JUNE, 2007


Dear Lamplight Family,


These are exciting times for Lamplight Ministries.  You will see by the interesting facts in this newsletter that we are receiving tremendous input on our publications from many people around the world.  We thank God for using this ministry to help these people.  We thank you for your prayers and your financial support.





We are pleased to share these comments with you each month.  If you would like to see the effect of your contributions, please visit our website at www.lamplight.net to see 525 comments from people in 39 different countries who have been helped by our books and Scripture cards. 


A WOMAN FROM THAILAND WAS OVERJOYED AS SHE READ TRUST GOD FOR YOUR FINANCES.  SHE WROTE A FOUR PAGE SUMMARY OF THIS BOOK TO SHARE WITH APPROXIMATELY 150 PEOPLE WHO CANNOT READ ENGLISH.  Mary Sarindhorn of Muang, Cholburi in Thailand said, “I was excited and amazed to read Trust God for Your Finances.  Your book was given to me by a very good friend of mine.  As soon as  I read the first sentence I could not put it down.  I summarized your book in four pages in My Little Prayers that I send to 150 people every other week.  A Catholic priest called to tell me that he used what I wrote for his preaching.  A Baptist pastor called to ask for 50 more copies of what I wrote to distribute at a meeting of pastors the following week.  He asked me to translate your book in Thai.  Thank you, Mr. Hartman, for spreading the good news.  God bless you and your wife in all that you do.”


A PASTOR FROM INDIA EXPERIENCED RELIEF FROM TENSION AND WORRY BY READING EXCHANGE YOUR WORRIES FOR GOD'S PERFECT PEACE.    Pastor Jai Babu of Tadepallitudem in the State of Andhra Pradeshi in India said, “Your book, Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace, released me from tension.  The book blessed me by giving me security and confidence while I am going through many financial crises and personal challenges.  I was very much worried about paying some urgent bills for our orphanage and our family needs.  I did not have any rest in my thinking.  Now I am released from this big tension and worry.  I trust Jesus and His promises more and more.  I have translated some of this book for our orphanage children.  They are so blessed.  You and your books are a great blessing to us.  Thank you so much for everything you do for the work of God.”



A PASTOR FROM MALAWI IN CENTRAL AFRICA WAS BLESSED BY TRUST GOD FOR YOUR FINANCES. HE PREACHED FROM THIS BOOK IN LOCAL CHURCHES.  Pastor Estings Mussa of Mulanje in Malawi said, “I recently received the book Trust God for Your Finances.  This book indeed has helped me a lot.  I have been a Christian for several years but I never understood the principles that you explained in this book.  I am receiving blessings from practicing these principles.  I am preaching from the Word of God in this book in local churches where Bibles in our local language of Chichewe are very scarce.  Our God is mighty indeed!  He is the God of miracles and the God of love.  Everyone one who truly puts their trust in Him will not be disappointed.  Thank you for your book.  God bless you.”


A MAN FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE WHO READ THE MANUSCRIPT FOR OUR NEXT BOOK, THE SUPERNATURAL POWER OF THE LIVING WORD OF GOD,  SAID THAT THIS BOOK WILL BE A PHENOMENAL RESOURCE TO ANYONE WHO NEEDS AN ANSWER TO A SPIRITUAL QUESTION.  He said, "The manuscript for your new book, The Supernatural Power of the Living Word of God, is terrific.  This book will be a phenomenal resource for anyone to have when they need the answer to a spiritual question.  The thoroughness of your Bible research is stunning and your commentary is very insightful.  I have read many of your books.  This book has reached a new pinnacle.  I can hardly wait to read the remaining books that I know you are working on.”




The status of our next book:  Judy and I continue to work diligently on The Supernatural Power of the Living Word of God.  We have completed Draft #6.  We are now starting the final draft of this book.  We are in the tedious stage that we go through with every book that nears completion.  We cannot put out a product that has not been thoroughly researched into final form. 


This book will help many Christians who have little or no knowledge of the supernatural power of the holy Scriptures.  Once the reader begins to comprehend the immense power of God’s supernatural living Word, he or she can follow the specific scriptural instructions in this book to receive manifestation of God’s power.  We are very excited about this book.  We are certain that many people will be helped.  This book probably will go to the printer in August.  It should be published in September.  We will keep you informed of our progress.


The biggest project we have ever undertaken.  I cannot emphasize how overwhelmed I am with the immensity of the book titled God’s Instructions to You that we are just starting.  In January of this year God spoke to me telling me that I should have 2,000 Scripture references categorized by topic by my 76th birthday on July 7th.  I immediately began work on this project. I have worked diligently since that time. 


When I began this project I thought that God was leading me to do this research so that I would have biblical references on hand for future books.  However, as the months have gone, by God has clearly led me to combine all of this material into a very large and comprehensive book. 


When this book is complete a reader will be able to receive specific biblical instructions from more than 1,500 Scripture references on approximately 100 different topics.  These topics will be arranged alphabetically.  When a reader determines what topic he or she wants information on, up to 25 Scripture references will be available on any specific topic.  Each Scripture reference will be preceded by a simple and easy-to-understand paragraph written by Judy and myself. 


The comprehensiveness of this book is overwhelming.  The simplicity of this book is amazing.  A sixth grade student could understand at least 90% of the scriptural contents and explanation in this book.  Only God can do this.  I am very enthusiastic about this tremendous project.


I cannot even begin to explain how much hard work already has gone into this Scripture categorization.  I have been working approximately 20 hours a week on this project for several months in addition to everything else I do.  We still have a lot of work to do and only a very little time left.  I worked over 40 hours on this book last week and it looks like another 40 hour week will be required to make this goal by July 7th.  I will achieve this goal that God has given to me.  We will be working diligently on this project for quite some time to come.  We will keep you posted. 




I pray that God will keep you in His perfect peace as you vacation and visit family and friends or relax at home enjoying the summer.  I just returned from visiting family in Arizona and California and attending my 50th high school class reunion.  I feel so blessed to have spent time with people I love so much and to have rekindled childhood friendships that were so treasured.


I spent twelve years in the same schools with these classmates and graduated in a class of two hundred.  We were close all those years and shared a beautiful childhood.  With nostalgia in the air I encourage you to think about people who have meant a lot to you in your life and to contact them.  You will be so glad that you did.  The Internet can help you find them.  I’d love to hear of your discoveries and renewed relationships. Longtime friendships are a joy.


God also has given us the kind of friendship where we are close to another person in an instant.  That kind of friendship happens in Jesus Christ. I experienced this bonding at the Walk Thru the Bible Presidents’ Council in March.  One of those friendships in an instant happened at the hot water/coffee table the last morning.  I met Beni Lup from Poland of World Teach Europe (an arm of Walk Thru the Bible, see www.walkthru.org).  How I thank God for this meeting planned by Him.  I asked Beni if he would like to receive our publications.  When he said he would, we sent M Bags filled with our books to him in Poland.


In the meantime Beni emailed me about his staff gathering around a computer to view our website.    He said, “Thank you so much!  Together with our team we read the comments about the books.  We were moved just by the comments.  What would be the chance to translate and publish your books in Romanian?  Are you interested in that?  We can do that and we believe that the Lord could use the books to lead many into a personal and saving relation with Him.  We would love to start with 100 YEARS FROM TODAY and NUGGETS OF FAITH.  Would it be possible to airmail these books to us if translation is possible?  We could translate the two even before the M bags arrive in a month or two.”


I told Beni that part of our mission is to have our books translated into every known language.  We give permission to translate and publish our books.  They must be true to Scripture and be free of charge.  We request that three copies of the translation be sent to us.  We have a large collection of our books that have been translated into foreign languages.


In another email Beni wrote:  “We are delighted to work with you and to comply with your requirements.  I really believe that many people will benefit from reading the books!  We would like to have all of your books translated and published eventually.”  We are so thankful to God that I met Beni Lup as I poured water for my herb tea on that Sunday morning.  I invite you to pray regularly for Beni Lup and World Teach Europe as well as all of the Walk Thru the Bible ministries.


Each of our translations to date has been very laborious.   Translation is very taxing on the brain.  The books then have to be printed, published and distributed.  Beni has all of these processes already in place, including a printing press!  Our partnering with Beni is an answer to our deepest prayer for the spread of the gospel through our publications!


We seem to be moving to a different place in Lamplight Ministries, Inc. We have been preparing to reach millions, knowing that we have reached several hundred thousand with the gospel of Jesus Christ and simple and easy-to-understand instruction in righteousness.  We ask you to pray more fervently than ever for Jack and me and Lamplight Ministries.  Fervently might mean longer and listen to God for what to pray or it might mean praying more often.  We know that we need more prayer now than ever before.  Thank you so much.  I will appreciate your letting me know that you sensed the need and that you will do your best to pray fervently for usJ


We have choices to make, especially about the publishing of our books which we have been doing ourselves.  We seek God’s wisdom in this area. 


We long to keep sending M Bags to the nations even at close to double the price.  We will watch and see what God does.


We also would like to send our books to the nations in suitcases of people going on short-term mission trips.  We will send books to the pastors and leaders of that nation.  If you know of people who would be willing to carry the books with them, please let us know.


Please let me know if you would like your email address added to our Prayer Warrior team. I forward prayer requests from our website to members of this team.  We can do mighty exploits for God through prayer.


My prayer for all of us is that we hunger and thirst to know our Lord Jesus Christ better through meeting Him in God’s Holy Word, the Bible.  My prayer is that we hear Him speak to us as we listen to Him all day long.


“For the rest, my brethren, delight yourselves in the Lord and continue to rejoice that you are in Him” (Philippians 3:1).


Jack and Judy Hartman

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