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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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"I recently read Trust God for Your Finances. This book has done much in my life and I believe it will do more for others in Jesus' name. I know this book is going to be a great help in reaching effectively the souls of our lukewarm brothers." (a pastor from Cameroon)

"I'm thankful for your sending me the book Trust God for Your Finances. I enjoyed and was blessed by reading its principles. Since January until this month I applied the principles of giving and really it is a great joy to experience how the Lord blesses me and our church financially. Our church income has exceeded our monthly goal for two months. I'm hoping that more of our church people will learn the principles of your book. Thank you very much and may the Lord bless you and continue to use your ministry as the years go by." (a pastor in The Philippines)

"Trust God for Your Finances has been a guideline to me. It has given me assurance that God hears my prayers and that He is in control of my life. My dreams appear to be impossible, but if they are the Lord's will nothing can stop them. I would like to distribute your books in the Philippines and also to translate them. (Philippines)

"I was very much blessed and inspired through your book Trust God for Your Finances. We need some of your books for more spiritual food. We have a deep concern to translate these books in the Indian languages." (India)

"I am very grateful to be in receipt of your books you sent me. On behalf of Christian Youth Fellowship, may God bless you and reward you. Since receiving these wonderful, educative, inspiring, challenging, and uplifting books, I am directly and truthfully telling you that I am better now than the Christian I used to be some months and years back. Trust God for Your Finances, What Will Heaven Be Like?, and Soaring above the Problems of Life are all eye openers. They are next to the Holy Bible. They are life changers. Because of the victories of these materials, I want to beg you to kindly send me 20 copies each -- from which I promised to give to Christian leaders, those in authority, and even our state governor. I shall also give some to chairmen of our local government. Never in my life have I read down-to-earth materials like these written by Jack Hartman. Please help me further. Blessings of the books you sent me were shared by every member of our fellowship. Come and see how the lives were transformed!" (a pastor in Nigeria)

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