AUGUST, 2007


Dear Lamplight Family,


We are very grateful to be used by the Lord to help many people around the world.  We also are grateful to each person who prays for us and provides financial support for this ministry. 





We are pleased to share these comments with you each month.  If you would like to see the effect of your contributions, please visit our website at to see 566 comments from people in 41 different countries who have been helped by our books and Scripture cards. 


A WOMAN IN SWAZILAND TOOK UNSHAKABLE FAITH IN ALMIGHTY GOD TO THE HOSPITAL WHERE TWO OF HER ROOMMATES AND A NURSE ASKED FOR A COPY OF THE BOOK.  Rolly and Cathy Anderson who are missionaries in Swaziland sent the following comment to us.  “We gave Unshakable Faith in Almighty God to a lady here in Nbane, Swaziland.  She is a prayer worrier with an abiding faith in Jesus.  Little did we both know that two weeks after she received this book she would be facing surgery with a scary potential diagnosis.  She had a hard time keeping her mind focused on the Lord.  She took the book to the hospital with her and began reading it while awaiting the surgical procedure.  While she was reading it, two of her four roommates and one nurse asked about the book.  Liz said that, as she read the book, her faith was so strengthened and her mind was so encouraged that she had no anxiety as she proceeded into the surgery.  As it turned out, the diagnosis was negative.  She feels confident that the Lord used Unshakable Faith in Almighty God to reassure her of His faithfulness and also as an open door to give the book to at least three other people.  Glory to His name!  Thank you and God bless you.”


AN INMATE IN A PRISON IN MISSISSIPPI SAID THAT HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE WAS A GREAT INSPIRATION TO HIM WHEN HE WAS AT A VERY LOW POINT AND WANTED HIS LIFE TO END.  This man said, “I was very touched by your book How to Study the Bible.  This book was a great inspiration to me when I was at a very low point in my life and I wanted my life to end.  My family has forsaken me for something that happened in my life twelve years ago.  I have no money for any other books.  I would love to have some more books from you so that I can feed myself on the Lord’s Word.  One day I hope to meet you - if not in this world, then in God’s world.  If you can would you please send me additional books?  I know that they cost money and I don’t have any.  I will understand if you can’t send them to me.  I trust in the Lord.  Thank you, Jack.” (We sent three additional books to this man)


A PASTOR IN GHANA RECEIVED 42 BOOKS FROM LAMPLIGHT MINISTRIES.  HE IS DISTRIBUTING THESE BOOKS TO OTHER PASTORS THROUGHOUT GHANA.  Pastor Samuel Tei said, “I have received two boxes of books from you.  Each carton contained 21 books so in all I have received 42 of your publications.  Thanks very much.  I am doing my very best to distribute these books to other pastors who are both near and far from me here in Ghana.  I have used an amount of 1,500,000 cedis from my income to post most of these books to other pastors so that they can teach their congregations.  May the good Lord help you and bless you for the good work you are doing to help spread His Word and the gospel.”


A CRIPPLED WOMAN IN THE PHILIPPINES WHO WAS TOLD THAT SHE WAS STUPID HAS NEW FAITH IN GOD AFTER READING EXCHANGE YOUR WORRIES FOR GOD'S PERFECT PEACE.  Inez Corser of Lilion, Cebu City in the Philippines said, “When I was a child I was struck with polio.  I was told I was poor, stupid and that God did not have any use for me.  I tried to believe for my healing, but it just didn’t happen.  After reading Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace I am so excited about my new faith in God.  I really know that God loves me, crippled or not.  He cares for me, poor or not.  I am not crippled – I am challenged.  I now find that I can believe God for great things, not just our daily rice.”




An update on our new book:  I continue to work diligently on our new book that is titled What Does God Say?  I have written or co-authored seventeen Christian books, but I have never been as excited about a book as I am about this one. 


What Does God Say? will be extremely comprehensive.  This book will contain information from the Bible on approximately 100 different topics.  Each Scripture reference will be preceded by a simple and easy-to-understand paragraph written by Judy and myself.  You probably will be surprised by how comprehensive this book is, but the paragraphs of explanation will make the book so simple that an eighth grade student can understand it.


I completed the 2,000 Scripture references that the Lord assigned me at 2:00 a.m. on my 76th birthday on July 7th.  Ever since then I have been working on the first draft of this book.  It is almost complete.  Judy then will add her comments to Draft #2 and we will keep moving forward on a daily basis until the book is done. 


At least three and possibly four drafts will be required to finish this book.  We believe that the book will be completed sometime in 2008.  We will be so excited to place a copy of this book in your hands.  When you read this book we believe that you will want to obtain other copies to give to your friends and loved ones.  At this time we believe that we will publish the book ourselves.  We are currently planning to write the book with a combination of Scripture references from the King James Bible, The NIV Bible, The Amplified Bible and possibly The New American Standard Bible.


Judy and I began with the King James version when we first were saved.  If we could write this entire book with the King James version, we would.  However, we want to present the reader with the best possible explanation of each passage of Scripture. We will review each verse of Scripture in this book and prayerfully select the version of the Bible that we believe will help the reader to best understand what God is saying. 


Please pray for us as we write this book.  We cannot wait for you to have your copy of this book. 


Widespread correspondence throughout the world:  I am thrilled to be in contact by email, airmail and telephone with many people throughout the world.  In the past six weeks I have been in contact with people in England, Ghana, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Malawi, the Netherlands, Peru, the Philippines, Swaziland, Tanzania, Thailand and Zambia.


In addition to the people that I communicate with, Judy also communicates with many other people around the world.  We are so grateful to be used by the Lord to touch the lives of these people.  Thank you for believing in our ministry.




We all are waiting to be able to say, “I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course. I have kept the faith,” (II Timothy 4:7).  In order to become totally fit, I have added another “course” to my life.  I have had a life goal of entering a mini-triathlon (approximately a 1 mile swim, 12 mile bike ride, and 3 mile run).  I have joined a local triathlon club and have begun to train with them.


My treasured bike needed more repairs than its value.  So, here I am riding my very first road bike at age sixty-eight, a men’s bike with the tiniest of tires.  I had always thought that riding a bike bent over would be uncomfortable.  I am finding it to be a great joy.  I have never gone in for speed, but I can see that going fast on this bike will be great fun.  If you run, bike, or swim, please let me know of your great adventures.


We are all in the race.  Everyone wins who keeps close to Jesus and follows His instructions.  We each have a part to play.  Finishing my course has new meaning for me as I learn the course for a race.  We need to know the course for our daily race.  We find it at the feet of Jesus.  We find it on our knees before Him.


I heard the neatest three things on the radio.  I would like to give someone credit, but I don’t know who said it or whom the man was quoting.  The instructions are for every day:  1) Do not speak to anyone before first speaking to Jesus.  This means pause before I speak and see what Jesus will say to the person (my interpretation).  2) Never do anything with your hands before you have been on your knees.  3) Never read anything before you have read the Bible.  Three simple, totally life changing instructionsJ  Let me know what you think and, if you do them, how they change the course of your life as they are changing mine.


Thank you to those of you who sent us the name of your pastor(s) so that we could send him or them a gift copy of Trust God for Your Finances.  We mailed these books with the prayer that the pastors will be totally renewed, refreshed, and anointed by the Lord.  Do send your pastor’s name if he does not have a copy.


We have received a number of invitations for us to visit pastors in villages in nations where our books are used as the only Bible school.  I have felt clear direction from the Lord that before I go again I must be equipped to teach the pastors and leaders the Bible and to teach the local people to read in their own language.  I have a Master’s Degree in Secondary Reading.  I have studied the Bible all of my life and have attended five Bible schools at different times.  I have graduated from YWAM (Youth with a Mission Crossroads Discipleship Training School).  Yet I see specific skills that I would like to take to the nations.


Two ministries will equip me with the skills I need.  One is Walk Thru the Bible’s Old and New Testament classes.  The Bible is taught through hand motions, taking you all the way through the Old Testament in one class and the New Testament in another class.  Bible events are associated with the hand motions.  I want to take this method of teaching the Bible to the nations.  (See  Walk Thru the Bible will send someone to your church to do a one day training in the Old Testament, the New Testament, and some other seminars.


The other organization is Literacy International.  I will be attending a training in Tulsa in September.  LI teaches people to read English or to read in their own language using the Bible. I will be connecting LI with our partner nations as well as be trained myself.  Go to to see all of the trainings available.


I ask you to be praying about my preparation to take these skills to the nations.  When I am equipped, I will then go to our partner nations.  Our books are already ministering in these nations.  We pray that we can send more books as well as fulfill the requests that are waiting for funds so that books can be sent for the first time.


We have many books in our warehouse.  These pastors and leaders have requested that we send them our books so that they can evangelize their people.  What is missing?  Can you complete the picture?  You might like to evangelize these nations by sending money for postage to send the books where many cannot go and in some nations where we are not permitted or recommended to go at this time, such as Pakistan.  Each of us will be more fulfilled if we do something every day for the unreached nations, especially pray.


If you have a desire to travel and might consider going with me to the nations, please contact me. Jack does not travel.  So I must have a team to go with me.  You might even like to join me in the trainings, so that you can minister as well.  Please contact me if you feel even a tiny tug.  You don’t need any experience, just a heart to serve and a love for people.   You must be extremely adaptable to change and in ruggedly good healthJ


Our website ( contains many testimonies from people whose lives have been changed by the Word of God in our publications.  Please read and enjoy the testimonies and pray for each person and nation.  You can make a difference by praying for them even though you have never met them.  You might like to order some books, cards, or tapes to share with people as you go about your daily life, always ready to speak of the hope that is within you.


Thank you more than words can say for sending the water of life freely to the nations with us.  We love you,


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