MARCH, 2007


Dear Lamplight family,


Jesus Christ is risen!  He is coming again!  The words that I saw as I left what is presented as Jesus’ tomb in Jerusalem were: “He is not here!  He is risen!”  Let us with Thomas see our Lord risen and cry out, “My Lord and My God!” (John 20:28).


As we keep our hearts and eyes upon Jesus, let us be ready to share the hope that is within us. Let us spend time with God each day so that we are filled to overflowing with Him.  Let us ask God each morning for opportunities to share Him with someone who is hungry to know Him.  Let us with joy share the good news that the world needs today.





We are pleased to share these comments with you each month.  If you would like to see the effect of your contributions, please visit our website at to see 525 comments from people in 39 different countries who have been helped by our books and Scripture cards. 


A PASTOR FROM ZAMBIA WAS MIRACULOUSLY HEALED FROM SEVERE ABDOMINAL PAINS AFTER STUDYING RECEIVE HEALING FROM THE LORD.  Pastor Lubinda Akamandisa of Ndola, Zambia said, “When I wrote you about the sickness I was experiencing you immediately sent me Receive Healing from the Lord by first class air mail.  I was really devastated as I suffered from severe abdominal pains.  The pain and discomfort was almost unbearable.  After reading this book and following the instructions from the Bible, the life threatening condition I suffered from miraculously disappeared.  This book is just superb.  Your writing is stimulating.  The simplicity of the language you use is amazing.  Each chapter is packed with the truth of God’s Word.  After carefully studying this book I have become much more confident in God than before.  I sincerely thank God for you.  Each time I read your newsletter I break into prayer.  May God continue to bless your lives and ministry.”


A WOMAN FROM INDONESIA WAS BLESSED, ENCOURAGED AND STRENGTHENED AFTER READING EXCHANGE YOUR WORRIES FOR GOD'S PERFECT PEACE.  Mega Taufik of Jakarta, Indonesia is the office manager of a foundation that reaches villages in Indonesia with Christian videotapes to help the people in these villages grow in their faith in Christ.  Mega said, “I was in despair struggling with my life and ministry.  Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace has strengthened me and encouraged my heart.  My country is often threatened by disasters.  Your book and the Scripture in it has helped me to focus on God, no matter what circumstances I have experienced and will face in the future.  The language in the book is very clear and easy to understand for someone like me who uses English as a second language.  I have been blessed by reading this book.  My faith in Jesus has increased.  Thank you for sending this book to me.  I thank God that I know you.  You are a blessing.”


A MAN FROM ITALY CONTINUALLY DRAWS INFORMATION AND ENCOURAGEMENT FROM UNSHAKABLE FAITH IN ALMIGHTY GOD.  Peter Baudoo of Pordenone, Italy said, “I was evicted from the place where I lived.  It has not been an easy thing.  By His grace God now has secured a new place for me to live.  While I was going through this difficult time I did a lot of in-depth reading in Unshakable Faith in Almighty God.  It is a marvelous book.  I frequently visit this book to draw information and encouragement from it.  Also the lesson at the end of the book by your beloved spouse that is entitled Biblical Health in a Nutshell is excellent.  I have shared this information with many people.  Thank you for all that you are doing at your advanced ages.  I wish you will still be alive for many decades to share your rich experience with us.”


A WOMAN FROM THE PHILIPPINES SAID THAT SHE FINALLY FOUND THE PEACE SHE HAD BEEN LOOKING FOR AFTER READING EXCHANGE YOUR WORRIES FOR GOD'S PERFECT PEACE.  Calindra Espornate of Lapu-Lapu, Philippines said, “I have looked everywhere for the peace that other people told me they found in their religion.  I was raised in a very religious home by strict rules but I did not find peace.  After reading Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace I found what I had been looking for.  I am now at peace with myself, my past and my future.  Not many people know the kind of peace that I now have.  I know I have a long way to go, but you have no idea how far I have come.  Thank you very much.” 




The status of our next book:  Judy and I are very optimistic about our next book which will be titled The Supernatural Power of the Living Word of God.  We estimate that the manuscript should be completed and sent to the printer in May.  We believe that this book will be printed and ready for distribution some time this summer.  We do not have funds to pay the costs of printing this book.  The reason for this is that we give away approximately 80% of our books and sell 20%.  The Lord always has been faithful in moving on the hearts of people to contribute funds to print our books.  We are trusting the Lord and many of you to help us again with our next book.   


One of my most precious possessions:  I was on the verge of bankruptcy and a nervous breakdown when I became a Christian in 1974.  The man who led me to Christ told me that all Scripture comes from God (see II Timothy 3:16).   He advised me to carefully study the Bible and to write down on 3”x5” cards everything from God that encouraged me.  I followed his instructions. I meditated continually on these cards for many years.  I was greatly blessed by this constant Scripture meditation. 


In January of this year the Lord put it on my heart to do 3”x5” cards again.  It is difficult to visualize in this high tech age doing something as low tech as this, but I am doing what the Lord led me to do.  My goal is to complete a minimum of 2,000 Scripture cards arranged alphabetically by topic by my 76th birthday on July 7th.  I started on this project on January 27th.  I need to average almost 13 3”x5” cards each day to reach the goal of 2,000 by July 7th.  I have worked diligently since January 27th.  I have 699 3”x5” Scripture cards completed as I write these words. 


This project is very hard work.  I am spending a minimum of ten hours a week on these Scripture cards in addition to everything else I do.  The farther I progress, the slower the pace becomes because I find that many of the Scripture references I would like to include already were included in previous months.  I will continue to persevere. 


I am very excited about this project.  I recently was talking on the telephone with one of our ministry partners.  He told me that he needed to be more patient.  I asked him if he would like some Scripture on the topic of patience.  He said that he would.  I turned to what I had on this topic at that time and gave him several scriptural references which he wrote down.  Later in the same conversation he told me that he wanted to learn more about coming into the presence of the Lord.  I gave him a lot of Scripture from my file on that topic. 


I have purchased a file drawer that holds 4,500 3”x5” cards in three drawers.  These drawers are finally beginning to fill up.  I know that I will be able to help many people all over the world at an instant’s notice when this project is completed.  This massive amount of topical Scripture will be a big help in the many books the Lord has led me to write during the remainder of my life.  I pray each day asking that the remainder of my life will be much more fruitful than the first 75 years. 


Would you please pray that the Lord will give me the wisdom, discernment, energy and perseverance to complete this exhaustive project by July 7th?  Thank you very much.


A report from Pastor Jim Koshita in Zambia:  I have written previously about Jim Koshita.  I received an email from Jim titled, “SCHOOL CRUSADES – BIG SUCCESS.” Jim recently completed a crusade at a high school where he shared Jesus with more than 1,500 students.  The response was overwhelming.  Jim said that 1,261 students gave their lives to the Lord and that twelve teachers also gave their lives to the Lord.  He said that the presence of the Lord was strong and that many healings and deliverances took place. 


Can you even begin to imagine conducting a Christian crusade in a high school here in the United States?  We are blessed to be in constant contact with Pastor Jim.  If you would like to contribute to this very fruitful ministry, please indicate your desire on the coupon at the end of this newsletter.


Please pray about helping us to help many needy people.  Would you pray and ask the Lord if He would have you send us a generous contribution to help us send many more of our publications to needy people in Third World countries?  Our financial situation is precarious at this time, but we have not attempted to save money by cutting down or eliminating the free books and the Scripture cards that we consistently send out to the large number of people who have requested them. 


The Bible says that, if we give, gifts will be given to us (see Luke 6:38).  We give continually.  We are trusting the Lord to touch the hearts of people to give to us so that we can keep on giving.  We will appreciate anything you are led to do to help us to assist these needy people.  Thank you and God bless you.




I had the joy of meeting many ambassadors for Jesus Christ at the Walk Thru the Bible President’s Council in Palm Springs, California from March 1st through March 4th.  Jack and I received the invitation through Steven and Jana Ratliff who had read Trust God for Your Finances many years ago with life-changing results.  I had called Jana back to answer a question she had about placing an order.  Jana told me that she and Steve are very active in Walk Thru the Bible.  We had a joyous conversation in the Lord.  A few months later a beautiful invitation arrived for Jack and me to attend the Walk Thru the Bible President’s Council.  Since Jack does not travel any more, I had the joy of going to represent both of us.


I had known of Walk Thru the Bible because I had participated in a presentation of the Old Testament taught with hand motions.   I absolutely loved it and wanted to learn to present it myself.  Years went by and now I found myself experiencing the joy of being in the presence of the Walk Thru the Bible team led by their gifted, talented, heart-of-a-servant Chip Ingram.


The days that I spent at the Walk Thru the Bible President’s Council were an all-time high for me.  Walk Thru the Bible has many areas of ministry (see  God is using this ministry to spread the gospel around the worldJ.  I was swept into the heavenlies by every speaker, the music, the atmosphere of heaven, and by meeting Chip and many other leaders and, most of all, by meeting ambassadors of Jesus Christ from many countries.


I always am drawn like a magnet to servants of Jesus from other countries.  I was so excited to meet all of these people who are native to their lands.  Most of them already have printing presses working for the gospel in their lands.  These people are so full of the love of God that I almost exploded.  I have addresses from all over the world to send our publications.  I will keep you posted with reports back from each country, each new friend in Christ.


I brought just a few Lamplight books with me.  I felt I should give one book to Mark and Susie from the Philippines.  I decided to try to have breakfast with them.  When I walked into the huge dining room, there was a seat left next to Mark and Susie.  I felt such a bond with them.  I will be connecting them with Jack Malone in the Philippines.


At Easter we honor the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We would like to look at Jesus’ last instructions to His disciples.  Jesus said, “…feed My sheep” (John 21:17).  The Bible is our supernatural spiritual food (see Jeremiah 15:16, Matthew 4:4 and Psalm 119:103).  Lamplight Ministries provides “sheep food” for many pastors and leaders in Third World countries.  Please pray for us and please pray about supporting us financially so that we can continue to feed God’s supernatural spiritual food to needy people all over the world. 


Love in Jesus Christ,

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