October, 2007



Dear Lamplight Family,


We are very grateful to the Lord for the opportunity He has given us to serve Him by helping many people around the world.  We receive a constantly increasing flow of letters and emails from people in many different countries.  Thank you dear Lord for using us in this way.  Thank you members of our Lamplight family for your prayers and financial report.





We are pleased to share these comments with you each month.  If you would like to see the effect of your contributions, please visit our website at www.lamplight.net to see 566 comments from people in 41 different countries who have been helped by our books and Scripture cards. 


A WOMAN FROM FLORIDA WAS AMAZED BY HER CALMNESS AND HER UNWAVERING FAITH IN GOD WHEN HER HUSBAND SUFFERED A NEAR FATAL HEART ATTACK.  This woman said, “At 4:15 A.M. my husband woke me to say that he was experiencing severe chest pains.  I have been a nurse for 34 years and, as I observed his symptoms, I knew that his condition was very serious.  I called 911.  A physician at the hospital confirmed that he was experiencing a heart attack that could be fatal.  I was amazed at how calm I was.  My husband survived and is doing well today.  I attribute my peace and my faith in God to the fact that I have spent hundreds of hours in the past seven years studying and meditating on the Scripture and the explanation of Scripture in your books, tapes and Scripture cards.  I am praying for both of you.  I thank God for your ministry.”


A PASTOR IN ZAMBIA DISTRIBUTED 42 BOOKS THAT WE SENT TO PASTORS IN RURAL AREAS.  Pastor Akamandisa Lubinda said, “Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to participate in your book distribution programme.  I received two boxes containing 42 books. With my old bicycle I traveled about meeting pastors and distributing the books.  I came up with one group of seven pastors, very zealous men.  I held a one day Lamplight seminar and shared with them the vision of Lamplight Ministries.  At this seminar we agreed to form a Book Study Group to maximize our benefit from these books.  It was agreed that the pastors would use these books for teaching in their churches.  Pastors here desperately need good Bible teaching to quench their spiritual hunger and to minister effectively to victims of AIDS, ignorance and poverty.  Many more reports will be coming soon.  God bless you."


THE PRESIDENT OF A BAPTIST SEMINARY IN NIGERIA SAID THAT EXCHANGE YOUR WORRIES FOR GOD'S PERFECT PEACE CHALLENGED HIM TO A DEEPER COMMITMENT IN CHRIST.  Dr. Steve Patton said, “Thank you very much brethren for your wonderful and precious book titled Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace.  We have found this book to be very useful and beneficial.  The wealth of spiritual food is for all of God’s children.  The content nourishes both the spirit and soul and challenges and awakens one's spirit to a deeper commitment in Christ.  Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace helps the weak to get strong and revives dormant Christians.  Its teachings are sound and very inspiring.  Every child of God should have a copy. Thank you very much for your kind Christian love.  Enclosed is my personal picture."


A PASTOR IN ZAMBIA SAID THAT NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP IS A GREAT AND ENCOURAGING BOOK THAT TOUCHED HIS MIND AND HIS HEART.  Pastor Akalemewa Nalukui said, “I greet you Jack and Judy Hartman in the bloodline of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for the books you sent me.  Never, Never Give Up was especially helpful.  This book is a great and an encouraging book.  It has helped me a lot.  It touches my heart and my mind.  I am learning to look to God whenever a problem comes my way.  I call upon God whenever I have a problem knowing that He is able to make a way.  I will never, never give up in the things of God.  Jack and Judy, God bless you.  You are a blessing to me.”




An update on our new book:  I am absolutely consumed with our new book that will be titled What Does God Say?  We now are on Draft #3 of this book.  This project is a painstaking effort that requires a lot of hard work.  I love every minute of it.  In subsequent newsletters I will give you an overview of many topics from this book.


Please do not confuse this book with a topical Bible.  I have used many topical Bibles during the past 30 years and I can assure you that this book is very different.  I believe that at least 50% of the Scripture in this book would not be found in topical Bibles on the topics we have chosen.  In addition, we carefully evaluate each passage of Scripture to see if the King James Version, The Amplified Bible or the New International Version fits it best.  Each Scripture reference is preceded by a simple and easy-to-understand one paragraph explanation written by Judy and myself.  At this time it appears as though What Does God Say? will contain approximately 95 topics with 3 to 30 Scripture references explaining each topic.


We do not have the space to comment on more than three topics in this newsletter.  All topics are arranged alphabetically after the initial three topics of Heaven, Hell and Eternal Salvation.  The next topic is titled Adversity.  If you are faced with severe adversity, can you imagine how helpful it would be to have 22 Scripture references where your Father explains exactly what He wants you to do to deal with the problem you face.  You will learn why God allows you to face the problems you face, exactly how He instructs you to react to adversity and what He promises to do to help you according to your faith in Him.


The next topic is Aging.  We all are growing older.  This section of the book contains six Scripture references telling you exactly what your Father instructs you to do to continue to bear fruit for Him in old age.  You will be encouraged that He promises to be with you and to help you every step of the way as you grow older.


The next topic is Angels.  This topic is greatly misunderstood in the world today.  Many unbelievers have been caught up with erroneous information pertaining to angels.  Ten passages of Scripture will give you specific instructions telling you how to activate angels to minister to you, guide you and help you.  You will learn exactly what your Father has promised to do to help you with the angels He has provided for you.


We cannot tell you when this book will be ready.  We will continue to work on it until it is right.  We will do draft after draft until we have peace within ourselves that the book is ready to go to the printer.  This book is extremely comprehensive, but it is also very simple.  We believe you will find that this book will be a spiritual treasure chest that you will turn to again and again. 


Please pray about supporting our ministry financially:  As you read our monthly newsletters you will see that we are helping many people around the world.  Most of these people are in Third World countries.  The primary goal of our ministry is to reach pastors in Third World countries.  Just one book sent to a pastor can reach large numbers of people as each pastor preaches from the scriptural topics in our books to the people who attend his church.


We have waiting lists of many Third World pastors who would like to receive our books.  We are limited by the availability of funds to send more books to these pastors.  We will do our best to send a steady flow of books even though postage rates to foreign countries doubled in May.  Please pray about helping us to help these pastors teach God’s Word to the people who attend their churches.  Thank you and God bless you.




Since we last visited I had cataract surgery on my left eye done by Dr. James Gills of the St. Luke’s Eye Institute in Tarpon Springs.  Dr. Gills is a man of God who has created the most unusual experience for eye patients.  As you walk in, you sense a calm and peace. You then see several full wall length paintings of Jesus as He blessed and healed people.


A dear lady prayed for me before the surgery.  While Dr. Gills was doing the surgery, a lady held my hand and prayed.  At 8:30 p.m. that evening Dr. Gills called to see how I was doing and said to call him at home if I had any questions.  I experienced God’s excellence expressed through a man and his vision (pun intended).  If anyone needs cataract surgery, you can see why I unabashedly recommend Dr. Gills and his associates (call 727-938-2020 for a brochure and information).  Much more than the latest medical science takes place at St. Luke’s Eye Institute. I am seeing like an eagleJ


We have a commission from God: to preach the gospel.  God has two ways.  He sends us to them or He sends the souls to us.  Right now in your community are many people from other nations who cannot read or cannot read English.  You can go to Literacy and Evangelism International in Tulsa, Oklahoma and be taught one or both tools for evangelism (see www.lei.org).  Bob Biederman, the Director, is a man of God who will bless you immeasurably as will his godly and gifted staff.  I challenge you to go or find someone from your area to evangelize with the life-changing tool, teaching someone to read or to read English.


I completed the training to be a Literacy and Evangelism tutor.  I will be tutoring a student who has never learned to read.  I will go back to LEI to complete my certification as an instructor.  My goal is to be able to go to our partner ministry nations and teach their pastors and leaders how to train people to teach people to read in their own language primers.  LEI has primers in over 800 languages.  The very best follow up books for people learning to read are Lamplight Ministries’ books.  This is so exciting.  I am exuding joy beyond measure.


If your buttons are pushed for this outreach, please contact me for information about the future planning of these trips.  You can be a very helpful part even if you have not been to the training (you also can go to the training if that button is pressed in youJ)


Please pray for Bryan Patzkowski’s prison ministry.  He has been ministering in a 2500 inmate prison in Oklahoma for eight years.  He believes that our new book, What Does God Say?, will be of great use to him as well as to the inmates he visits each week.  We are sending him a package of our current books.


Would you please let me know if you have ever used one of our books, tapes, or Scripture card sets for a Bible study?  If you have, please let me know which one, when, how many people, how long, and the results (how people’s lives were changed).  We will post Bible studies on our website so that others can see how lives are transformed by the study of the Word of God in our publications.


Would you please go to our website, www.lamplight.net and make a comment about how a book, tape, or Scripture card has blessed your life?  Your experience will bless others as well as affect where we are located in Search Engines, so that people can readily find us.  Thank you so very much.


Ministry needs:


  1. Funds to send more books to the nations (so many waiting to receive the simple and easy-to-understand gospel messages in our books)


  1. I need to replace my laptop.  So far, I have a quote for $2,712 for a Dell Latitude with XP with Microsoft Office Professional.  I have decided to stay with XP instead of going with Vista.  I will check with Staples for a Hewlett-Packard laptop.


That all may hear the gospel,




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