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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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"I just completed a study of your book Trust God for Your Finances. It gave me some hope, a commodity that has been in rather short supply after severe financial reversals, anxiety over anticipated world economic collapse and general frustration over lack of fruitfulness since becoming a Christian ten years ago.” (Massachusetts)

"Recently while visiting relatives in Florida, I had the pleasure of listening to a man who gave a personal testimony regarding tithing. His talk basically centered on the fact that his family was having difficulty making ends meet until they were forced to trust the Lord. He said a major influence in his ability to trust God was the book Trust God for Your Finances. I would very much like to obtain a copy of this book. Please tell me how I may go about doing this." (Michigan)

"I have read your book Trust God for Your Finances. It was tremendous. The book was borrowed and I must return it.” (Tennessee)

"Your book Trust God for Your Finances has given me guidance and direction that I needed in the areas of finances. I was encouraged to step out in faith and I increased my giving. To my rational mind, this seemed crazy when I couldn't even pay my bills. I started to increase my giving beyond regular tithing. I also prayed a small prayer: ' Lord, please help me to meet my family's needs and increase my giving to your work.' Within two weeks I started to land a much steadier stream of business. God continues to bless me. I have more money to give. God is freeing me from financial anxiety and bringing me into a greater comfort by simply trusting Him." (New Hampshire)

"I was born again as a teenager, but I didn't have anyone to help teach me. Your book Trust God for Your Finances has answered my questions. I am tithing faithfully and I'm following your technique for studying and meditating on the Bible. My husband and I rededicated our lives to Christ on Thanksgiving morning. The following Sunday the people who prayed with us invited us to church. They announced to the church that we had a financial need. It was so great the way God laid out it on people's hearts to give an offering. We needed $320 and the Lord provided $323. Praise God!" (Missouri)

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