on Heaven, Hell and Eternal Salvation.  You then should pray fervently for God Himself to draw each of these people to Him for eternal salvation (see John 6:44).


We do not know when this book will be finished.  The task is so immense that we can only deal with it one day at a time.  We hope to have this book in print by late spring or early summer.  As usual, we have no money to print the book.  Unlike other Christian publishers who sell their books, we give away approximately 90% of our books and Scripture cards and sell approximately 10% of our publications.  We are completely dependent upon contributions to publish each of our books. 


We will keep you posted with each passing month of our progress on this book.  We are currently on Draft #4.  The book will require at least seven drafts and possibly more.  A tremendous amount of coordination is required to check out each passage of Scripture for accuracy and content.  We are using three different versions of the Bible - The King James Version, The NIV Bible and The Amplified Bible.  We will be very excited when you have your copy of this book.  Please pray for us as we continue to work diligently each day on What Does God Say?.


Please pray about supporting our ministry financially.  You can see from our monthly newsletters that God is using us to help many people around the world with the free books and Scripture cards we send to them.  We can only distribute our publications based upon your contributions.  We do not have enough regular monthly contributors, so we often run out of money when our cash flow is affected because the larger contributions do not come in every month.  We are in this position now. 


We have trusted God for our finances since I wrote the book, Trust God for Your Finances, 25 years ago.  God has been faithful every step of the way.  Would you please pray about becoming a monthly contributor to our ministry so that our cash flow can be leveled out?  Please pray and ask the Lord what He would have you do to help us carry out the assignment He has given us.  Thank you and God bless you.




We recently held our annual Lamplight Ministries Board of Directors meeting.  We had a ninety minute telephone conference with Board members in New Hampshire, North Carolina, Iowa, and Florida.  I will hold another phone conference with one of our Directors from Wisconsin who was out of the country for the entire month of February.  This year’s meeting remarkably seemed as if we were all In the same room. 


We thank God for each member of our Board.  We are blessed with men who walk closely with God and live their lives in His wisdom.  Jack and I came away from the meeting feeling so affirmed and encouraged.  We have these pillars in our lives who stand with us, pray for us, and believe in us.  We are truly blessed.  We pray God’s special blessing on each of our Board members, in Jesus’ name.


As we were preparing for the Board meeting and I was putting together my report on our prayer Intercessors, I realized that our home fellowship group through our church that meets in our home once a month is an intercessory prayer group for Lamplight Ministries.  This home group has been meeting on the second Saturday of each month for the past 21 months. 


Each of these months we have studied and discussed our book, Exchange Your Worries for God’s Perfect Peace.  Jack selects specific passages of Scripture from the book and we apply them to our lives in some very meaningful conversations.  Sometimes there is so much discussion that we only go through four or five passages of Scripture in one and a half hours.  We then close our meetings with a time of prayer followed by a time of fellowship around our dining room table.  We feel blessed to have this group of people who stand with us as well.  If anyone reading this newsletter would like to attend any of our monthly meetings, please contact us.  We would be delighted to have you. 


As we spend time in reflection of our blessings, we want to thank you for being part of our Lamplight family.  I appreciate your notes and calls so much. You are very precious to me.  We have an exciting announcement to share with you.  All of the translations of our books into foreign languages will be scanned on our website.  We plan to add a few translations each month.  Anyone who speaks that language will be able to read the book.  We believe that many lives will be touched for the kingdom of God through this outreach.  God said that there are two ways to reach people with the gospel.  One way is to go to them.  Another way is to bring them to you.  We are blessed to have this avenue of reaching people with the gospel in their own language free of charge.


We love you. We thank God for you.


Blessed to be a blessing,



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