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Testimonies - The book "What Will Heaven be Like"

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"Please send me two more copies of your book What Will Heaven Be like? I have given this book to many of my friends when they lost a loved one. They all tell me that this book is a comfort to them. I know it was a great comfort to me when I lost my husband and someone gave it to me. God bless you." (Kentucky)

“Brother Hartman, Jesus has put within you a marvelous spirit to write the way you did in your wonderful book entitled What Will Heaven Be Like?. May Jesus bless you richly!” (Indiana)

“I’ve read What Will Heaven Be Like? over and over. Thank you for the good news in this book. I’ve learned a lot.” (Wisconsin)

“This is my second order of What Will Heaven Be Like? I am a 74 year old Grandma and a widow. Words cannot express the joy I have received from your books. They are a blessing to me.” (California)

“Your book What Will Heaven Be Like? is truly fascinating. Enclosed is an order for each of my six children and for my sisters and brother.” (Oregon)

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