Dear precious friends of Lamplight,


We are blessed to be knit together with you through our publications.  As we write each new book we are aware that lives will be touched throughout eternity by what we are writing now.  Thank you for your prayers and your financial support.  We are very grateful to you and for you.





A PASTOR FROM NIGERIA SAYS THAT WORRY, FEAR, STRESS AND DISCOURAGEMENT WERE NO LONGER PRESENT AFTER HE READ NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP.  Pastor Steven Ayiya of the Chapel of Better Hope Mission said, “I cannot express my profound gratitude after reading your publications.  I want to assure you that God is using you to bless my family and my co-disciples.  Your book Never, Never Give Up arrived when I was in need of encouragement.  This book encouraged me to continue believing the promises of the Lord.  I am living by faith unto God.  The worry, fear, stress and discouragement that I experienced before are no longer present.  I am learning how to enter into God’s rest and remain there.  I am no longer struggling and straining as I used to.  Your books are a great blessing to my family and my church.  These books are great treasures.” 


A PASTOR FROM ZAMBIA SAID THAT OUR BOOKS HAVE ENCOURAGED HIM TO SOLDIER ON WITH THE MINISTRY GOD HAS GIVEN HIM.  Pastor Rex Chaipoya of Shammah Christian Church in Zambia said, “I want to thank you for sending me Quiet Confidence in the Lord and Unshakable Faith in Almighty God.  I know that money is involved in printing and sending these books, but I would not be able to pay for them.  I know that the Lord will reward you for your good work.  These books have inspired me.  They have helped me to increase my faith in God.  Your books have encouraged me to soldier on with the work of the ministry God has given to me.  I am very thankful that the books came at a time when I needed inspiration.  I am now moving on with this work.  Thank you so much.  I have enclosed my photo holding one of your books.” 


A WOMAN FROM THE PHILIPPINES SAYS THAT HER STRUGGLE IS OVER AND THAT SHE IS AT PEACE BECAUSE OF EXCHANGE YOUR WORRIES FOR GOD'S PERFECT PEACE.  Rita Heaner of Lapu Lapu in the Philippines said, “I have been a Christian for more than ten years.  I have not found a lot of books that can help me with my spiritual growth.  Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace is a masterpiece.  My faith has exploded.  What a friend I have found in this book.  Now the struggle is over and I am at peace.  Thank you so much for helping me.”


EXCHANGE YOUR WORRIES FOR GOD'S PERFECT PEACE WAS THE LIFELINE THAT HELPED A WOMAN FROM FLORIDA TO WITHDRAW FROM ANTI-DEPRESSANTS.  This woman said, “Your book Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace was an answer to my prayers.  The Lord is so great!  I had just weaned myself off of antidepressants that I had been relying on for four and a half years to ease my sadness and anxieties.  Your book literally was the lifeline I needed to pull me through the physical and psychological difficulty of doing this.  I have never read such a good, rich Christian book in my life.  My newfound level of peace and trust in the Lord has helped my relationship with my husband and children.  Thank you for all that you do.  I KNOW that God is blessing you richly.”




My appearance on Bill Keller’s television program.  When the September newsletter was printed I was scheduled to appear on Bill Keller’s Liveprayer television program on September 30th.  Since I had a severe virus and had lost my voice, I did not know until just before the program whether I could go through with this commitment.  Because of this situation I was unable to include any information regarding this television program in our last newsletter.


I was healed and I was able to appear on Bill’s program as scheduled.  Bill devoted most of the entire hour to our ministry.  He began the program by asking me to give my testimony.  He asked me several questions during this segment of the program.


The second segment of the program consisted primarily of my answers to Bill’s questions about what the Bible teaches in regard to overcoming worry and fear.  The third segment of the program consisted of telephone calls from people who were watching the program.  Bill turned several of the people who called over to me for my advice to them and for me to pray with these people.


This program was a great experience.  We have received many favorable comments.  If you would like to view this program, you can see it by going to our website www.lamplight.net and clicking the hyperlink above the picture of Judy and me.   We invite you to review our website which has been greatly improved since our last newsletter.  We would appreciate any comments that you have.


An update on our next book.  I have written (or coauthored with Judy) seventeen Christian books and ten sets of Scripture Meditation Cards.  I always write the first two drafts of each book and then give the second draft to Judy for her to write as coauthor from that point forward.  I have never written any initial draft that is as exciting to me as the first draft of our next book, The Supernatural Power of the Living Word of God.  I am so excited about this book that I can hardly wait to begin writing each day. 


I am now approximately one-third of the way through Draft #2 of this book.  I have never shared the first draft of any book with anyone before because first drafts are so rough and disorganized.  However, I decided to share Draft #1 with my secretary, Marie Hart.  Marie is overwhelmed with what she has read so far.  Each day she gives me her comments on what she has read.


You might be interested in the following excerpts from comments Marie has written on the first six chapters.  “This book is too awesome for words.  It has made me very hungry and thirsty for more of God’s Word …I have to take this book in little bites because it is blowing my mind and working on my heart …I can feel my faith in God growing stronger each day …I have been looking for over forty years for an answer and now I have it.  This book is truly the greatest news I have ever been told.  I want to tell many others who, like me, have been in the dark about these things.”


We are willing to share a limited number of copies of Draft #2 with people you who have an email address.  We plan to limit this initial project to a maximum of twenty people.  If we receive more than twenty requests, we will consider the additional requests on subsequent drafts.


If you would like to receive by email a copy of Draft #2 as it is completed, please send an email message to me at lamplightmin@yahoo.com with Draft #2 in the subject line.  If we receive too many requests at this time, we will give priority to people who are contributors to our ministry.


One of the reasons we are undertaking this project is because we would like to receive comments from as many people as possible.  If this book is helpful to you, would you please email me four or five paragraphs of your comments?  Our goal is to have one full page of comments on both sides of the paper before the book is published.


When the book is published we will send individual copies to a selected list of pastors.  For the first time ever, our goal is to have enough comments before the book is published to include these comments with each of the new books.  Your comments can encourage these pastors to teach and preach from the scriptural contents of this book.  This process will provide a tremendous multiplying effect from this book and from future books that we write using this system of obtaining comments before the book is published. 


If you do request and receive Draft #2, I must to tell you in advance that such an early draft of a book always contains a great deal of repetition, grammatical mistakes and other errors.  These routine errors will be cleaned up in subsequent drafts.  However, the essence of the book is already present.  The Scripture is in place.  We believe you will be highly motivated to immerse yourself in the supernatural living of Word after you read the scriptural facts in this book.


In closing I would like to ask you to pray about sending a generous contribution to help us send many more of our publications to needy people in Third World countries.  You can see by the comments in this newsletter and in previous newsletters that many people are being helped.  We have received many more requests from needy people in Third World countries for our publications than we have been able to send out.  We have a large waiting list.  We will appreciate anything you are led to do to help us to assist these needy people.  Thank you and God bless you.




We are excited about our new website.  We have created a very smooth ordering system.  We are sending a free gift with every order that is placed online to thank you for choosing our simplified system of orderingJ  Remember that we are always ready to send your pastor a free copy of Trust God for Your Finances. Just send us his name and addressJ  We love to receive reports from these pastors.


As our time on earth is winding down, our closeness to God’s family increases.  The intensity of our commission to provide God’s message of love to every person who will listen increases as well.  Our purpose on earth is to know God and to make Him known.  This is the simple message of Youth With a Mission where I completed the Crossroads Discipleship Training in Concord, NH.


I encourage each of you to spend time with God asking Him how He will empower you to “know Him and make Him known” in your corner of the world.  You are unique and have a special message for those with whom you have a bridge for bringing the message of God’s love through Jesus Christ.  Each of us truly is an ambassador of Jesus Christ to the hurting world.


I recommend that you always have your Bible with you so that you can turn to the passages that present Jesus Christ.  You can learn the passages by heart, but still turn to them in the Bible when you are sharing them with someone.  We want to place a person’s heart in God’s heart and in His message, the Bible, the Word of God.  Jesus Christ is the Word. When we place a person’s heart in the Bible, we are placing the person in Jesus Christ Who is the Word.


The Bible may not be easy to understand before we become a member of the family of God.  As soon as we open our heart to God through Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit then becomes our Explainer of the Bible.  We must tell people that, if the Bible seemed difficult to understand, try studying it after Jesus Christ enters their lives as their Savior and their Lord.


Here is one way to present the Bible: Romans 3:23; Romans 6:23: Romans 10:9-10; I John 1:9; I John 5:13.  Please go to our website: www.lamplight.net to print out an explanation of each verse and why it is a key component of presenting the gospel.  Of course, you can present John 3:16 which everyone has heard and explain how God gave so that we might receive.


Prayer requests:  Please pray for our precious friend, Dr. Ley, for complete healing.  Please pray for Arthur for healing.  Please pray for Rollin and Cathy Andersons for all of the pieces to be in place as they prepare to move to Africa to serve God.  Please pray for Dennis to be healed.  Please pray for Alex and Laurie to be healed.  Tell us your prayer request via www.lamplight.net.


Thank you for praying.  Please let me know if you are willing to be part of our prayer team.  I would like a team I can contact when a need arises.  Please send me your email address, if you have one, to lamplight@lamplight.net so I can send a request immediately.


The associate pastor of the church we attend carries our healing Scripture cards with him to give to people in the hospital when he visits.  The Scripture cards are a wonderful way to share Jesus Christ with people.  You can give a whole set or do as many people do by giving single cards out as you go about your daily life.  Our prices are so low that we practically give the cards to you so that you can give them to othersJ  Our publications also make terrific Christmas gifts.


With love and hugs in Jesus to each of you.  We bless you today in Jesus’ name. Exodus 23:25.


Yours in Christ,

Jack and Judy

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