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Testimonies - The book "God's Wisdom Is Available For You"

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“I read this book slowly and steadily because I wanted to carefully digest what I was reading. Your book poses a new way of thinking - it contains a lot of information that I wasn’t aware of before. I now see God’s wisdom in a different light. I have learned a lot about why God wants us to receive His wisdom and exactly what He wants us to do to obtain this wisdom. This book has helped me a lot. Thank you. I am looking forward to distributing the copies I ordered to several people who need God’s wisdom.” (Illinois)

“Your book on wisdom is a tremendous source of strength and insight into the unlimited love and commitment our God has made available to us through Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. This resource will prove to be invaluable to anyone who is fortunate enough to read it. I commend you for your ministry and I would gladly recommend this book to anyone. It is a true and lasting blessing in my life. Thank you.” (Vermont)

“Congratulations on your new book on wisdom. The Lord God must be pleased with you! We have already ordered ten copies of this book. The enclosed check is for ten more copies which we will give to pastors and youth ministers.” (Washington)

"I have been using this book as a devotional. It has been great. People in my church keep asking for more books. I also have had an overwhelming response from members of my Bible study group who want books not just for themselves but for one or more other family members or friends. This book is really starting to take off just on word of mouth from people who have read it." (New Hampshire)

"During my daily cool down session after exercise this book helps me to know that the Lord is always there for me. It has revealed great spiritual truths to me and these truths set me free. Many of the people I have given this book to have said that it is a revelation. This book is a wonderful study guide. It has been a real blessing to me." (Iowa)

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