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Testimonies - The book "Nuggets of Faith"

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"As I have read through Nuggets of Faith, I have received insights into Scriptures which have escaped me in previous meditations. This is indeed a most invaluable book of vital keys and principles." (Singapore)

"Your book Nuggets of Faith is put in a way that is easily understood. It is easy to apply it in troubles. This book was very inspiring and gave me a lot of spiritual insight." (Maryland)

"I want to tell you how favorably your excellent book Nuggets of Faith impresses me. It thrilled me through and through. I thank God for it. You are a terrific author." (Pennsylvania).

"I just love Nuggets of Faith. It is so true and so complete. Everyone should have a copy." (California)

"I start each day with Nuggets of Faith. The exhortive nature of such short passages acts as a catalyst. Now I find I want to spend more time with the Lord. I can't get enough of His Word. We should have more such as you. Please send me three more copies." (California)

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