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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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"I have enjoyed reading your book Trust God for Your Finances. I really believe that, as I learn to apply these laws to my own life, I will see a change in my financial situation. I also have a desire to start a Bible study on this subject. I have several others who are interested in attending this Bible study. I would like your permission to use your book as a guide to our studying of God's laws concerning finances. Thank you for the help you have already given to me." (South Carolina)

"Your book Trust God for Your Finances has changed my life and the course of my family’s life. As a pastoral counselor I have been a position to pass on what I have learned from your book to others. I would like to distribute your book to my clients as a study guide.” (Texas)

"I am richly blessed by your anointed ministry and I can feel the sweet presence of God flowing out of your ministry. I want to let you know that I have read your book, Trust God for Your Finances, and that it is a very good book to digest. I really and truly have been blessed since then in my finances." (New York)

"I mailed a copy of Trust God for Your Finances to a back-slidden friend of mine. He was mightily changed by reading it. He immediately committed his life to God and started giving tithes and offerings. God bless you." (an evangelist from Florida)

"Trust God for Your Finances changed my life. Thanks for your obedience to the Lord to share. I would like begin a Bible study with this book." (Georgia)

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