March, 2008


Dear Lamplight Family,


We are pleased to share with you the awesome things that God is doing through Lamplight Ministries in many different countries.  Praise the Lord.  We are grateful to you for your prayers and for your financial support that enables us to help many people around the world. 





If you would like to see the effect of your prayers and your contributions, please visit our website at to see 566 comments from people in 41 different countries who have been helped by our books and Scripture cards.  You can order our publications from our website, from our post office box or the 800 telephone number at the bottom of this page.


A PASTOR IN ZAMBIA WAS MIRACULOUSLY HEALED AFTER READING RECEIVE HEALING FROM THE LORD.  Pastor L. Akamandisa from Zambia said, "All of the books that you sent us have been given away.  Notable was the testimony of Pastor Clint Kateule who got healed as a result of reading Receive Healing from the Lord.  This brother was in failing health for the last three years.  When I met him this year he was really weak.  I perceived that numerous worries were choking his faith so I gave him four of your books.  The situation of this pastor was quite bad last month.  He had mistakenly consumed wrong medication which led to partial blindness and joint pain.  He could not move.  He called to tell me about his sudden healing, I could not believe it.  I was quite apprehensive.  I asked him to meet me at the bus station.  To my amazement he came riding a bicycle.  He narrated to me the story of how he was healed after reading Receive Healing from the Lord.  This man of God is now strong.  It is the Lord.  God richly bless you."


THE LATEST TRANSLATION OF TRUST GOD FOR YOUR FINANCES IS RECEIVING A TREMENDOUS RESPONSE IN THAILAND.  Mrs. Chutharatana Tan of Thailand said, "I have translated Trust God for Your Finances into Thai.  I intended to make about 50 or 60 photocopies of this translation to distribute among friends.  My pastor asked for 700 copies to distribute at the special yearly conference for pastors.  My immediate thought was that I could not do this, but he urged me to pray and try my best.  Surprisingly, it worked out.  Thank God.  More than 1,000 people attended the conference.  Seven hundred copies were distributed to only the pastors, elders and deacons who really wanted the book.  After the conference we had so many calls that another 2,000 copies were printed in January of this year.  Thank you, Mr. Hartman, for this book which is helping so many Thai Christians.  I never knew that the feedback would be so great.  Thank you for your time and energy in writing this book which has enlightened and benefited a lot of Thai Christians.  ‘But as for you brother do not grow weary in doing good.’ (II Thessalonians 3:13)”


A MAN FROM THE PHILIPPINES SAID THAT UNSHAKABLE FAITH IN ALMIGHTY GOD HAS FILLED THE ENORMOUS EMPTINESS IN HIS LIFE.  José Jarves said, "My wife brought home a book given to her titled Unshakable Faith in Almighty God.  That was the last book I wanted to read.  All of my life I was raised in the church.  I was an altar boy and also considered studying for the priesthood, but everywhere I turned in religion I saw false people, false priests and fake Christians.  So I pushed God out of my life.  Going to church had absolutely no meaning to me.  I would recite my prayers and feel totally empty.  Your book changed my attitude completely.  The chapter on Scripture meditation showed me that I had come to the place where I had no peace.  Now I meditate continually on God's Word and it has filled the enormous emptiness in my life.  Thank you so much for your help."


A CHURCH IN AUSTRALIA HAS RECEIVED MANY BLESSINGS FROM THE BOOKS WE HAVE WRITTEN.  Pastors Curtis and Patti Grant in Australia are long-time friends of ours.  Patti recently sent us an e-mail saying, "We have given copies of Nuggets of Faith to every member in our fellowship and they were thrilled.  God’s Wisdom Is Available to You and Trust God to Your Finances have built something solid into me regarding trusting God because we have stepped out on the water a few times and are doing it again now in our older years.  Curt often quotes you and relates your testimony in the pulpit.  Trust God for Your Finances was checked out the most of any book in our church library.  Your books are life-changing.  I have been honored to be a small part of your ministry."  (Patti typeset some of our original books more than 20 years ago when she and Curt lived in Oklahoma.)




An update on our next book (and the book after that):  Our book titled What Does God Say? is moving steadily forward.  The meticulous detail that is required to coordinate everything on this book is amazing.  We take this mammoth project one day at a time and we keep working diligently.  We don't know exactly when the book will be published, but we believe it should be published sometime this summer.


This month I want to share with you an interesting story.  As busy as I have been with What Does God Say?, the Lord has put it on my heart recently to start on the next book after that at the same time.  I already have dictated more than four hours of Victory Meditations for the next book which tentatively is titled Walk In Victory During the Last Days.  I work every day on these books.  I have found that, for a change of pace, I occasionally enjoy dictating these meditations.  Doing this gives me a break from wading through all of the minutiae for What Does God Say?.


There is no question that we live in the last days before Jesus Christ returns.  The Bible teaches us that difficult times are coming upon us during the last days.  “…understand this, that in the last days will come (set in) perilous times of great stress and trouble [hard to deal with and hard to bear]” (II Timothy 3:1 AMP). 


God never tells us when anything that He says in the Bible will happen.  This severe adversity could come upon us this year, two years from now or five or more years into the future, but it is coming.  Christians must be prepared.  Unfortunately, many Christians have more faith in the United States government and in our economy than they do in God.  We believe that many Christians in the United States have not set aside precious quiet time each and every day of their lives to draw closer to the Lord.  These Christians have been able to get by during the relatively affluent times in recent years without doing this so they have continued this habit. 


We Believe that Walk In Victory During the Last Days will motivate many Christians to draw closer to the Lord.  You do not trust people in the world unless you have a close and intimate relationship with them.  The same principle applies to the spiritual realm.  You cannot trust God if you have a distant relationship with Him or no relationship with Him at all.  We believe that we will move forward rapidly on this book and that it will be published sometime in 2009.


Please pray about supporting our ministry financially.  How much do you think it costs to send just one of our books to a Third World country?  The amazing answer is that it costs us approximately $15 to send one book to a person in a Third World country.  Last May sea mail to foreign countries was eliminated.  Now books can only be sent to foreign countries by air mail. 


The average cost of sending one book to a Third World country is $13-$14.  With the cost of the shipping container and Elizabeth's time to package and mail the book, the total cost is $15 or more for each book.  Even though our finances have been low, we have continued to send out many books to Third World countries.  We now are at a position where we will have to pull back unless we receive additional funds.  Our finances are in a precarious position.  We trust God completely. 


Please pray about sending us a generous contribution to help us continue the work the Lord has called us to do.  Also, please pray about becoming a monthly partner of this ministry.  Our cash flow challenges are caused by the fact that we do not have enough monthly partners to provide stable income each and every month.


You read each month about the people all over the world who are being helped by our books.  Please ask the Lord what He would have you do to help us now during this time of need in our ministry.  Thank you in advance for your financial help and for your prayers.




You, our Lamplight family, are such a blessing in our lives.  We are built up in the Lord through your confidence in us and your financial support.  We thank you for your prayers. We treasure you and thank God for you.


I am bursting with joy over what God has recently done.  God is putting together a plan for Lamplight Ministries to use literacy as a tool for evangelism.  We will start with India and then be able to take the Literacy and Evangelism program to any nation.  Nancy Sue Laminack, LEI’s missionary for training pastors and leaders, and I are preparing to go to India to teach pastors and leaders to teach people to read in their native language of Tamil.  Nancy Sue is trained and certified; I will assist her.  This will be my eighth trip to India.


I have a Master’s Degree in Secondary Reading so literacy is a major passion of mine as a tool for the spread of the gospel.  Literacy fits perfectly with Lamplight Ministries because our books are easy readers as follow up reading for anyone who has just learned to read.


We will start in India where Pastor Ebenezer Moses will hold a training conference for as many pastors as we can sponsor.  We will have to pay for their transportation, their food, and in some cases for clothing.  I believe that literacy will open huge doors for every pastor for the spread of the gospel.  The gospel is enmeshed right into the reading program.  So, please pray for us as we prepare to go to India for the pilot literacy program.  Zambia will probably be the next nation where we will take “You Can Learn to Read!”


With each trip we will take as many Lamplight books for distribution as we canJ  We will work on having a Lamplight book translated into each language of the nation where we go.  Trust God for Your Finances is already in Tamil, so we will just need funds for reprinting.J


Beni Lup in Romania wrote on March 17th, “We gave your books to 120 pastors in Moldova.  They were very excited about the clear and detailed way the Gospel is presented, the Bible is explained, and the Truth is revealed.  The Chisinau Bible Institute is using the books for their English speaking students.  They would love to have it translated. 


“Due to our limited funding we only translated Nuggets of Faith and 100 Years from Today.  We wait for God’s provision to print the books.  We are using part of the translated books in our pastoral meetings and send portions of the books on the Internet for those who ask for it.  Up until now over two thousand people were interested in the material.  Pray with us for $5,000 to print the two books.


“We are really blessed to have your books.  Unshakable Faith in Almighty, God’s Wisdom is Available to You, and Receive Healing from the Lord are subjects that the pastors and churches really need in a place like Eastern Europe.  Thank you for providing the books to us.”


Dear friends, Jack and I are in awe that the books we write are changing lives around the world.  We could not reach any of these people without your prayers and support.  We feel so much a part of a team of people who are all working together for the spread of the gospel.  We have a vision of reprinting our books in Hebrew, Russian, and Tamil where we have people in place to distribute them immediately for the spread of the gospel.


I just have to tell you on a personal note that watching Jack every day become more and more excited about the Word of God is one of the greatest joys in my life.  He will be seventy-seven in July with no sign whatsoever of slowing down; rather he seems to be speeding up!  Jack prays every day that the reminder of his life will be much more productive than his life to date.  I join him in the joy of dividing God’s Word into bite-sized pieces that people in any nation can understand.


Blessed to be a blessing (and blessed that you are in our lives),



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