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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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“Thank you for your many acts of kindness to me. Your book, Trust God for Your Finances, was the first of your books to come to my attention. The Biblical references along with your personal testimony caused me to use that book as a gift item for many of my friends. Your obedience to the Lord is causing your influence for His Kingdom to long outlive your stay on the earth. Glory!” (California)

"I truly enjoyed your book. I want to share it with all of my friends and family, and the world if possible. I have seen God tremendously bless me and my life and my husband's since we started using the principles in the book. I have decided to give this book along with a list of Biblical principles for financial freedom in large quantities." (Michigan)

"We are a new church. We started in August of 1998. We just purchased 9.13 acres of land for $70,000. God helped us to pay it off in cash. Now we need a permanent building that will cost approximately $850,000 plus a parking lot, etc. We are presently meeting in an elementary school. Your book Trust God for Your Finances is a big help! I know we serve a God of miracles. Please pray for God’s provision." (a pastor from Michigan)

"My wife and I are products of seeds that you have sown many years ago. I first picked up Trust God for Your Finances at a Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship convention book table back in the 80s. I have read it through several times. My wife and I have gone through this book together and given time for the Holy Spirit to minister this truth from the written pages. We are greatly thankful for your obedience in writing and the fruit of your many years of diligent study and personal application. We anxiously await your new book and will support you. Please know that you have been a great blessing to both of us." (California)

"I am a businessman. I have seen the Lord do many mighty works, but I am currently in serious debt. Your book Trust God for Your Finances is the best book I have ever read. I plan on sharing it with many people. Please pray for me that I will get out of debt. I need financial miracles." (Florida)

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