AUGUST, 2006


Dear Lamplight Family,


We love and appreciate you. We are encouraged in the Lord by the comments we continue to receive regarding the difference our publications have made in the lives of so many people.





A MAN FROM ALABAMA SAID THAT RECEIVE HEALING FROM THE LORD IS PRESENTED WITH SUCH CLARITY THAT EVEN A CHILD CAN UNDERSTAND IT AND BE HEALED.  This man said, “Receive Healing from the Lord is a magnificent book.  This book is written with care and intelligence that only could have been accomplished through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  It is a brilliant and easy to understand presentation about something that is for many an impossible subject.  This book is presented with such clarity that even a child can understand it and be healed.  Every doctor in the world should have a copy of this perfectly crafted book.  God bless you.  Keep up the good work.”


A PASTOR FROM GHANA IS SHARING EXCHANGE YOUR WORRIES FOR GOD'S PERFECT PEACE WITH THE MEMBERS OF HIS CHURCH.  Pastor Elisha Agamah said, “May the Lord bless you for the good work you are doing.  I cannot express my gladness for the package of books and Scripture cards you sent me.  They have helped me a lot, especially Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace.  I enjoyed this book very much because it has enabled me to build a strong foundation in the Lord.  I now am sharing it with my church members.  I like reading your books because they are simple and easy to understand.  Thank you very much for the great work you are doing.  May Almighty God show His compassion unto you and to all those who help you.”


AN EVANGELIST FROM NIGERIA SAID THAT UNSHAKABLE FAITH IN ALMIGHTY GOD IS ENLIGHTENING, MOTIVATIONAL, CONVINCING AND INSPIRATIONAL.  Evangelist Eddy Esu said, “I was extra-thrilled by your book Unshakable Faith in Almighty God.  This book is presented in a logical manner.  It is quite enlightening, motivational, convincing, inspirational and, of course, scripturally accurate.  I commend your effort and commitment for the cause of Christ.  May our good God continue to endow you with wisdom.  We are praying for you and your ministry.  Grace to you richly.”


A MAN FROM ZAMBIA SAID THAT EXCHANGE YOUR WORRIES FOR GOD'S PERFECT PEACE AND OUR SCRIPTURE CARDS HAVE HELPED HIS FAMILY AND HIS CHURCH TO GROW SPIRITUALLY.  Nkhoma Billy said, “Thank you so much for your book Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace and your Scripture cards, Receive God’s Blessings in Adversity.  I am encouraged to read what my fellow Christians have said regarding this book and the Scripture Cards.  You are a blessing to me and my family.  This book and the meditation cards will greatly assist me and my church to grow spiritually.  May Almighty God bless you mightily as you continue serving Him doing good for so many people worldwide.  I pray for your good health and God’s inspiration in your ministry.  Enclosed is my picture.  Please help me to pray for a 1,000 people capacity church by the grace of God even though I don’t have the finances.  This is my vision.”




We invite you to visit our newly revised website  We have spent a great deal of time and effort revising this website.  We believe the contents of this website will be a blessing to you and to many other people. 


I will give you the following comments on the areas of the website I have focused on.  Judy then will give you comments about the website from her perspective.  We hope you will read this portion of our newsletter because we believe that the contents of this website can and will bless many of your friends and loved ones if you suggest that they visit our website. 


Trust God for Your Finances was first published 23 years ago in 1983.  I will never forget my initial amazement at the outpouring of comments we received from all over the world pertaining to this book.  We have continued to receive large numbers of comments from people who have been helped by our publications.


Our website contains 517 comments from people in 39 different countries.  Many people who go to our website and read these comments will be encouraged.  They will think, “If all of these people have been helped, I can be helped too.”


I think you will agree that, for every person who takes the time to send us comments, there probably are many more people who have been helped who did not take time to send us comments.  I believe it is almost impossible for any open minded person to go to our website and read these comments and not be greatly encouraged. 


Our website contains a form I have designed that will direct people to specific areas where they can be helped.  This form is titled Biblical Answers to the Challenges You Face.  The form shows typical areas where people might need assistance such as overcoming worry and fear …financial challenges ...improved health and/or healing from sickness …increased faith in God …God’s plan for your life …where you will go after you die…increased patience and perseverance …overcoming adversity …and other areas.


Any person who visits our website and identifies the area or areas where he or she needs help will be directed to specific books and/or Scripture Meditation Cards published by Lamplight Ministries.  Each of these books and Scripture cards are filled with Scripture that will help the reader to receive help from the Word of God in the specific areas of concern that he or she faces.


Our website currently includes 131 comments from people in 39 foreign countries who have been helped by our publications.  Many of these comments are from needy people in Third World countries.  Several of these people face severe challenges.  We believe that anyone who will take just a few moments to read these comments will be very impressed by the gratitude of all of these people.


You also will see that our website includes 46 comments from inmates in prisons and jails.  Please take a few moments to look at these comments to see for yourself the results of the money you have invested in Lamplight Ministries to help these needy people. 


Please take a moment to look at some of the 175 comments we have received from people regarding Trust God for Your Finances.  We have 64 comments on our Scripture Meditation Cards, 28 comments on Never, Never Give Up and many other comments on our publications that I had forgotten we had received. 


These comments will encourage you to find scriptural answers in areas where you need help.  You also can refer other Christians to this website.  If you have friends and loved ones who do not know the Lord, you may find that suggesting a visit to our website ultimately will help them to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior.  You can see for yourself that many people who have commented received Jesus as their Savior because of our publications.


Please pray about sending us a generous contribution this month to help us to continue to send out large numbers of publications free of charge to needy people all over the world.  Thank you and God bless you. 




I have envisioned a website that would be a place where people experience the presence of God. We are very pleased with Bill Keller, Mike Glassberg and others who have helped us with our website.  Every time I mention what I want on the site, our new web host says he can do it or it is already done.


We have not increased prices, but we have made our online ordering system uniform and easy to follow. We believe that you will be pleased with the format of the website as well as the content.  A different Scripture card will be posted each day to provide a daily devotional in the Word of God.


We have provided a secure way to give to Lamplight Ministries for those of you who prefer to give by bank check, credit card, or Pay Pal.  We have some more surprises on our website, but we will save them for a future newsletterJ  


We invite you to go to our website: and then let us know how you like it. Please send us any suggestions that you have. We welcome your comments and ideas. Please pray for each visitor to come face to face with Jesus as he or she sees the Word of God, the publications, and the ministries of Lamplight Ministries, Inc.


This month we would like to encourage you to share Christ Jesus with everyone you see. We will make available for $1.50 each for ten or more copies of Jack’s testimony and our book 100 Years from Today. This book asks the question:  Where will you be 100 years from today? It is a very natural tool to give to someone you meet during the day. You also can tell the person that you are in touch with the author and that he has a very timely story that you think the person will enjoy reading. You also can tell the person that the author would be so pleased to hear from him or her.


We tithe at least ten percent of all funds that we receive. This tithe does not include the costs of the free books and Scripture cards or the postage we spend to send books to foreign countries or to inmates in prisons and jails.  Giving has been the core of Lamplight Ministries from its inception. We experienced great joy in giving.  We thank God for the privilege of giving to foreign ministries where we know the gospel is being preached in an uncompromising way and in the power of God.


Please pray for the following ministries that we support: India Gospel Fellowship (Moses Ebenezer); Maoz Israel (Ari and Shira Soko Ram); (Bill Keller); Christ’s Church of the Philippines (Jack and Irene Malone); Holy Spirit Ministries, Ukraine (Victor and Tatiana Petrenko); Gideon and Claire Tandirerung (Indonesian ministry in Quebec with a heart to return to Indonesia); and Franco and Mary Lou Gennaro (Latin America, Cuba, and US Universities and sports teams). We have had a close relationship with each of these ministries for a number of years. They have been tried by fire and found faithful.  We give to other ministries as well.


We are looking to God for funds to print or reprint and distribute in some of these ministries our publications in the appropriate language. These ministries have the people in place in each country for the printing and distribution of Lamplight Ministries' translations. Please pray with us that God will provide very large sums of money for these translations, printings, and distribution to people who may never have heard the gospel.


We have greatly increased the number of publications we send to Africa each month. The pastors are so grateful.  They find the publications easy to understand and to use as teaching resources for their congregations. “The Word that God speaks (in our publications) is alive and full of power [making it alive, operative, energizing, and effective]; it is sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating to the dividing of the breath of life (soul) and [the immortal] spirit, and of joints and marrow [of the deepest parts of our nature], exposing and sifting and analyzing and judging the very thoughts and purposes of the heart,” (Hebrews 4:12 The Amplified Bible).


We would like to request prayer for two people who are very special to us: Rolly and Cathy Anderson. They are preparing to go to the mission field in an African nation. They have made the proper preparation and now are waiting for their house to sell and the final things to be completed so that they can go to the nation where their hearts have been sealed. Thank you for praying for them. We will give you an update on their move. We are trusting with them that this move will be before the end of 2006. We thank God for sending these precious laborers into His harvest field.


We are blessed to partner with you to see that “…this good news of the kingdom (the Gospel) will be preached throughout the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then will come the end” (Matthew 24:14). We love you and bless you in Jesus’ name.


Yours in Christ,

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