November, 2008

Dear Lamplight Family,

We are pleased to share with you the exciting things that God is doing through Lamplight Ministries in many different countries. Praise the Lord. We are grateful to you for your prayers and for your financial support that enables us to help many people around the world.


If you would like to see the effect of your prayers and your contributions, please visit our website at www. to see 566 comments from people in 41 different countries who have been helped by our books and Scripture cards. You can order our publications from our website, from our post office box or the 800 telephone number at the bottom of this page.

AN EVANGELIST FROM THE PHILIPPINES SAYS THAT Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace is the perfect book for these difficult times. Rev. Jack Malone who has led more than 500,000 Filipinos to Christ said, “Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace is a master work. Christians need to read this book every single day during these difficult times. This book is designed for the time we are in right now. People need this message now more than ever. This book is the map for the economy, troubled souls and troubled minds. It can relieve so many people of the fear that is gripping them in such a way that it is destroying their lives.”

A PASTOR IN ETHIOPIA SAID THAT HE HAS PREACHED MANY SERMONS FROM GOD'S WISDOM IS AVAILABLE TO YOU AND THAT MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN HELPED. Pastor Peter Agwa said, “Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. One of my friends gave me a copy of your book titled God's Wisdom is Available to You. I found this book to be very interesting. I prepared many sermons using this wonderful book. I have been blessed by this book and the people in our church also have been blessed. Please send me the following items for further ministry.” (Pastor Agwa requested more than thirty items. Due to high postage costs to foreign countries, we are unable to send him this many of our publications. I have written back to decide together what we can send him.)

a MAN FROM WISCONSiN SAID THAT What Does God Say? IS OUR BEST BOOK EVER. This man said, “Thank you for your new book What Does God Say?. I love it. It’s fantastic. This book is just what I was looking for. I would like my family to have copies. Could you send me six copies and an invoice? I think this book will be your best book ever. I still keep going back to some of the old books for encouragement and spiritual reflection.”

A woman from north carolina says that she cannot put What Does God Say? down. This woman said, “I am blessed with all of the good thoughts and Scripture verses in What Does God Say?. I cannot put this book down. There are so many rich promises in it. I know this book will strengthen my faith as I meditate upon the verses. You must have spent many hours writing this book. May the grace of Jesus be with you as you reach out and help the needy and hurting around the world. Continue to work for Jesus until He comes again. God bless you.”


A progress report on our next book. We are moving steadily forward with Victory Over Adversity. We now are more than halfway through Draft #4. This book is very intricate and will require at least six or seven drafts. We believe that this book will be published in the first quarter of 2009. With all of the problems that are taking place in the world today, we believe that this book will guide any person who studies it carefully to do exactly what God instructs you to do whenever you face adversity. We believe that this book is being written in God’s perfect timing.

A tribute to nancy eichelberger. I have enjoyed a close relationship with Don and Nancy Eichelberger for more than twenty years. Don has served on the Board of Directors of Lamplight Ministries since its inception. Nancy has been one of the greatest examples of a woman of faith that I have ever seen. Time and time again I saw this woman’s tremendous faith working in the lives of the Eichelbergers. Nancy never complained. Her faith in God was deep, strong and unwavering.

Nancy died on November 2nd after a long battle with cancer. I was blessed to share heaven with Nancy on October 27th. I was talking with Don on the phone that day. He was visiting Nancy at Hospice. He said that Nancy was in a coma. She awakened just as we were talking. He asked if I would like to talk with her. She was unable to talk with me, but I told Nancy that her battle soon would be over and that she would be completely healed in heaven.

I told her that she was going to a place that was so beautiful that our human understanding cannot even begin to comprehend the beauty and magnificence of heaven. I told Nancy that all of the people in heaven are humble, loving and caring. I told her that she would only be apart from her family for a short time because every member of her family is saved. All of her loved ones will join her to live with her throughout eternity.

I asked Nancy if she had a response. She was unable to talk, but Don said that a big smile came across her face immediately after I spoke these words to her. I believe that God ordained this talk just six days before her death.

Please pray for comfort for Don and for all of the members of their family as they adjust to life on earth without Nancy before they join her again in heaven.

WE ARE SHARING WHAT DOES GOD SAY? WITH NATIONAL LEADERS IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL. I recently read an article in a sports magazine about Bobby Bowden, the long-time football coach at Florida State University. This article had a picture of Coach Bowden studying his Bible early in the morning.

I sent a letter and a copy of What Does God Say? to Coach Bowden. He replied, saying, “I can’t wait to start reading this book. Every morning I read chapters in the Bible and pages from other Christian books. I will put your book in with the others. I am looking forward to see what I learn from it. I know it will be God-inspired. God bless you and your family.”

Judy and I watched a television program where Tim Tebow, who won the Heismann Trophy last year, was sharing his faith in Jesus Christ. I decided to send Tim a copy of What Does God Say?. This young man is an inspiration. He is one of the purest people we have ever heard of. He spends his summer vacations on missionary trips with his parents. We are so pleased to be able to share What Does God Say? with Tim Tebow.

PLEASE PRAY ABOUT SUPPORTING THIS MINISTRY FINANCIALLY TO HELP US TO HELP MANY PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD. We are currently stepping out in faith to contact key pastors in Third World countries. We have focused for some time on giving books to pastors because these pastors then preach from the scriptural contents of these books to members of their church. Distributing our books in this way enables us to reach as many people as possible with the money you donate to send these books.

The cost of sending books to Third World countries has skyrocketed. We have not stopped sending these books. We intend to send many additional books to key pastors to give to other pastors. Please pray about sending a generous contribution to help us with this project. Also, please pray about becoming a monthly partner of Lamplight Ministries to help us each and every month to reach out to needy people all over the world.


Dear Lamplight family,

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. My love be with you all in Christ Jesus” (I Corinthians 16:22-23).

Jack and I are working diligently on our newest book, Victory over Adversity. We have come to a beautiful place in our writing together after all of these years. We each write so differently and yet we write a book together. That is very close to miraculous to me. I thank God for the privilege of doing what I love to do so very much and with the one I love so very muchJ

Digging into the Bible is a great passion of mine. I am so interested in the details of the time period in relation to world history, of the meaning of the names, of the application of the passage to both biblical times and to our lives now, and in explaining God’s message of salvation and redemption. Creating a breadth of biblical understanding is a primary purpose of mine.

God has given Jack a gift of exhortation. His primary purpose is to provide counsel and encouragement to the reader. His passion is to help each person overcome the difficulties of life by trusting in God through activating His Word in their lives. You can see the difficulty of melding together these two viewpoints into one book. We have learned to do itJ We actually have each grown more like the other as well as to have a deep respect for the writing style of the other.

Please pray for us to write with an even greater anointing of the Lord and to receive greater revelation from the Holy Spirit as we write. The wisdom of the Bible is never exhausted. It is a well that continues to bring forth living water. Thank you for praying for us.

When we receive letters from pastors in foreign countries, we are kind of like spectators observing the magnitude of lives changed through our writings. We usually say, “If that book helped, imagine how helpful our newest book will be!” We believe that the book we are writing is always the “best book we have ever written!” It should be because it is the sum total of all that we have learned to dateJ

A man from Florida told me, “What Does God Say? explains everything so clearly. I went to Catholic school but this is different. I skip around because I like Revelation. The interpretation is pretty cool. I haven’t read a religious book in I don’t know how many years. I’m a regular Bible reader.”

A prison chaplain wrote, “I just received your new book, What Does God Say?. I want to thank you for it. I started reading it immediately. Your ministry is greatly appreciated. This book will be a great help to me as I get many questions on many subjects and I will find the answers much quicker.”

Pastor Ken Friendly of Lighthouse Christian Fellowship in Anchorage, Alaska told me that he uses Unshakable Faith in Almighty God as a devotional. His church bookstore orders our Scripture cards often because they can’t keep them on hand. They are gone as soon as they arrive!

A pastor in Malawi wrote, “I am grateful for your book, Receive Healing from the Lord. I thank God for this book. I had a lot of unanswered questions. After reading this book, all of my questions were answered. This book is wonderful. It is filled with powerful biblical doctrines that have changed my life and the people around me. I am currently using the book to teach members in my church. You really listen to the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Your work throughout the world is making people more Christ-like.”

A pastor from Kenya emailed me saying, “We request you to assist us with your teaching materials and some Bibles to our church because we do share Bibles. The church members said that we have put this church under your leadership because we don't have any ministry that is above us from anywhere. Remain blessed in our prayer to you always."

Dear friends, we are so blessed that God connects us with pastors who are so hungry for the Word of God. We thank God that He has commissioned us to have written eighteen Bible-based books so that pastors who are without Bible-based textbooks can receive ours. Rejoice with us and pray for this pastor.

You might like to go to our website and think about giving some of our publications as gifts. You can combine a book, a set of Scripture cards, and a CD as a beautiful gift or give Scripture cards. Because we live in a time of spiritual war between God and Satan, we must pray over our purchases for everything. Giving gifts packed with living power can be life-changing.

We invite you to visit our website and see what you might like to give as gifts. Remember that five to nine of any items receive a 40% discount and ten or more of any items receive a 50% discount. Look at each title and see whose name pops into your mind as someone who would be blessed by that book, Scripture card, CD, or cassette tape. Giving the Word of God is the best gift that you can give both for now and for eternity.

We are blessed to be your missionaries to the nations through the Word of God,


Jack and Judy Hartman


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