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Testimonies - The book "Never, Never Give Up"

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"Your response was so much more then I expected that I was moved almost to tears. May our Lord bless you 1000 times over for your generosity! I was at a particularly low point emotionally when I received your book. I grabbed Never, Never Give Up and read until almost 4: 00 a.m. As I read, my spirits slowly began to rise." (Florida)

"I was extremely pleased when I received your mailbag with four books, two Scripture Meditation Cards and two cassette tapes. I thank you very much. I chose to read Never, Never Give Up first and found that I have been an impatient Christian. I asked God's forgiveness. This book has brought me back to my Christian life. It has advised me about God's peace and helped me to add patience to my faith. What you have done for me is better than anything in my life. You have restored my salvation. Got bless you." (Libya)

"I love Never, Never Give Up. I have read it at least ten times. Whenever I go through a difficult time, I pick up that book and read it and it helps me to get through my problems. I am particularly impressed with the amount of Scripture in this book. Thank you very much for writing this book." (Florida)

"Never, Never Give Up is my constant companion. I just want you to know you're doing an awesome job!" (an evangelist in Florida)

"After weeks of being overwhelmed with many problems I was suddenly led to my bookcase where my hand went up to the book Never, Never Give Up. I started to read it right away. After a while I became so comforted and assured that my Lord will always be there that I went into His rest. I carried that book constantly until I got the Word consumed into my heart. Thank you, Lord, for blessing Jack Hartman with significant and simple inspirational writings so that we can apply it daily with our faith." (Massachusetts)

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