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Testimonies - The book "What Will Heaven be Like"

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“Your new book will be a great blessing to all who read it with an open mind. What a truly magnificent place we have to look forward to once we leave our temporal home on planet earth.” (New Hampshire)

“The book What Will Heaven Be Like? was great!” (Vermont)

“Your book, What Will Heaven Be Like?, moved me deeply and made me even more anxious to join my husband in that wonderful eternal home. You will rejoice with me that one person to whom I gave your book has been saved as a result of reading it. The Holy Spirit is working through you!” (New York)

“I lost my brother, father-in-law, brother-in-law and our family dog of fifteen years within six months. Two years later I lost my Mom. I suffered deep depression. Your book on heaven was a life saver. It lifted my spirits so much. It meant so much in my life that I ordered several to have on hand for friends. Thank you for writing it.” (Missouri)

“The book What Will Heaven Be Like? is wonderful. I receive a blessing each time I give one of your books to friends. I thank God for such a knowledgeable and spiritual man of God.” (New Mexico)

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