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Outreach to the World

Lamplight Ministries’ books have found their way around the world. One by one we received requests from someone in a country to translate a book into the native tongue of that country. We have always given permission free of charge for the translation. We require that the text be true to the Scripture and that we be sent three copies of the translation. Judy has a heart for world evangelization, so she began to travel to specific countries to create a relationship with the ministries who were translating our books.

Judy traveled to southern India in 1997 for the first time and has returned six more times. She has a second home at India Gospel Fellowship. She has observed IGF from the inside and found it to be a tried and proven faithful ministry. Rev. Ebenezer Moses and his wife, Dr. Helen, lead a ministry of a congregation, a Christian school, an orphanage, a tailoring school, pastors’ conferences, and have had one class graduate from IGF Bible school. Rev. Ebenezer and Dr. Helen have a passion to reach all of India with the gospel. You can learn more about IGF at www.igf.com.

Pastor Ebenezer translated Trust God for Your Finances into Tamil after he met Judy by a divine appointment in 1997. He has distributed three printings of the translation to pastors and leaders in India. We have found that God’s principles are active in Third World countries.

When Pastor Ebenezer read Trust God for Your Finances as he traveled home on his return trip to India in 1997. He was set free in the area of finances. He had known to trust God, but he received a new freedom to totally focus upon God and to increase his meditation upon Scripture and his giving for the spread of the gospel.

Pastor Ebenezer has lived a life of giving. He regularly supports very poor pastors as well as very poor aged pastors. He regularly conducts pastors’ conferences to train and equip pastors. Investing in India Gospel Fellowship is equipping an established ministry in India where just over three per cent of the billion people are followers of Jesus Christ. We thank God for creating this beautiful relationship with Lamplight Ministries and India Gospel Fellowship.

Lamplight Ministries has close relationships with pastors in Zambia, the Philippines, and India. We are developing relationships with pastors in Ghana and Nigeria as well as other nations. We thank God for bringing us together with people from Third World countries who desire a closer relationship with the Lord and to spread the gospel throughout their country. Click here to see the list of countries where our publications are blessing the people with the gospel and instruction in righteousness in Jesus Christ.

Lamplight Ministries has close ties with Pastors Jack and Irene Malone of Christ’s Church of the Philippines and with Pastor Jim Koshita in Zambia. They are among the many pastors who use Lamplight publications extensively in their gospel outreach to their nation. For some pastors Lamplight Ministries is their only Bible training. Lamplight is their Bible school.

Judy has traveled to Guatemala, China and Taiwan, Costa Rica, Romania, Israel, and six times to India on short-term missionary trips. Evangelism and missions are her passions.

A goal of Lamplight Ministries, Inc. is to have our publications translated into languages to reach the unreached people groups with the love of God through Jesus Christ.

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