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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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"My wife and I read Trust God for Your Finances twelve years ago. We applied its principles and got completely out of debt and have stayed out of debt! We have distributed literally thousands of your books at our rallies and crusades. Hundreds of others now have the same testimony that we do! The principles put forth in your book are Bible-based! That's why they work! God’s best to you." (Missouri)

"Today is my birthday and it is a glorious one. I am in the middle years in age, but one year old as a tither. During the past year I have paid off over $50,000 in debts. God has honored all the spiritual promises highlighted in Trust God for Your Finances which convinced me to tithe when I first read it. In addition to paying off a lot of my debts, I am able to willingly and joyfully give to various ministries that God puts in front of me. Yours is one of them, of course. This year to date God has blessed me with the opportunity to give to His church and others of His purposes over $9,700. I praise God for putting your book in my path and working on me through the Holy Spirit to buy into it and act on it." (Ohio)

"I have just finished reading your book Trust God for Your Finances which I checked out of our church library. I really needed to read this and to put these biblical principles into practice in my life. Thank you for the wonderful principles and promises you shared in your book and the work you have done in God’s Word and for His people. I am praying for the wisdom and perseverance to put this into my life." (Texas)

"I have just read your informative and valuable book Trust God for Your Finances. It is one of the most comprehensive books that I have ever read. During the thirty-four years that I have pastored this church I have endeavored to teach members of my congregation the importance of obeying God's Word as it relates to tithing. This book has aided me tremendously and provided answers to questions often asked of me. The reason for writing this letter is to request permission to quote certain passages from this book in my sermon preparation. In writing this book you have done a great service for the cause of Christ." (a pastor in New York)

"In 1983 we purchased a copy of Trust God for Your Finances for every member of our congregation and the Lord used it in a powerful way. At that time we had approximately eighty people attending our church. We built a new building and trusted God for the money. We never borrowed a penny nor did we do anything to raise the needed finances. We simply trusted God to supply the needed money through the congregation. Over a three-year period God gave us over $400,000. In 1989 we dedicated the new Meeting House to the Lord debt-free completely furnished with all new furnishings including a new concert grand piano and a new Allen organ costing close to $45,000. We did a lot of labor ourselves. We teach tithing and we believe giving is an act of worship." (a pastor in Rhode Island)

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