September, 2007


Dear Lamplight Family,


We are glad to have the opportunity to share with you what the Lord is doing in Lamplight Ministries and what we believe He is leading us to do in the future.  Please pray for us.  We are very grateful for your prayers and for the financial support that enables us to help many needy people.





We are pleased to share these comments with you each month.  If you would like to see the effect of your contributions, please visit our website at to see 566 comments from people in 41 different countries who have been helped by our books and Scripture cards. 


A MAN FROM ALABAMA WHO HAD BEEN REFERRED TO A HOSPICE BECAUSE OF PROSTATE CANCER WAS COMPLETELY HEALED AS A RESULT OF MEDITATING CONTINUALLY ON OUR SCRIPTURE CARDS, RECEIVE HEALING FROM THE LORD.  This man said, “I was told by a doctor that there was nothing more that could be done with my prostate cancer and the two spots on my lung.  The doctor referred me to a hospice.  At this point I decided to turn everything over to the Lord 100%.  I carried your healing cards with me at all times.  These cards enabled me to develop the faith that I needed to depend entirely on the Lord.  I started improving after two days focusing entirely on the Scripture cards.  I made tremendous progress during the first six weeks.  My strength has returned.  I have gained back all of the weight I lost.  All pain is gone.  I now can do anything I want to.  Your Scripture cards are head and shoulders over everything else I’ve studied pertaining to healing.    Thank you so much for these wonderful Scripture cards.”


THE DIRECTOR OF A BIBLE SCHOOL IN NIGERIA DISTRIBUTED THIRTY OF THE BOOKS WE SENT HIM TO PASTORS IN HIS AREA.  Dr. Emma Effiong, Director of Mission Bible School, in Uyo, Akwa, Ibom State in Nigeria said, “Thank you for the M-bag containing two cartons of your publications that I received on Tuesday, 28th August, 2007.  I was so blessed.  I have contacted no less than 30 ministers to come for their copies.  God really uses your books to bless so many souls in this part of the world.  Thank you and remained blessed.”


A PASTOR IN ZAMBIA SAID THAT HE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN AFTER READING EXCHANGE YOUR WORRIES FOR GOD'S PERFECT PEACE.  Pastor Nkhosi Emmanuel of Ndola, Zambia said, “Greetings to you in the name of the Lord Jesus

Christ.  I received the books you sent me.  My life has been changed by Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace.  I will never be the same again.  This book is very easy to understand.  Of all the books that I have ever laid my hands on, your books are the most inspired.  I have come to trust God more and more because of your books.  I would like to give thanks to you for the work of God you are doing.  May God richly bless you for your work.”


A MAN IN MALAWI WAS TEMPTED TO GIVE UP AFTER SUFFERING FOR TWO YEARS FROM A SEVERE SPINAL CONDITION, BUT NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP ENCOURAGED HIM TO PERSEVERE.  Zilawa Joseph Chavwanga of Mzuzu, Malawi said, “Calvary greetings in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.  I am quite grateful for the parcel pack of books you sent me.  Never, Never Give Up came at a time when I was in a period of discomfort due to a severe spinal conditional I had suffered from for two years.  I was tempted to give up before I received this book.  I thank God that I now see light at the end of the tunnel through your book.  God has moved on some people to assist me.  I am quite overtaken by God’s timing.  Many thanks.  May God richly bless you.”




An update on our new book:  I believe that our next book, What Does God Say?, is the most important project I have undertaken in my life.  I am in awe of what God is doing as I watch this book unfold.  At this time we are approximately three quarters of the way through Draft #2.  I work diligently on this book every day.  What I am now doing is extremely painstaking and detailed hard work, but I love every minute of it.  As I complete my portion of each monthly newsletter, I will give you a brief summary of some of the topics in this book and how they can benefit you and people in your sphere of influence. 


The book begins with a page stating in large and bold print THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION YOU WILL EVER MAKE.  You can share this book with your unsaved friends and loved ones.  You can pray that these people will carefully read this first section of this book which contains three topics – Heaven, Hell and Eternal Salvation.


The Scriptures on heaven will give encouragement to each reader.  If you are a Christian, you can be assured that your best days are ahead of you.  Unbelievers will see, usually for the first time, the magnificent eternal rest that God has provided for every person on earth.


The passages of Scripture on hell are startling and alarming.  Heaven is a real place.  Hell is a real place.  How can anyone who reads these passages of Scripture pertaining to the eternal suffering that people will experience in hell not want to avoid this horrible eternal existence throughout eternity? 


The third and final section of the introductory portion of this book contains thirty verses of Scripture pertaining to eternal salvation.  People who read this section of the book will clearly see, often for the first time, exactly what God requires each of us to do to make a decision to live throughout eternity in the magnificence of heaven instead of suffering eternally in the horror of hell.


God never sends anyone to hell.  We send ourselves to hell.  No one who reads this portion of the book can fail to see the marvelous provision our loving God has made through Jesus Christ for each and every person on earth to live eternally in the glory of heaven.


Many people erroneously believe that they will go to heaven because they think they have lived a good life.  This belief is 100% inaccurate.  No one can earn his or her way to heaven.  If you are not absolutely certain that you will spend eternity in heaven, you must carefully study the scriptural facts in this section of the book and faithfully obey God’s specific instructions to receive Jesus Christ as your Savior. 


At this time the book contains approximately 95 separate topics.  These topics are arranged alphabetically after the vitally important initial topics on heaven, hell and eternal salvation.  As I share with you how this book is progressing, you will see that this book is extremely comprehensive and, at the same time, very simple and easy to understand.  You will see how this book will be a great benefit to you and to many other people.


Please pray about supporting our ministry financially:  Unfortunately, we do not have enough regular monthly contributors to consistently meet the needs of this ministry.  Every three or four months I find it necessary to send a letter to our contributors explaining that we need more one-time contributions to offset the shortage of monthly contributors.  I am 76 years old.  I would be so pleased to not have to devote time and effort to fundraising so that I can fully utilize the precious time I have remaining in my life to focus completely on the books we write.


You can easily see from reading our monthly newsletters that we are helping many people all over the world with our free gifts of books and Scripture Meditation Cards.  Please pray about sending us your very best contribution this month to help us to help others.  Please pray about contributing to this ministry on a regular basis each and every month.  Thank you and God bless you.




I pray that the Holy Spirit so fill you with God Himself that you will be Jesus to everyone who meets you each day.


Combining evangelism and literacy:  As this newsletter is going to the printer, I will be in Tulsa, Oklahoma for five days of training at Literacy and Evangelism.  I will be learning how to teach people to read using the Bible (see  I am so excited to become equipped to take this method of evangelism to the nations as well as to churches locally.  I have a Master’s Degree in Secondary Reading and have a passion to teach pastors and leaders how to teach people to read English as well as to read in their own language as an evangelistic tool.  I will tell you about my experience at L & E in next month’s newsletterJ


Lamplight Ministries supports a remarkable ministry in Quebec, Canada:  Even though our finances often are low, Lamplight Ministries faithfully tithes on our gross income.  We would not think of attempting to cut expenses by canceling or reducing our monthly tithe.


For several years we have provided financial support to a pastor-teacher-evangelist-businessman in Quebec.  We must withhold this man’s name because of security reasons, not in Quebec but in his native country.  This man was a successful businessman in his country and used his resources to train pastors, government officials and other leaders in his nation.  He and his family fled and came to the US.  A long and very difficult journey took him to Quebec.


We now understand why this family was sent to one of the darkest places on earth.  Less than three/tenths of one percent of the people in Quebec are believers in Jesus Christ.  This man pastors two churches with immigrants from two different nations.  He has created a plan to teach the immigrants how to apply for a job, how to learn the new language and culture, how to do tasks that are difficult for immigrants, how to train for a job and how to have a good attitude in this very difficult situation.  The goal is to present the gospel to these people as relationships develop.


This man challenges the people as he is challenging you and me.  He says that Jesus is applying for a job.  Jesus is the Creator, the Redeemer, the Mediator, the Counselor, the Prince of Peace, the Deliverer and the Source of life.  He has the knowledge, skills and attitude that you need.  This man told me that one Muslim said that he did not believe in his parents’ religion because it teaches that you can go to heaven if you kill people.  That didn’t sound right to him, so he was open to receiving Jesus Christ into his heart and did.  


This pastor in Quebec has a proposal for a Human Resource Department that I will send to you if you request it.  We must do our best to help the immigrants who are near us to find employment and to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior.


Reaching out to people around the globe:  We are receiving prayer requests from all over the world from people who find us on the Internet when they are looking for someone to pray for them.  We are praying for and with many people.


A pastor from Nigeria emailed us that a woman came to his office to tell him that her son had been in a cult for ten years and was blessed by one of our books.  We thank God that, although we cannot go to every nation, we can send our books.  Thank you for helping us to send themJ


Many people are being helped by our healing book and our Scripture cards on healing:  Many people are ordering our book, Receive Healing from the Lord, and the Scripture cards and tape (soon to be a CD) that also are titled Receive Healing from the Lord.  A dentist in South Carolina provides them for his patients.  A church in Florida distributes our healing cards and tapes to all members of the church who are sick and have requested visitation by a pastor.


We thank you for partnering with us in prayer and financial support as you are able. We love and appreciate you.


Thank you for your notes. I am so excited when I hear from youJ  You know that I write backJ


“Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.” (I Timothy 1:17)



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