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Testimonies - The book "What Will Heaven be Like"

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“The book, What Will Heaven Be Like?, has encouraged me a lot. It has changed my focus and vision toward heaven. This book has given me an insight which I have been praying for. Heaven is a wonderful place to be. I cannot afford to miss heaven. I recommend this book to every human being. This is a book to give to people in these last days. May God bless you and give you more insight for your future books. I will see you in heaven.” (Nigeria)

“Please give me more of your tapes on heaven. I took this tape to an elderly woman who was on the precipice of death. She cannot eat any food. All she can do is drink water. She knows Jesus and she is greatly encouraged as she draws nearer to heaven. She listened to this tape again and again and again. This message is very comforting to her.” (a pastor in Florida)

“God has been pulling at me in recent days to turn away from my worldly ways once and for all and turn to Him for eternal salvation. I was looking for help as to just how I should do this. By chance I happened to come across your book here in the jail, What Will Heaven Be Like?. In Chapter 9 of that book you explained vividly step by step exactly how I should go about doing this. You let me know that it is God Himself Who gives me the urge to change. I am now filled with fire for God that I never had before. Your book has made a big difference in the way I view God’s love for His children. Thank you for being a blessing to me.” (Florida)

“Your book What Will Heaven Be like? is a real inspiration. I will be passing copies on to unsaved family members and to dear Christian friends. I hope that it will inspire my unsaved family to come to know the Lord. Thank you for your insight. It has really been a blessing." (Michigan)

"What Will Heaven Be Like? is a very enlightening book written with such beauty, authority and truth. I ordered copies for my family and their children." (Texas)

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