November, 2007


Dear Lamplight Family,


We are pleased to give you the following report of what is taking place in Lamplight Ministries.We are privileged to serve the Lord in the wonderful ministry He has entrusted to us.We praise Him and thank Him.We thank you for your prayers and financial support.





We enjoy sharing these comments with you each month.If you would like to see the effect of your contributions, please visit our website at to see 566 comments from people in 41 different countries who have been helped by our books and Scripture cards.


AN EVANGELIST IN ZAMBIA WHO HAS DISTRIBUTED LARGE NUMBERS OF OUR BOOKS TO THIRD WORLD PASTORS ALSO IS PREACHING IN CHINA.Pastor Jim Koshita said, "It is always a joy for me to hear from you as my spiritual father. Thank you for the two M-bags containing 38 books that you sent me.In Zambia I held two pastors' seminars to distribute your books.I preached at these meetings and encouraged sixteen pastors who were present at the Chingazi seminar.Ten pastors were present at the seminar in Katete.In Tanzania I gave out five books to pastors who are able to read English.Four books were given out in Mchinji, Malawii.Three other books were given to pastors in Chipata.I have been in China the last two months planting a church in Tianjin which is about 100km from Beijing, the capital city.Your books gave birth to the vision of God which has brought me to China.My ministry is expanding rapidly due to the overflow of God's anointing from your ministry.I thank the Lord for your help and support.I pray that God will supply the finances for the great work you are doing.God bless you most abundantly."


A PASTOR IN KENYA SAID THAT NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP HELPED HIM TO DEAL WITH STRESS AND DEPRESSION.Pastor Philip Buhere said, "Mr. Jack, through this book I have realized that I am a very special vessel before God.Never again will I despise myself or allow anyone to humiliate me.God has a purpose for my life and I now know that He wants me to learn patience to wait for His perfect will.This book has helped me to deal with difficult situations, stress and depression.I was passing through a situation where I was about to lose hope, but after reading this book my life has revived.I now can see hope in my future.I am impressed how you have used Scripture references systematically in every chapter.This book really motivates me.God is using you to reach many people in the world before Jesus returns.Your books are fascinating.I believe your writing is inspired.Thanks be to God who called you to write this book.Bless you."

SEVERAL INMATES IN A PRISON IN NIGERIA RECEIVED GREAT HOPE FROM EXCHANGE YOUR WORRIES FOR GOD'S PERFECT PEACE AT A VERY TENSE TIME IN THEIR LIVES.Steven Twan of Prison Fellowship Nigeria said, ďGreetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.I am grateful for the books you sent me.Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace was quite timely.This book came at a time when some prisoners were experiencing fear and torment as some inmates in the condemned cells were hanged to death.In our Bible study in the prison we studied this book chapter by chapter.One could see hope in the faces of the prisoners.Thank you and God bless you.Ē


AN EVANGELIST IN INDIA SAID THAT TRUST GOD FOR YOUR FINANCES IS A MUST FOR ALL THIRD WORLD PREACHERS.Rev. Raja Matthews said, ďGreetings in Jesus' Name.It is so great that our loving Lord is using your publications for the encouragement and building up of many people around the world.Many writers use language in terms that are so hard that an average reader finds that what they write is difficult to comprehend.You are following a simple style.We understand your views.I believe your book on finances is a must for all Third World preachers to have.Thank you so much.God bless you."




An update on our new book:I have lived for more than three quarters of a century.In all of these years I have never been as excited about anything as I am about our new book, What Does God Say?.Writing this book is extremely difficult. The manuscript contains a mass of details that require constant coordination and rewriting.However, Judy and I continue to move forward steadily.We look forward longingly to the day when you will have your copy of this book.


We cannot accurately predict when the book will be finished.There are far too many variables.We are nearing the end of Draft #3.We will keep moving forward, praying each day for the Lord's guidance until we have peace that the book is complete.Our current rough estimate is that this book could be completed sometime in the second quarter of 2008. This estimate is subject to change because of the many variables we are dealing with.


In our last newsletter I gave you a brief overview of what this book will say on the topics of ADVERSITY, AGING and ANGELS.This month we will give you more information as space allows on other alphabetical topics.We believe that the topic titled BATTLES will be very helpful to people who need help from God.The Scripture in this topic will clearly show you that your Father never intended for you to fight every battle by yourself.Again and again He promises to help you and to fight your battles for you, according to your faith in Him.Your Father wants you to do the best you can with your human abilities and then to trust Him completely to fight the battles that you cannot possibly win yourself.


The topic titled CAST YOUR CARES ON THE LORD will give you specific scriptural instructions telling you how to give your burdens to the Lord and leave them with Him.Many Christians give their problems to the Lord and then take them back because they become impatient when He does not respond as soon as they think He should.You will learn how to cast your cares on the Lord so that you can successfully carry out His will for your life.Your Father wants you to release your burdens to Him, trusting Him completely to sustain you.


The topic titled CHILDLIKE TRUST will show you how to develop the childlike trust your Father wants you to have in Him.Ideally every child should be brought up in a Christian home learning from infancy how to trust God.This is the way God planned for each of us to live.However, many of us were not brought up in Christian homes and taught to trust the Lord from childhood.†† You can receive the specific instructions now to offset the guidance you may not have received when you were a child.


Please pray about supporting our ministry financially:Anyone who reads our monthly newsletters can see that we are helping many people around the world.We primarily aim at reaching pastors in Third World countries because these pastors then can preach from the scriptural contents of our books to the people in their congregations.Every week people in many churches around the world are learning from God's Word because their pastors are preaching from what they have learned from God's Word in our publications.


Giving these books to pastors is extremely expensive.Postage rates to foreign countries have almost doubled in 2007.When we add the cost of printing and warehousing the book, the shipping container, paying Elizabeth to mail these books the cost is approximately $26 for each book.The cost for these books is in addition to our normal operating expenses.We have many pastors in Third World countries who are waiting to receive copies of our books.We need several additional partners who will partner with us each and every month to help many people in Third World countries.Please pray about helping us to help these needy people.Thank you and God bless you.




A highlight of my life is answering your notes to me.Thank you so much for keeping in touch and letting me know what is happening in your life.We are so glad to hear how our publications are blessing your lives as well.


EXCITING NEWS!The cassette tapes that accompany each of the Scripture cards are now available in CDís.The cost for the CDís is $10.The cards and cassette tapes are still $5 each.You can order any of the ten titles in CDís now:Find Godís Will for Your Life; Financial Instructions from God; Freedom from Worry and Fear; A Closer Relationship with the Lord; Our Fatherís Wonderful Love; Receive Healing from the Lord; Receive Godís Blessing in Adversity; Enjoy Godís Wonderful Peace; God Is Always with You, and Continually Increasing Faith in God.These would make wonderful gifts and are easy to mailJ


We have sets that would make great gifts:


  1. Book: Trust God for Your Finances; tape or CD and cards:Financial Instructions from God
  2. Book: Unshakable Faith in God; tape or CD and cards:Continually Increasing Faith in God
  3. Book: Exchange Your Worries for Godís Perfect Peace; tape or CD and cards:Enjoy Godís Wonderful Peace
  4. Book:Godís Will for Our Lives; tape or CD and cards:Find Godís Will for Your Life
  5. Book:Conquering Fear; tape or CD and cards:Freedom from Worry and Fear
  6. Book:Receive Healing from the Lord; tape or CD and cards:Receive Healing from the Lord
  7. Book:Quiet Confidence in the Lord; tape or CD and cards:A Closer Relationship with the Lord


As we give gifts to loved ones this season, we can include the gift of life in Christ Jesus that is expressed very simply in easy-to-understand language in Lamplight publications.As you think of each person you would like to bless, consider the titles and see if any of them ring a bellJ


We have operated debt free since 1991.We pay a small fee to rent our 50 foot by 100 foot warehouse space that is close to the post office in Dunedin.We would prefer to mail our books to pastors and leaders in Third World nations.Every book can be a missionary who does not need to learn the language, purchase a ticket to travel to the nation, or spend any money on the trip itself.


We are willing to empty our warehouse and believe God for the money to reprint the books so that we can send more.We believe that the time is short when the world will be open for sending even books.Travel is more difficult now with Westerners targeted as enemies of many nations.Books can still cross the borders.We have pastors in Pakistan just waiting for more books as well as many African nations.


We would like to have Trust God for Your Finances reprinted in Ukraine before the former Soviet Union nations become less accessible.I donít want to give names because the day may come when the personís life will be in jeopardy.We have one of the boldest men on earth in Ukraine ready to print and distribute Trust God for Your Finances in Russian.We feel so blessed to have so many close relationships with pastors in Third World nations and other nations where there is great persecution or where the doors are closing to the gospel.


We are in a war today and will remain so until Jesus Christ meets us in the air.We must live in a wartime mentality.The war has been going on since the Garden of Eden, but today with the end of this earth approaching, we must do all that we can to present the gospel in a way that people can understand it to as many people as we possibly can, including our own families.We do not want anyone to perish.We know that many have and many will, but on our watch we want to publish the good news in our homes, in our neighborhoods, in our cities, in our states, and in our countries.We welcome your partnership with us.Our books are sitting there crying out to be sent to the nationsJ


Just today a man called who found a copy of Trust God for Your Finances in his church library.He said, ďThis the best book on finances I have ever read.Jack puts everything in plain English where you can actually apply it to your life.ĒWe would like for hundreds of pastors in Third World nations to be able to say the same thing because they have a copy of Trust God for Your Finances in their hands.


Glory to God in the highest,




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