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Testimonies - The book "How to Study the Bible"

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Thank you for pioneering into God's Word. Your book How to Study the Bible has somehow caused my rebelliousness, confusion and resistance to God's grace to dissipate. I am now able to quit arguing and confidently accept that ‘all Scripture is given by inspiration of God’ and build upon that. I am growing in my relationship with God. Thank you. (Alabama)

"My wife and I are presently re-reading together How to Study the Bible as part of our daily devotional time together following private devotions. We are impressed with the practical approach. Please send us 10 copies to distribute to friends (Canada)

"I found your book How to Study the Bible to be an excellent, clear, concise directive on Bible study. You have helped me. Thank you." (Texas)

“Thank you so much for your book, How to Study the Bible. It helps me so much. It is clear and practical. I can apply your ways of studying the Bible and your way of meditation on God’s Word.” (the Philippines)

"I am amazed how much I learned from your marvelous book, How to Study the Bible. Some People read the Bible just to read it. I used to do this. Now everything is changed. Thank you for your help." (Ghana)

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