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Testimonies - The book "Never, Never Give Up"

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“God sent me your book Never, Never Give Up. I praise God for using you to write and publish that book. Doing time, especially here because I’m locked down 23 hours a day, 5 days a week and 24 hours on the weekend, has really taught me patience, endurance and perseverance living as a Christian and an inmate. I’m giving this book to the chaplain to put in the Chaplain’s prison library so that it will be a blessing to other inmates.” (Oklahoma)

“I am one of your many sons in Zambia. I really want to thank you for your book, Never, Never Give Up. I read this book over and over again. Whenever discouragement comes I immediately refer to this book. It is really helping me in my ministry. Thank you very much”. (a pastor in Zambia)

“Your books arrived at a time when I needed a message of encouragement. When I started reading Never, Never Give Up I needed God to perform a financial miracle. I was tempted to give up. This book encouraged me not to give up, but to patiently wait on the Lord to bring me the answer in His own time. Thank you for speaking to me through your book. God bless you always.” (Zambia)

"Thank you for your new book, Never, Never Give Up. I am reading a few chapters as I go to bed. It puts me in a good frame of mind with some good positive thoughts as I end the day. Thank you for your contribution as a Christian businessman. I appreciate your work." (Missouri)

An elderly widow was helped a great deal by Never, Never Give Up. A woman recently came up to me at church to explain how much Never, Never Give Up helped her during the past two months. She said that her husband of fifty-two years died recently. She didn't know how she could go on. She received a copy of this book and she said it helped her immensely. She couldn't thank me enough for writing this book. (Florida

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