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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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"Mr. Hartman, I have read your book called Trust God for Your Finances. There are so many verses from the Bible and each one of them is the truth. Your book opened my eyes to God's Kingdom. In your book you write that often you give money. I, too, started giving out of the money that I have and I saw with spiritual eyes the truth of God's Word. Now, I can ask for a little amount of money and in a needed moment I can always find that little amount that I need. I'm very thankful to you for the spiritual truths in your book. This book brings the reader to God." (Texas)

"Thank you for your books that are transforming my life. I am blessed as a result of studying Trust God for Your Finances. This book has given me the solid truth of God’s Word and the hope and expectancy of His promises to me. May God continue His work in you to the hands of people who need this truth. God bless you, brother." (North Carolina)

"A friend loaned us your book Trust God for Your Finances. This book was such a blessing to us. We are ordering copies for each of our children. I am also ordering your book on conquering fear. I have a lot of fear in my life because of physical, sexual, emotional and verbal abuse I received as a child. I have been in denial of it for so many years. God has helped me to forgive and bless the ones who abused me. I praise Him for that! May God richly bless your ministry." (Pennsylvania)

"Thank you for the time and energy that you invested in writing the book Trust God for Your Finances. I learned so much that has and will continue to change my life. My husband and I have been blessed to have a spiritual leader who has read your books and followed your Scripture study program. He has taught us many things that were reinforced in your book. Thank you for meditating and studying God's Word and organizing it in such a way that made it easier for a to find His purpose for us." (Virginia)

"I was asked by a friend several years ago to read Jack Hartman's book Trust God for Your Finances. It came at a time when I was learning to apply biblical financial principles to my life. Jack's book was a great encouragement and source of direction and inspiration. Anyone who is seeking God's will for their life would benefit from reading any of Jack's wonderful books." (California)

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