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Testimonies - The book "How to Study the Bible"

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“Your book, How to Study the Bible, has been an inspiration to me. This book has kept me on a specific program that has been very effective. My priorities were completely backward. Before I just used to read the Bible. Now I take the time to try to understand the message that is behind the words in the Bible. By doing this I have seen a change in myself. Hopefully with your study methods I will be able to strengthen my relationship with Jesus Christ and with other people. Thank you for this book.” (Florida)

“We hold Bible study three nights a week. I have been chosen by God to teach and preach the gospel to other inmates. I have been blessed by a hungry congregation. I had the honor of sharing your book, How to Study the Bible, with my congregation. By the grace of God we are maturing as Christians. I’m sure God is pleased how we as a group and as individuals are meditating day and night on His Word. This book has comforted me, inspired me and nourished me. I love you.” (Florida)

“The chaplain gave me a copy of your book How to Study the Bible. I am 63 years old and have been away from studying for many years. The suggestions and information given in this book are proving to be very practical. Having never lived in this type of environment before, I was surprised to find how many of the inmates have turned to God for help. The chaplain also has given other inmates copies of your books. Thank you very much for your help.” (New Hampshire)

"How to Study the Bible is an excellent book that has been most helpful to me in studying the Bible since I became a new born Christian only a few months ago. It is concise, to the point, is a workable plan, and is easy to follow, although the doing of it is not easy as you explain in the text. Thank you for taking the trouble to put your plan into book form." (South Africa)

"Brother Jack, you have helped me a lot. I really mean it. You have blessed all our family. May God bless you for being willing to do God's will, for paying the price that it takes, and in doing so you bless many. We use your teaching, How to Study the Bible, in home schooling. It really works." (Texas)

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