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Testimonies - The book "How to Study the Bible"

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"I cannot find very adequate words to explain how grateful I am to the Lord for your book How to Study the Bible. I borrowed this book from a friend. This book has brought a great hunger in my life to study and understand the Bible.” (Zimbabwe)

"My favorite of all of your messages is How to Study the Bible. About a year ago God told me to start putting Scripture on index cards for meditation. A local evangelist had the same word for me from the Lord. I have been a chronic mental patient for 25 years. I can't tell you how much this has helped me. My healing is almost manifested and God is calling me to be a soul winner teaching on love and healing of the mind." (Tennessee

Your book "How to Study the Bible" helps me so much. It is clear and practical. I can apply your ways of study in the Bible and also your way of meditation on God’s Word. Thank you for this book.” (a pastor in the Philippines)

"Your book How to Study the Bible is terrific. At last we have a method to help on this important task. My wife and I just love it." (Nebraska

"I was blessed by your book How to Study the Bible. So I am ordering six more copies - one for each member of my Bible class. Thank you and may God continue to bless you." (Pennsylvania)

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