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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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"I have read your book Trust God for Your Finances. I am beginning to apply it in my life. The outcome is very interesting. I completely agree with you about applying God's law of prosperity and success. In Russia almost 70% of the population lives behind a poverty line. The practice of applying these laws is as indispensable as air and water for life." (Russia)

We recently received a letter of recommendation from Ralph Mann, President of the Mission Possible Foundation. We thank Ralph for this recommendation. The following is an excerpt from his letter: "Mission Possible solicited Trust God for Your Finances for Russian publication because this book has a message fundamental to the needs of every person. God is the only trustworthy source for our every need. After working for over twenty-two years in European communist countries, I can state assuredly that Trust God for Your Finances should be required reading for every Russian."

"Years ago I finally made a decision to start serving the Lord wholeheartedly, but I was consumed by making money. I purchased this book, but I never finished it. I thought I knew everything that needed to be done. The book has been on the shelf for 13 or 14 years until a few months ago. I truly want to help Christian business people to get their act together. I want to try to develop a ministry that will address both the physical and spiritual dimension in business. I would like to prepare a seminar tape of presentation based around your book. I would like your permission to do this." (Australia)

Curtis and Patti Grant, pastors of the Family Worship Center in Kingaroy, Australia, recently called us when they were in Oklahoma. They told us that Trust God for Your Finances has had a significant influence on their church. They gave a copy of this book to a businessman and he testified to the church telling them how much this book had helped him. Curtis and Patti explained the "dole" mentality that exists in Australia. When young people graduate from school many of them don't look very hard for work because they know the federal government will send them a substantial check every fortnight if they are unemployed. Because of this the Australians are extremely resistant to principles pertaining to tithing and giving. However, many members of the Family Worship Center are now tithing and giving regularly and receiving blessings. The church is growing and prospering.

"I have found Trust God for Your Finances to be full of truth -- it can only be as it is Bible based. I really found that meditating on the Lord's Word is great inspiration. I understand that tithing is only part of the blessing and that the real blessings come from the offerings overflowing. Thank you most sincerely. God bless you and keep up the wonderful work." (South Africa)

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