December, 2007


Dear Lamplight Family,


We are very grateful for each one of you.  We thank God for who you are in our lives.  We send you our deepest love as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for your prayers and your financial support that enable us to help many people around the world.





We enjoy sharing these comments with you each month.  If you would like to see the effect of your contributions, please visit our website at to see 566 comments from people in 41 different countries who have been helped by our books and Scripture cards. 


A PASTOR FROM ZAMBIA IS USING RECEIVE HEALING FROM THE LORD TO HELP PEOPLE SUFFERING FROM HIV/AIDS.  Pastor Daubi Magada said, “Where was your book Receive Healing from the Lord seventeen years ago when I gave my life to Jesus Christ?  My wife and I have passed through many diseases and sicknesses.  This book has given us a lot of insight.  We have heard many teachings on healing, but your teaching is especially encouraging.  We are surrounded by people suffering from HIV/AIDS.  This book will help me to explain to them that there is medicine from God which is more powerful than medicine prescribed by any doctor.  If these people have a deep relationship with God, they will be completely free from fear, dread and apprehension of what the future might hold.  God richly bless you.”


A WOMAN FROM THE PHILIPPINES SAID THAT SHE HAD BEEN SET FREE AT LAST AFTER READING NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP.  Maria Gonzales said, “I am free at last after reading your book titled Never, Never Give Up.  I have felt like giving up many times, but now I have learned that I am not alone in that thinking.  You will never know how that truth comforted my mind as I was feeling like I alone was a complete failure to God.  How very encouraging it was to read that many of the people in the Bible had problems.  My problems are small in the face of someone like Job.  No matter how difficult my problems may be, I have decided to keep my head high and trust God for all things.  I have been out of work for a long time and life has been most difficult but I will never give up.  Thank you very much for this book.”


A PASTOR FROM ZAMBIA HAS BEEN GREATLY BLESSED BY UNSHAKABLE FAITH IN ALMIGHTY GOD.  Pastor George Musampula said, “Unshakable Faith in Almighty God has clearly helped me to understand more about what is happening during the end times.  I learned so much from this inspiring and educational book.  When a crisis of any nature finds me, I will not give in to fear, doubt and discouragement.  I have bold courage in the Lord as He Who is in me is greater than the one in the world.  I will fill my heart, my mind and my mouth with the living Word of God.  By doing so I will increase my faith in God.  I will speak the Word of God with courage and boldness.  Thank you so much for giving me this book free of charge.  I pray that Almighty God will bless you, protect you and give both of you a good, healthy and long life with wisdom, knowledge and financial assistance to write more books to help many other pastors like myself who cannot afford to purchase these books.”


A PASTOR FROM GHANA HAS BEEN TOTALLY BLESSED BY OUR SCRIPTURE MEDITATION CARDS.  Maxwell Baba said, “I deem it a great privilege to forward this note to you on your books and Scripture cards that you sent me.  I am truly blessed with the meditation cards.  I carry them with me wherever I go.  I have learned great lessons from them.  I used to worry a lot.  Your Scripture cards have helped me to stop worrying.  I use portions of the cards to encourage my colleagues.  People in my church keep asking me for your cards.  Please send me more Scripture cards to share with them.  I hope that my request will be granted.  God bless you.”  (We sent this man more Scripture cards to distribute to people in his church.)




An update on our next book:  I continue to be amazed at both the magnitude and simplicity of our next book that will be titled What Does God Say?  We are still on Draft #3.  This book is moving along slowly and steadily.  The intricacy of what we are doing each day is almost impossible to describe. 


I have never worked on any project that is more difficult.  When I think of the amount of work that still lies ahead, I refuse to focus on the big picture.  I just keep going one day at a time.  I yearn for each person reading this newsletter to have his or her own personal copy of What Does God Say?  I believe you will find that this book will be invaluable to you and that you will share it with many people in your sphere of influence.


I am in absolute awe of God’s great anointing on this book.  Judy and I give God all the glory.  This book is being written through us, not by us.  What Does God Say? will contain Scripture categorized alphabetically under 95 different topics.  In recent newsletters we have given you an overview of some of these topics.  We would like to continue this by sharing the following topics with you.


The topic titled CLEANSING will show you how to cleanse yourself each day with a spiritual bath in the Word of God.  Virtually every person reading this newsletter cleanses his or her body daily by taking a bath or shower.  Your Father instructs you to cleanse yourself spiritually in His Word each day.  If you are not cleansed by continually immersing yourself in the supernatural living Word of God, you often will have to pay the price of being cleansed by adversity.  The Bible tells you exactly what to do to be cleanse yourself spiritually from the filth and contamination in the world today.  We will give you specific instructions from the holy Scriptures in this extremely important area.


The topic titled CLOSE TO THE LORD will show you exactly what your Father instructs you to do to enjoy a close and intimate relationship with Him.  The same God Who created the earth, the sun, the moon and the stars desires a close and intimate relationship with you.  Most mature Christians know that they have many imperfections.  You may find it difficult to understand why Almighty God wants to have an intimate relationship with you in spite of your shortcomings.  Unfortunately, many Christians have a distant relationship with God or no relationship at all.  If you yearn for a closer relationship with the Lord, you will find that consistent study and meditation on the scriptural instructions in this topic will enable you to reach this highly desirable goal.


The topic titled CONFESSION will help you to understand the immense spiritual power of the words that consistently come out of your mouth.  You will learn from the holy Scriptures that many people cause their lives to be ineffective because of the words they speak.  God strongly instructs you to be very careful about speaking superficial words that have no eternal significance.  You will learn how to make your words count in the spiritual realm.  The Bible explains that you cannot control the words you speak through sheer willpower.  You will learn exactly what the Bible teaches you to do so that the words you speak will consistently line up with the Word of God .


The topic titled DOUBT AND UNBELIEF will explain to you the immense power of unbelief.  You will see why unbelief caused the Israelites to turn an eleven day journey into a forty year ordeal in the wilderness.  You will learn interesting facts about the unbelief of the disciples of Jesus Christ who had seen Him perform many miracles.  You will read facts from the Bible explaining that unbelief is so powerful that it was able to block the mighty power of Jesus Christ during His earthly ministry shortly after He had performed many healing miracles.   Your Father has told you that, if you do not believe what He says, you actually are calling Him a liar even though you would not say these exact words.  You will learn that unbelief is a sin against God. 


Each passage of Scripture is preceded by a simple and easy-to-understand paragraph that explains exactly what this passage of Scripture says and how it applies to your life.  You will always have a wealth of scriptural information available to you at a moment’s notice.  Whenever you need specific information from God’s Word on any of the 95 topics, you will be able to turn immediately to a specific topic to learn exactly what your Father has instructed you to do. 


Please pray for us as we continue to work on this book.  We can see what this book will become, but several months of hard work will be required to change the manuscript from where it is now to where we believe our Father wants it to be.  We pray daily that the Lord will not allow us to go to the printer with this book until every word meets with His complete approval.


Please pray about supporting our ministry financially:  Anyone who takes the time to read the comments in each monthly newsletter can clearly see that God is using this ministry to help many needy people throughout the world.  We are blessed by the constant flow of letters and emails that we receive.  We are unable to fulfill many of the requests that we receive because we need more money to keep these books flowing to needy people in Third World countries and to inmates in prisons and jails.


We sell only about 10% of our books and Scripture cards and give away 90%.  God says that He will give back to us through His children when we give freely.  Please pray about supporting this ministry on a consistent monthly basis.  We need more monthly partners to stabilize our cash flow. Thank you and God bless you.




We love and appreciate you.  We thank God when we think of you.  I try to express in my notes of gratitude how strongly Jack and I are built up by your support in words and finances.  We feel a kinship to you and know that every book, card, tape, or CD that leaves our warehouse is connected to each of you by your being a source of strength in our lives.

 Those who pray for us have helped to keep us focused and intent upon hearing God’s clear directions to us.  At the close of the year we are in a time of reflection and thus realize how grateful we are to our Lamplight family.  We have pillars who hold us up and stand with us as we do our best to present the gospel in a way that people can understand.


A dear friend who distributes books told Jack that our books are too large to sell in today’s market.  We admit that we have never written to sell.  We believe our instructions from God are to be “…correctly analyzing and accurately dividing [rightly handling and skillfully teaching] the Word of Truth,” (II Timothy 2:15).  We realize that our actual “market” is Third World pastors and leaders who are hungry to learn from God’s Word.  We feel so blessed to be able to provide the Bible to these people (we often are their Bible school) by breaking the message into bite-sized pieces that are easy to digest and comprehend.  Thank you for being a part of our team.


We invite you to pray for the ministries that we have supported for many years through tithing on the gross income of Lamplight Ministries.  Bill Keller with who ministers worldwide on the Internet; Victor and Tatyana Petrenko with Holy Spirit Ministries, Ukraine; a man from Indonesia who ministers to Indonesian refugees in Canada (best not to give name and location); Franco Gennaro who ministers to university students in the US and in South American countries; Jack Malone who has led more than 400,000 people to Christ in the Philippines, and Ebenezer Moses in India.  We have recently added Literacy International.  Lamplight and all of these ministries need prayer support in order to be lights in this dark world.  We thank you very much for your prayers.  They are life, they are strength and they are power.  We feel blessed to be part of each of these outreaches for Jesus Christ around the world.


We have had a glitch on our shopping cart on our website.  Please accept our apology for any frustration you may have experienced trying to place an order.  I trust that we will have the shopping cart working optimally by the time you receive this letter.  We ask you to pray for every arm of our Lamplight staff - Elizabeth, Marie, Naomi, Gail, and Judy M.  Please pray for Jack and myself for a greater anointing of God as we complete our newest book, What Does God Say?.  Please pray that our publications will be sent to the nations on a larger scale; that, as we place on our website every one of our books that have been translated into other languages, that we will be able to draw people from those countries and languages to our website so they can see and understand the gospel in their own language; that our website would be a place where people meet Jesus Christ; that our website would function optimally.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


How very much we love you and thank God for you,



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