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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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We received a phone call in May from Mike Stevens, an elder in a church in Louisiana. Mike said that the elders in his church had voted to give a free copy of Trust God for Your Finances to each family in the church before their stewardship campaign. We believe that many churches and individuals will be blessed by giving away our books. God's Word is a seed. Our books are filled with scriptural seeds. We ask each person reading this newsletter to prayerfully consider taking advantage of our quantity discount to give away our books as Don Eichelberger, this church in Louisiana and many others readers do. (Louisiana)

"I am working on the publication of your husband's book Trust God for Your Finances. I met a preacher who knows what we are doing. We may publish the book together. We talked about how to publish the book." (Indonesia)

"Hello, Brother Jack Hartman, I write to you as my brother in Christ. I read Trust God for Your Finances. I decided to write you a letter and share with my brother my joy. All my life I was studying and learning by my strength, but when Jesus came into my life I saw everything was different. I saw that I was not living right. Before Jesus I was a very big sinner. Now I love to share my heart with people, to witness to them, to share the new things Jesus gave to me. Your book pushed me to do these things by the principles of God's Word. This is very good news for unbelievers." (Russia)

Rev. Moses Ebenezer, who is the president of India Gospel Fellowship, speaks of Trust God for Your Finances as the book he values next to the Bible. Pastors are asking for more copies. We are believing God for funds for a reprinting of Trust God for Your Finances in Tamil. The message of God’s provision through His principles and His power is evident in India. Reverend Ebenezer said that his ministry income grew 300% in the year that he began to understand God's principles of finance. (India)

"I am completing your book Trust God for Your Finances. I find it very interesting and true. I am presently incarcerated. I am not sure what I'm going home. I am 36 years old and married with teenagers. This is very hard on all of us. I became a Christian here in January and am always seeking more knowledge of God. Could you send me a copy of this book so I can have one to keep? I don't have any money at this time, I would be very grateful. I enjoy your work." (New Hampshire)

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