JULY, 2006


Dear Lamplight Family,


Greetings from my office (Judy’s) where I am seeing a lightning show in the skies with welcome rain pelting down not so gently.  Thunder reigns across the air waves sounding quite like I can imagine reigns in the air waves of the wartorn nations of the world at this moment.  Please stop with me now to pray for all who are living in fear for their own lives and the lives of their loved ones. 





A PASTOR FROM MALAWI, CENTRAL AFRICA WAS HELPED GREATLY BY THE BOOKS WE SENT HIM.  Rev. Kefa Phin said, “Let me have the pleasure to greet you in the name of Almighty Lord Jesus.  The main theme of dropping down this letter to you brother and sister is to thank you for the two books you sent me.  I have been studying Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace and God's Wisdom Is Available to You.   These books are helping me very much.  God must bless you for helping so many people.  I pray that God will guide you.  I am excited and happy.  Thank you.”


A MAN FROM THE PHILIPPINES STOPPED STRUGGLING AFTER READING EXCHANGE YOUR WORRIES FOR GOD'S PERFECT PEACE.  Juan Perez said, “I have searched for God’s peace for my life long and hard.  It has been a struggle to say the least.  I am so glad to have your book Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace.  After reading this book my struggles stopped.  I am at peace.  Thank you for sending this book to me.”


A WOMAN FROM FLORIDA FOCUSED ON SCRIPTURE FROM SOARING ABOVE THE PROBLEMS OF LIFE INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON AN APPROACHING HURRICANE.  This woman said, “I live a few blocks from the Gulf of Mexico.  Last year when a Category Three hurricane was approaching I was tempted to panic.  I have a beloved horse in a barn that is sixteen miles away from my home.  I was concerned about the storm that was approaching and also about the welfare of my horse.  Instead of giving into panic I meditated continually on Scripture from Soaring Above the Problems of Life.  I found that I was very calm because I was meditating on God’s Word instead of worrying about the problems I faced.  Everything worked out fine.  The hurricane turned away from us.  My horse was not hurt.  I learned a valuable lesson from this experience.  Thank you very much for your books, Scripture cards and tapes.”


A MAN FROM IOWA RECEIVED OUR HEALING BOOK WHEN HE WAS IN A HOSPITAL BED.  HE SAID THAT THIS BOOK IS INVALUABLE TO HIM.  This man said, “Your book on healing is absolutely awesome.  This book is exactly what I need and it arrived precisely when I needed it.  I was immobilized in a hospital bed as a result of a blood clot in my leg following surgery on my knee.  I received your book in God’s perfect timing while I was in the hospital.  There is no question that Jesus Christ has paid the full price for my healing.  You laid out all of the facts from the Bible beautifully.  This fantastic book is invaluable.  Thank you very much.” 




I guarantee that your life will be blessed immensely if you will take action on the advice I am about to give you.  Taking this action will only require a few minutes of your time and will not cost you one penny. 


Bill Keller is just completing a book of the devotionals he wrote during the first six years of his ministry.  I have spent hundreds of hours working with Bill on this book.  I can tell you that I believe that this book will be more important to you than any book you have ever read except the Bible.  The books that we publish at Lamplight Ministries are good, but in all honesty I tell you that this book is better.  The contents of this book are dynamic.  This book contains devotionals categorized topically into 144 different categories.  I promise that you will turn to this book often for invaluable information on a wide variety of subjects. 


This book soon will go to the printer.  Bill is praying over several different titles.  The initial printing will be approximately 350,000 copies.  Bill is giving as he so often does.  There is no cost for this book.  Bill is giving one free copy to each person who requests this book which should be published sometime in September. 


This outstanding book should contain almost 800 pages.  The book is as large as your Bible.  If you would like a complimentary copy of this outstanding book take a few minutes now to send an email to book@liveprayer.com.  Request a copy of this book.  Be sure to include your name and address.  Tell Bill that we recommended this book to you.


If you are unable to use email write a letter to Liveprayer Book, 6660 46th Ave. N., St. Petersburg, FL  33709.  Include the above information in your letter.  I urge you to take action on this project now.  It will only take you a few minutes.  I promise you that you will be blessed beyond comprehension when you carefully study this unique and comprehensive book.




We had hoped to announce our new website in this month’s newsletter.  However, we will have to wait one more month.  We have put a great deal of work into this website.  We are almost done, but not quite.  We do not want to rush this important project.  We want to get it right.


We believe that our new website will be very encouraging to many people around the world.  We look forward to being able to give you the details on the improvements in our website in the next newsletter. 


I am 75 years old, but I feel like a little child on Christmas morning because I am so excited about our newest book.  Most mornings I am sitting at my desk before 5:00 a.m. working on another chapter.


The working title for this book is God Will Bring You Through Adversity (see Psalm 46:1).  The title may change, but the topic will not change.  This book is filled with scriptural information explaining what the Bible tells you to do when you face adversity.  This book will contain a great deal of new information that was not contained in Soaring Above the Problems of Life when I wrote it twenty years ago and in our Scripture Meditation Cards, Receive God's Blessings in Adversity, that Judy and I co-authored in 1999.  


If you have read the first five chapters of Unshakable Faith in Almighty God you know I believe that significant adversity will be coming on us in the near future.  If I am wrong you still can be assured that you will face significant adversity in your life.  The Bible tells us that everyone will face adversity (see Job 5:7, Job 14:1 and I Peter 4:12).


Your Father wants you to be prepared when adversity comes upon you.  He has given you hundreds of scriptural instructions telling you exactly what to do when you face adversity.  Many Christians know little or nothing about these specific instructions from God.  If you face sudden adversity today and you did not have time to study your Bible, what specific scriptural instructions and promises do you know that you would stand upon when you face sudden adversity?


I am engaged in an exciting adventure.  I work on this book six days a week.   This project is very hard work and sometimes this work is tedious, but I look forward to the challenge each day.  I believe this new book will be completed within a year.  I have several more books that I know the Lord is leading me to write until He comes.


I am not at all interested in what the world calls retirement.  I have never been more fulfilled in my life.  I am very excited about the books that are still to be written.


Please pray and ask the Lord if He would have you contribute financially to help us to send out many complimentary copies of our books and Scripture Meditation Cards to needy people in Third World countries and to inmates in prisons and jails.  We also will appreciate your prayers.  We currently are working on expanding our ministry to help more people in Indonesia, Russia, Israel, Australia and several other countries.




We recently received a telephone call from Pastor Bill and Roxie Novak of The Spoken Word Church in Ladysmith, Wisconsin.  I asked Pastor Bill how he first became acquainted with our publications.  He told me that he saw an ad in 1984 in a magazine where Jack offered a copy of Trust God for Your Finances.  After Pastor Bill read his copy, he gave a copy to everyone in his church.  He has continued to do this ever since that time.  The Novaks have ordered every book and set of Scripture cards we have published. 


Pastor Bill said, “We like the books because Jack has done the work for us getting Scripture in alignment for each topic.  What better way to do a study of God’s Word on a specific topic than to have all of the Scriptures there for you? 


“I tell everyone, ‘If you want to know the best author in the body of Christ today, it is Jack Hartman.  If you want to study a particular topic or area of life, buy the appropriate book Jack has written.  Whether the topic has to do with finances, physical healing, mental and emotional issues, or the end times, your books cover them from A to Z.  The study guides at the end of each book are great.’  (Our new website which will be up soon will have a chart listing problems that many people face and explaining which of our publications will best provide answers in each of these specific areas.)


Pastor Novak continued saying, “I would recommend the Scripture Meditation Cards to any church in the world.  The dream of every pastor is to have resources to get the Word of God accurately before the people.  I smile right now as I look at all of the books and Scripture cards right in front of me.” 


I then asked Roxanne, Pastor Bill’s wife, for her thoughts about how the relationship between The Spoken Word Church and Lamplight Ministries has grown over the years.  She told me, “From the moment we received the books we thought they were wonderful.  We read Trust God for Your Finances and it was everything we would tell our own people.  We are so happy that every family in our congregation receives a copy of this book.


“The Scripture cards are fantastic.  I take them everywhere with me.  Our children are away now:  one is in college, and they tell me on the phone that they have the cards with them.  Many times when we are resting or going to bed we pop Jack in the tape recorder.  You are constantly in our eyes and in our ears.  Everything you have done is something that we know is 100% scriptural and solid.  It is comforting to know that we have something we can count on like that.”


Would you please pray about ministering in your area by taking our books to your local library, your home school group, your local jail, a local rehab center such as Teen Challenge or a homeless outreach?  We would like to be part of the revival of a hunger for God’s Word in our nation.  If you are willing, we will send you a package of our books to donate.  We know that the Word of God in our publications will bring the purpose and presence of God into hungry-for-God needy people. 


We are in a battle for our nation to choose to live in God’s presence and power.  Together we can make a difference☺   Please contact me if you would like to participate. 


Looking around we can see that evil is exploding.  We know also that the goodness of God and His righteousness in His family also are exploding.  Father, we pray that Your presence and power will explode within us so that others will beg us to know of the hope that is within us.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.


Yours in Christ,

Jack and Judy Hartman


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