March, 2009

Dear Lamplight Family,

We are pleased to share with you the exciting things that God is doing through Lamplight Ministries in many different countries. Praise the Lord. We are grateful to you for your prayers and for your financial support that enables us to help many people around the world.


If you would like to see the effect of your prayers and your contributions, please visit our website at www. to see 569 comments from people in 41 different countries who have been helped by our books and Scripture cards. You can order our publications from our website, from our post office box or the 800 telephone number at the bottom of this page.

AN INMATE IN A FLORIDA PENITENTIARY COULD ONLY GET A COPY OF HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE FOR ONE DAY. This woman wrote to us saying, “Greetings in the name of Jesus. I ran across your book How to Study the Bible. I really like your method of studying the Bible. Due to the number of inmates waiting for this book, I was only able to keep the book for one day. I would like a personal copy. This book has given me new insight into Bible study. I really need one to sit down and take my time without being in a rush. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. This book truly is a lamp and a light to me just as the Bible says. Thank you.” (We sent this woman a free copy of How to Study the Bible and also a copy of Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace.)

A woman in the philippines said that Unshakable Faith in Almighty God greatly reduced the stress level in her life. This woman said, “Unshakable Faith in Almighty God is totally refreshing. It seems as though my faith is always being pushed to the limit. At times I did not know if I was ever going to make it. This book has taught me that our great big God has everything under control. Knowing this greatly reduces the stress level in my life. My husband Mario had a stroke. He no longer is able to provide for our family. He too read Unshakable Faith in Almighty God and he has been greatly encouraged. I will carry on and expect great things from our great God.”

a woman in thailand said that the teaching in Trust God for Your Finances redeemed her financially when she almost gave up hope. This woman said, “I was desperate and I almost gave up hope financially until I read your book Trust God for Your Finances. Mr. Hartman’s testimony on how he trusted God and followed His instructions prompted me to do the same. I have faithfully obeyed God's instructions. I gave more despite my financial situation. Miraculously, I have learned that God’s promises are real. I have been redeemed financially. My debts have been paid off. Thank You, God!”

A church in zambia is being blessed greatly by a series of sermons from What Does God Say?. The pastor of this church said, “I have been teaching for the past three weeks from your book What Does God Say? on the subject of patience. The response has been overwhelming. This is great stuff. Many people in our church have never heard this teaching before. People who had little or no patience are now able to wait on God with peace in their hearts and no more panic. This book is a great blessing. It is a powerful manual for pastors. It is good for the flock. Thank you very much.”


A progress report on victory over adversity. After working diligently for more than one thousand hours, we finished the seventh and final draft of Victory over Adversity in early March. Since we give away 80% of our books, we had no money to pay for the cost of printing this book. We wrote to people on our mailing list saying that we would require approximately $7,000 to print a conservative number of books. As this newsletter is being written, we have received almost $6,000. We stepped out in faith and sent this book to the printer with a 50% down payment, trusting God that the balance of the money will come in shortly.

We don’t know at this time when this book will be printed, but we believe it will be printed some time in April. We will send a free autographed book to each person who contributes toward the cost of printing this book. We will have more specific information regarding Victory over Adversity in next month’s newsletter.

I AM MOVING FORWARD RAPIDLY ON God’S Joy Regardless of Circumstances. God seems to want this book published relatively soon. This is the nineteenth Christian book I have written or co-authored with Judy. I never have seen a book progress as rapidly as this one. Even though we have just sent our previous book to the printer, I already have written the first ten chapters of Draft #1 of God’s Joy Regardless of Circumstances. I believe that this book will continue to progress rapidly.

People in the world are searching for happiness from external sources. God put His supernatural joy into the heart of every person who receives Jesus Christ as his or her personal Savior. Many Christians block this joy from being manifested in their lives because of their negative reaction to stressful circumstances. Your Father has instructed you to always rejoice regardless of the circumstances you face (see Philippians 4:4). You will rejoice at all times if you have total, complete and absolute trust in the Lord.

This book will explain what the Bible instructs you to do to walk in the joy of the Lord regardless of what is taking place in your life. You will receive specific instructions from hundreds of verses of Scripture that will tell you exactly what to do to walk in the joy of the Lord continually. I am very excited about this book. Judy has commented that she has seen my joy increase since I started writing this book. I will keep you posted on the progress of this exciting book.

PLEASE PRAY ABOUT BECOMING A MONTHLY PARTNER TO HELP US TO DISTRIBUTE OUR PUBLICATIONS FREE OF CHARGE TO NEEDY PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD. Anyone who reads our newsletters each month can see that we are helping many people in Third World countries and inmates in prisons and jails. At this time we do not have enough monthly partners to meet our fixed monthly expenses. If you believe in what we are doing, please pray and ask God if He would have you become a monthly partner to help us each month as we reach out to help many people around the world. Thank you and God bless you.


Dear Lamplight family,

We are thankful for you as our friend and for being in our rooting section cheering us on to the next book! Victory over Adversity has been sent to the printer. We are knee deep in the next book, God’s Joy Regardless of Circumstances. We are blessed to have a group of people who are our dear friends, even though many of you we have not met in person. We thank you especially for continuing to invest financially in Lamplight Ministries.

THE DAILY DEVOTIONAL NOW CAN BE EMAILED TO YOU. Please go to our website link below. A Scripture card will be sent to you each dayJ Please let others know about this daily Bible message as well.

You can help to spread the Word of God through Lamplight Ministries by going to our website and writing on our blog. You might write about how a certain book has blessed you or how you have used one of our books in a Bible study. If you participate in a blog, I invite you to mention a Lamplight book you are reading or have read and include the Lamplight website. You have to put for it to create a link, so please write it in that form. If you are on Facebook, I invite you to mention a Lamplight book you are reading or have read or how the Scripture cards make a difference in your life. That would be great! If you Twitter, do Twitter about a Lamplight book that blessed you!

Sending the gospel to the nations is God’s instruction to us. We are blessed to create the gospel in easy-to-understand language, so that people whose first language is not English can understand it, people for whom reading does not come easily can understand it, and people who read well can be challenged.

We do not mention pastors’ names because now or in the future that pastor might be persecuted because someone saw his or her name online connected with the gospel.

A pastor from Pakistan wrote: “Basically, the Pakistani national language is Urdu. I will find a person here who can translate your books into Farsi and Arabic language. In Pakistan, people can read easily Urdu language books. Here we can translate your books into the Urdu language. This is a very good step for Pakistani people who want to learn about God’s love. I am also thankful to God that I find you with spiritual vision. I found you by the grace of God.”

The pastor extended an invitation to come and help the people who are living in darkness. At this time Jack and I feel that I should not go, but that we should direct funds for the mailing of our books to the nations. We have the goal of the translation and distribution of our books in Urdu, Farsi, and Arabic in 2009.

From a pastor in Ghana: “We are embarking on a mission to the northern part of Ghana which is deprived in all aspects, both financial and spiritual. I will want you to send the following books for us to be able to reach and train leaders in various communities in northern Ghana. Please help us to make our vision come true.”

We received an invitation to minister in Monrovia, Liberia. Instead, we would like to send Lamplight books and Scripture tapes to the pastor.

From Nigeria: “We need more preachers and lecturers to help in our Bible college. We greatly need books for our library. The people here love to read and study. Will you please pray about what God would have you do? We want the gospel to reach as many as we can. If you’ll help give, we’ll be faithful to see that it is distributed to those who need it.”

From a pastor in Malawi: “It is now 2 years we have been reading your wonderful books like Exchange Your Worries for God’s Perfect Peace, God’s Wisdom is Available to You and many more. We are more encouraged with your teaching on how we can serve the Lord best. Our vision is to preach and reach out to many people in Malawi and Mozambique.”

From Singapore: “I read the book, Deep Inner Peace (replaced by Exchange Your Worries for God’s Perfect Peace) during my difficult time. I was blinded with darkness; overwhelmed with work, problems and family, but God is so good. He showed me through the book by Pastor Hartman that I should always meditate on God’s Word day and night. And I did that, reading almost every day till one fine day my eyes were opened. Not only has God brought light and peace into my life, He made my life more meaningful. “

From Ethiopia: “One of my friends gave me a copy of your book entitled God’s Wisdom is Available to You. I found the book is interesting and I prepared many sermons using this wonderful book. I am blessed and the others are blessed, too, because of this book.” (He requested other books.)

We have many requests from many countries for our books and Scripture cards. We thank God for all of the lives that have been transformed by the Word of God in the books we write. We envision sending more books to all of them.

The mission field is now the Internet. Please join us in presenting the gospel through Lamplight books wherever you can online. Please let me know when you do and if there are responses. We can indeed reach millions of people online. Let’s do it!

Blessed to be a blessing, (Genesis 12:1-3),


Jack and Judy Hartman


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