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Testimonies - The book "God's Wisdom Is Available For You"

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“I love to read your books. They are written with accurate understanding of God’s Word and with a zealous desire for readers to understand what you are saying. Your new book on wisdom is an adventure. It is a magnificent work. This book will transform the lives of the people who read it. You consolidate biblical scriptures on wisdom to make them easy to understand. Your presentation is almost paternal and maternal – it is full of life and full of answers for our lives.” (Oklahoma)

“I found your book, One Hundred Years From Today here in the prison. Thank you for the other books you have sent to me since then. I am very excited. I am enjoying reading God’s Wisdom is Available to You. Sometimes I want to give up. Sometimes my faith wavers. God’s wisdom gives me the strength to bear up with my current situation. I appreciate all that you have done for me with your books.” (New Hampshire)

"I did not sleep last night after reading your book God's Wisdom Is Available to You. Thank you for your wonderful work. Because of persecution against my ministry I spent a considerable amount of time in the hospital because of depression. I am now well and healthy in Jesus’ name. Pa Jack and Ma Judy, thank you for your help. I will be teaching members of my church from key texts in your book. Please be my mentor, teacher and counselor. May God bless you always." (Ghana).

"Thank you for your book entitled God's Wisdom Is Available to You. I was born a Muslim and served Muslim teaching until the age of seventeen when God Almighty (I then knew Him as Allah) became my adopted Father. I used my food money to buy your book. This book has helped me greatly. May God bless you always for your wonderful blessings to us." (Ghana).

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