May, 2008


Dear Lamplight Family,


We are pleased to share with you the exciting things that God is doing in many different countries through Lamplight Ministries.Praise the Lord.We are grateful to you for your prayers and for your financial support that enables us to help many people around the world.





If you would like to see the effect of your prayers and your contributions, please visit our website at to see 566 comments from people in 41 different countries who have been helped by our books and Scripture cards.You can order our publications from our website, from our post office box or the 800 telephone number at the bottom of this page.


A MAN FROM THE PHILIPPINES IS VERY EXCITED ABOUT EXCHANGE YOUR WORRIES FOR GOD'S PERFECT PEACE.Ralph Mendosa said, "I am not really sure who or where my parents are.I was abandoned at six years old and I have had to care for myself.I have had to steal many times just to have food.I have slept in ditches or anywhere that offers a place to sleep.Every day I felt like giving up but I just couldn't.Soon I will attend a Bible school where I will tell others what I learned from reading your book Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace.I have never been so excited in my life.My family gave up on me.My priest gave up on me.My teachers gave up on me, but Jesus never gives up on me.I will never give up.Thank you so much."


A MAN FROM CHINA SAID THAT EXCHANGE YOUR WORRIES FOR GOD'S PERFECT PEACE HAS HELPED HIM TO TRUST GOD MORE.Moses Goletlanwe said, "I am currently based in China but my home country is Botswana.Your book Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace has helped me many times when I was tempted to be worried about the future.I used to be frustrated and short tempered.I was often annoyed with my children for no reason at all.My mind was never at peace.After I read this book I discovered the great love of God.I have learned to trust Him and give Him all my burdens.I have received peace in my heart and my mind.I am now a different person.As I go back to Botswana in August I am sure my wife will see a different husband and my children will see a changed father.Thank you for giving me this book free of charge.I know it costs a lot.God has changed my life through this book.When I go back to Botswana I will share this book with other pastors and Christians."


A PASTOR FROM ZAMBIA SAYS THAT RECEIVE WISDOM FROM THE LORD HAS ADDED GREAT VALUE TO HIS LIFE.Pastor George Musapula-Twatai said, ďAs the pastor of a local church and a parent I wanted to tell you how much I have learned from your book Receive Wisdom from the Lord.This book has helped me greatly and will continue to do so in my role as a leader.Often I have been frustrated because I did not know what to do and how to handle the people and issues that I face.To make matters worse my daughter got pregnant recently while in her fourth year at high school.I didn't know how I could handle this either.When I received your book I soon began to tap wisdom from God's Word as I kept on meditating on what I was reading.The situation with my daughter is working out.This book has added great value to my leadership at home, at my place of work and at my ministry.Thank you for this splendid book.It is well-written and the biblical texts are woven together in such a way as to excite the mind and encourage concentration.God bless you."


OUR BOOKS ARE BEING USED AS THE SOLE STUDY MATERIAL FOR THIRTEEN BIBLE STUDY CENTRES IN LIBERIA.Pastor Jonas Appiah from Ghana said, ďThank you very much for the books you sent me.We sent many of these to Liberia where the country has been in civil war for the past fifteen years.We are very grateful to you for such wonderful Holy Spirit filled books.We are using these books in all of the thirteen Bible study centres which very soon will become a Bible college.These thirteen centres were established with your books as the only study material.You are highly favored Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hartman.Ē




Our new book is nearing completion:I have worked on What Does God Say? every day since January of 2007.The Bible says that there is a time and a season for everything.I am certain that the time is approaching to finish this book.


We are currently on Draft #6.We will need at least one more draft.We will be doing fine tuning from this point forward.We have made a tentative agreement with our book printer to send them the book in the middle of June.We believe that the book will be published in July.


This book will give you a very effective way to share Jesus Christ with other people in a low pressure manner.The bottom of the front cover says, "Please be certain to read pages 13-43 very carefully for facts on THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION you will ever make."When the reader turns to page 13, he or she will see a page with THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION YOU WILL EVER MAKE printed in very large letters.


The next page contains two statements.The first is, "Are you absolutely certain where you will go when you die?"The second is, "What will the place where you will live throughout eternity be like?"These strong questions are followed by several passages of Scripture in the topic titled HEAVEN.Anyone reading all of this Scripture plus the simple and easy-to-understand paragraph of explanation before each passage of Scripture will be very comforted by the glory of heaven.


The next topic is HELL.The facts in this topic will startle any person who is reading this information.Readers will see Scripture explaining that the inhabitants of hell will live in darkness throughout eternity.They will see that people in hell would give anything for just one drink of water.They will see that the inhabitants of hell will weep, wail and grind their teeth continually.These and the other passages of Scripture are very powerful.


The third topic is ETERNAL SALVATION.This topic explains through several Scripture references what exactly decides who will live eternally in heaven and who will live eternally in hell.People who think that living a good life will enable them to live in heaven will soon see that the Bible says that this is NOT true.The reader will be guided through several passages of Scripture that carefully explain eternal salvation through Jesus Christ.


These initial three topics are followed by 93 (!) other topics.Here are a few examples. The topic titled CLOSE TO THE LORD will show you exactly what the Bible instructs you to do to draw closer to the Lord.Jesus Christ has made it possible for you to come into the presence of the Lord continually.The topic titled PRESENCE OF THE LORD will tell you exactly what the Bible instructs you to do to come into the presence of the Lord.


The topic titled NEEDS MET BY GOD will assure you that your Father has promised to meet your every need.If you are in need, you should meditate continually on the Scripture in this topic.Learn from the Bible exactly how to do this.The topic titled STRENGTH FROM GOD will give you a scriptural explanation of how to receive manifestation of God's supernatural strength when your human ability is insufficient.The topic titled WORRY AND ANXIETY will give you scriptural instructions that tell you exactly what to do to overcome the temptation to be worried and anxious.


Space has limited us to just these few brief comments.The different topics in this book will give you a wealth of scriptural facts to study and meditate on for many years to come.We also believe that this book will give you a very effective way to share Jesus Christ with others.


Please pray about supporting our ministry financially.As you can see we are helping many people all over the world.We are trusting God for regular contributions to help us continue this very expensive project.Please pray about sending a generous contribution to help us continue the work the Lord has called us to do.Thank you and God bless you.




You are a treasured team of friends of Lamplight and of ours.We bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.May we all walk more closely with Him today than yesterday, tomorrow than today.May Godís Word operate through you like fire attending to Godís plan and purpose. (Jeremiah 23:29).


We are full speed ahead on our new book, What Does God Say?.We have the goal of having it ready for the International Christian Booksellersí Convention in Orlando from July 13-17.I have wanted to attend this convention for years.We pray that the book will be finished in time.I am so excited.People from around the world will be there looking for books.


I believe that Lamplight books are one of the best kept secrets in the Christian publishing industry.The secret will be out! Please be praying about our attendance, our witness for the Lord, and the divine appointments God will make for the distribution of Lamplight publications world-wide.Naomi Licek will accompany me.She is gifted in many areas and a shining light for Jesus Christ.Please pray that we will be ready for every surprise that God has for us!


Please pray also that each of us will be able to meet our deadlines in order for the book to be published in time.Jack, Judy Mangle, and I all have deadlines.Rose Printing will have deadlines.Please pray that we will be relaxed yet focused on our part of this book that will be a tool of evangelism world-wide.


I want you to know about the Father Heart Lodge in Lake Crowley, CA. Tom Long of Tom Long Construction had a dream of creating a lodge where missionaries, pastors, and servants of God could go as guests of God to be refreshed and see Godís splendor and majesty in the mountains of California.The dream became a reality over a year ago.


Tom invited Jack and me to come for a time of refreshing. Jack does not travel, but in his place was son Brad and his family and cousin Mitty and her family.Eight of us enjoyed the most glorious stay at the Father Heart Lodge, including attending the Church on the Mountain on Easter Sunday.We skied at Mammoth Mountain, just minutes away.You are invited to stay at the Father Heart Lodge for a small fee.This fee will help to pay for the guests of God who come at no charge.Words canít even describe the excellence in every detail of the lodge.


Even more difficult to describe is the presence of the peace of the Lord on the grounds and at the church.Father Heart Lodge is truly the Fatherís heart.You can call Pastors Eric and Peggy Stovesand, two of the most precious people I have ever met, at 760-935-4272.Tom and Kathleen Long were in Mexico on a building mission while we were there, so I have not met them in person yet.I met them in spirit as I experienced the fruit of their lives in majesty and grace at the Father Heart Lodge.


ROMANIA:Please pray for Beni Lup and every outreach of WorldTeach Romania.Nuggets of Faith and 100 Years from Today have been translated into Romanian and are being distributed to many people including 120 pastors in Moldova.Hallelujah!


INDIA:Please pray about my forthcoming trip to India with Nancy Sue Laminak and our teaching pastors and leaders to teach people to read using Tamil primers as well as teaching them to teach English. This will give them a tool of evangelism to draw people to bless them with reading.


PLEASE SEND ME A REPORT IF YOU HAVE USED TRUST GOD FOR YOUR FINANCES IN A BIBLE STUDY EITHER PERSONALLY OR IN A GROUP AT HOME OR IN YOUR CHURCH. I would like to prepare a report for pastors.We must help people prepare for difficult timesJ


We thank God for you.Know that every life that is touched by Lamplight in any way is a life that you have touched through prayer and/or giving.We are blessed to be part of a team working together for the spread of the gospel.God said that He would bless us so that we would be able to bless others.Thank you so much for your part.


Blessed to be a blessing, (Genesis 12:1-3)


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