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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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"I am working on the publication of your husband's book Trust God for Your Finances. I met a preacher who knows what we are doing. We may publish the book together. We talked about how to publish the book." (Indonesia)

"Hello, Brother Jack Hartman, I write to you as my brother in Christ. I read Trust God for Your Finances. I decided to write you a letter and share with my brother my joy. All my life I was studying and learning by my strength, but when Jesus came into my life I saw everything was different. I saw that I was not living right. Before Jesus I was a very big sinner. Now I love to share my heart with people, to witness to them, to share the new things Jesus gave to me. Your book pushed me to do these things by the principles of God's Word. This is very good news for unbelievers." (Russia)

Mr. Osbonnah Peace-Udonna of Benin City, Nigeria will be publishing Trust God for Your Finances. He recently wrote to us to say that this book has encouraged his family to continue their business which they almost gave up because of the losses they incurred. They are in the business of printing and they want very much to print and distribute our books. We have given them permission to start with Trust God for Your Finances.

A church in Delaware called us to say that the response when their pastor taught from Trust God for Your Finances was so good that they wanted 70 of our books for their book table. The proceeds from the sale of these books will be used towards the funds to build a new building for their church. (Delaware)

Pastor from Maine, gave a copy of Trust God for Your Finances to everyone attending a seminar on finances in January. Just last Friday he heard a testimony at a Friday men's breakfast. A man reported that since the seminar and reading Trust God for Your Finances, his entire outlook on life and finances changed completely. In the six months since the seminar many things have happened in his finances they cannot be explained except by saying that God has blessed him with a financial return for his faith obedience. I asked Pastor Sheff if the church had experienced any changes in finances since the seminar. He said, "The finances of the church have been blessed this year primarily because we have increased our giving to 25% of our tithes and offerings which we put back into foreign missions. This is the greatest year we have ever had. We are enjoying the hilariousness of it all." (Maine)

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