February, 2009

Dear Lamplight Family,

We are pleased to share with you the exciting things that God is doing through Lamplight Ministries in many different countries. Praise the Lord. We are grateful to you for your prayers and for your financial support that enables us to help many people around the world.


If you would like to see the effect of your prayers and your contributions, please visit our website at www. lamplight.net to see 569 comments from people in 41 different countries who have been helped by our books and Scripture cards. You can order our publications from our website, from our post office box or the 800 telephone number at the bottom of this page.

a family in the philippines received their two biggest rice harvests ever because of their faith in God that increased from reading Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace. Olivia Cassone said, “Our lives have always been hard. We struggled for every grain of rice and it seemed like we would never get ahead. My husband Tony and I worked hard planting rice and praying for a good harvest, but fear always held us back. Your book Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace was a revelation to us. This book changed our lives. This year when we planted the land, we turned the harvest over to God. We believed God for more than enough to meet our needs. What a harvest we received! God did just as the Scripture said, EXCEEDINGLY and ABUNDANTLY. This was our first harvest that produced an abundance. When we planted our second crop this year, we prayed, we expected and we had an even bigger harvest than the first one. What a blessing to finally be really free from fear. Thank you for this wonderful book.”

A pastor in zambia changed from a worried minister to a joyful minister after reading Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace. Pastor Akamandisa Lubinda said, “Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace has changed my life, my understanding, my beliefs and my theology. Immediately after reading this book, I was caught up in a new world where I was secure in God’s perfect peace. I have been a believer and a minister of the gospel for quite awhile now, but after reading this book I will never again be the doubting believer that I was. Your book came to me at a crucial time when I needed great encouragement from the Lord. This book has helped me to shift from a worried minister to a joyful minister who is secure in God’s peace. I have learned not to try to control my own life but to allow the Holy Spirit to take control of my life. I am now experiencing the love of God in my life. I belong to Jesus Christ and I am ready to be used in any way He wants to use me. I have a new approach to God after reading this book. May the good Lord bless you, Jack and Judy.”

A pastor in india put his trust in Jesus Christ after reading Trust God for Your Finances. his ministry needs were met. Pastor Jai Babu said, “Your book Trust God for Your Finances has blessed me. I was very discouraged with financial struggles such as hospital bills, money owed for the church building and running our orphanage. I was encouraged and my faith increased after reading Trust God for Your Finances. I put my trust in Jesus. He has provided all of my needs by faith. Miraculously, a lady came and delivered food for the orphanage. Another woman provided money toward the debt on the church building. God is so good. This book has been a great blessing for me and our ministry. May the Lord anoint you more so that you will be a blessing for many people around the world. God bless you.”

A man in singapore found that his life was transformed after reading Trust God for Your Finances. Joseph Lim said, “Praise the Lord Jesus Who is awesome and good. This testimony is to give glory to the Lord. Trust God for Your Finances transformed the life of a friend of mine. He purchased a second hand copy of this book that was tucked in the corner of a bookshop. He bought the book even though it looked old and unimpressive because it was being sold second hand. He did not know that this book would impact his life forever. After reading this book, he realized that he had been living a life of poverty. He is now walking in full manifestation as a son of God and giving glory to the Lord. He is out of debt and God’s favor and grace are overflowing in his business. God has supplied all of his needs just as His Word says. I would like a copy of this book for myself. I have tried to buy a new copy of this book, but it is not available in Singapore.” (We do not have Mr. Lim’s address. We will try to get this address and send him a free copy of Trust God for Your Finances.)


A progress report on our next book. Praise the Lord. The seventh and final draft of Victory over Adversity now has been COMPLETED. We are working on the typesetting and the front and back cover of the book before sending the book to the printer. We have NO funds to print this book because we give away more than 80% of our books and sell less than 20%. We are trusting God completely for the finances to print this book. When this money comes in, we will go to the printer. We trust God that we will have the necessary funds some time in March and that this book will be printed in April.

Are you going through difficult problems in your life at this time? Do you know someone who is desperate because of the current economic condition or for any other reason? The scriptural contents of this book will help any person who faces adversity. You will receive step-by-step scriptural instructions from more than 600 verses of Scripture that tell you exactly what your Father instructs you to do whenever you face adversity. Our next newsletter should contain facts about the availability of this book after it comes from the printer.

I AM EXCITED AS I APPROACH MY 78TH BIRTHDAY. I am very enthusiastic about the books that God has called me to write during the remainder of my life. I have been working diligently for several weeks doing extensive research for our next book that will be titled God’s Joy Regardless of Circumstances. I cannot put into words how much my own joy has increased as I study Scripture in preparation for this book.

The joy of the Lord is placed into your heart when you receive Jesus Christ as your Savior. Unbelievers do not have this joy. Unfortunately, many Christians block the joy of the Lord from being released in their lives. This joy will strengthen you and help you.

We believe that this book will help many people. We will keep you posted on our progress in future newsletters.

PLEASE PRAY ABOUT BECOMING A MONTHLY PARTNER TO HELP US TO MINISTER TO NEEDY PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD. Each month our newsletter includes comments from people in Third World countries and inmates in prisons and jails who have been helped by our publications. Needy people all over world desperately need to learn what God has said in His Word to help them to overcome the challenges they face. Please pray and ask the Lord if He would have you help us financially to send our publications to many needy people all over the world.

Because of the high cost of shipping books, we try to send our publications primarily to pastors who often preach in their churches from the scriptural contents of our books. By doing this, we are able to use your contributions to reach as many people as possible with each book that we send. Please pray also about sending a one-time generous contribution to help us to print Victory over Adversity. Thank you and God bless you.


Dear Lamplight family,

We love and appreciate you.

We had our yearly Board of Directors meeting on the telephone in February. We reported to the Board where we are and where we are going in Lamplight. We appreciate the men who serve on our Board as pillars in our lives. Each one brings a different set of skills and abilities but they all are “men of good and attested character and repute, full of the [Holy] Spirit and wisdom,” (Acts 6:30 amp). We are blessed by each of them.

Because we are expecting breakthroughs in many areas of Lamplight, I will be consulting with each of the members of the Board periodically for expertise in a particular area. One of Jack’s often spoken words of wisdom is found in Proverbs 11:14, “Where no wise guidance is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.”


1.      You can now receive a Lamplight Scripture card in your email daily. The first set to be used is Freedom from Worry and Fear to be followed by Financial Instructions from God. Just sign up on the website. This daily Scripture card may be something you would like to let others know about so that they can receive encouragement from God’s Word every dayJ

2.      You can go to www.lamplight.net and put your thoughts in a blog. People seem to like to participate in blogs on subjects that interest them. We will have one on God’s finances, one on meditating on God’s Word, and on other subjects. We may have a blog on specific books. If you are a seasoned blogger, please let us know how you believe we can be most effective with blogging. Our goal is to help people to walk with God victoriously and to be a blessing to others for the glory of God.

The core of Lamplight Ministries is mentoring pastors in Third World nations. These men and women are fervent in their hunger for the Word of God. We are so thankful to God for the privilege of providing His Word as the Bible school for these pastors. “Thank You, Father.”

We want to thank each of you who pray for Lamplight Ministries. Prayer is the foundation of all that we do. Please let me know if you are praying for us by calling me at 727-784-2688 or emailing me at living4giving@gmail.com. I want to update the prayer warrior team.

I would like to ask everyone to cut off the following prayer list and put it in your Bible so that you will be reminded to pray for us. We would like to increase our army of people who pray for us regularly. Thank you so much. These are the prayer requests for March:

1.      For Judy Mangle as she prepares Victory over Adversity to be printed

2.      The book, Victory over Adversity, when it goes to Rose Printing

3.      Jack and Judy as we work on the next book, God’s Joy Regardless of Circumstances

4.      For Judy: please agree that my knee is totally healed from a bicycle accident (taking JC for a very fast bike ride; he ran in front of the bike. JC was not hurt, bike was not hurt, but I toppled into the street on my knee, elbow, and hands). My recovery is remarkable and I’m expecting 100% momentarilyJ Thank you for prayingJ

5.      For Naomi Licek as she prays and answers the prayer requests

6.      For Elizabeth Sokolik as she handles all of the orders

7.      For Naomi Licek, Steve Burns, and Annette Filippi as they handle the newsletter and other Lamplight details

8.      For all of the pastors in Third World nations who are using Lamplight books as their Bible school for their sermons and ministry work

9.      For funds for Lamplight to send multiple books to the nations where pastors are waiting to receive them.

10. For funds to translate, print, and distribute Lamplight books in Farsi, Arabic, and Mandarin, languages of nations where there is persecution of believers and limited or no openness for sharing the gospel.

11. Pray for the persecuted church worldwide

12. For funds to distribute Lamplight books to prisons and jails in the United States

We thank you for your part in our lives. We are blessed to be a blessing, (Genesis 12:2-3 and Galatians 3:8)


Jack and Judy Hartman (and J.C.)


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_____ I will commit to invest $ _________ monthly into Lamplight Ministries as I am able.