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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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"I thoroughly enjoyed your book Trust God for Your Finances which I obtained at the Million Dollar Round Table convention in Dallas, Texas. I used your information as an outline for a Sunday school class with a very favorable feedback. I appreciate you not taking the "name it and claim it" approach. Rather I find your writing and insight to be some of the most accurate interpretations in print regarding what the Bible says about wealth and prosperity." (Delaware)

“When I read the Tamil translation of Trust God for Your Finances it inspired my life. I received thirty copies of this book to distribute in my village church which is in very poor condition. I praise and thank God for this book. Many people are blessed.” (a pastor in India)

"When I first read the book I was in debt. My house was taken away. I had $52,000 in debt. I started reading Trust God for Your Finances ten years ago. It's not about finances. It's about a relationship with God, not about money. I purchased a retail business and I have paid back all that I owed. Please send me 50 sets of the book Trust God for Your Finances, the tape Financial Instructions from God, and the scripture meditation cards Financial Instructions from God." (Texas)

"Enclosed is our check for 100 copies of your excellent book Trust God for Your Finances. This is our third order and they go like 'hot cakes'. Your book is in God's perfect timing." (a Christian radio talk show host in Illinois)

"My wife and I feel that this is one of the most significant books of the last few decades. It is balanced, scriptural and corrective. Many will be encouraged to step out now that a mature word has been spoken in the midst of some confusion and imbalance. I predict an astonishing fruitfulness from this book." (Washington)

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