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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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"Please send us five hundred copies of your book ‘Trust God for Your Finances’. We are writing to churches, bookstores and lay persons both in Singapore and Malaysia informing them of your wonderful book. We pray that your book be distributed worldwide as the Lord has led us to distribution here." (a Christian book distributor in Singapore)

"We have translated 'Trust God for Your Finances' into Norwegian. This is a great and powerful book. We look forward to seeing the reactions to the book here in Norway." (a Norwegian book publisher)

"Trust God for Your Finances is truly a marvelous book. I came home and read it until 4:00 a.m. and couldn't put it down. As I read, tears came to my eyes on several occasions and I could feel the fire being restored in me that the world seemed to quench." (Pennsylvania)

"Hallelujah! Brother Jack, I'm greeting you with the Lord's love in Jesus' name. I am your brother in Christ in Kurkistan. I decided to dedicate my life for good news and the Gospel and to glorify the Lord by my life. That’s why I studied in the Bible college in Moscow, founded by Grace Bible Center from Los Angeles. In April we are finished. They will divide us into groups of four or five people. One hundred and thirty one people will go to different places is in our country, towns and villages to preach the Kingdom of God. Brother Jack, here in Moscow I reading the newspaper and I found out in this Christian newspaper about your book Trust God for Your Finances. My favorite verse and Bible is I Corinthians 5:57. God bless you." (Russia)

"I am now preaching a series of sermons based on the chapters of Trust God for Your Finances. Each person in our congregation had a copy of the book so that they can follow along with the many scripture references. We are seeing people encouraged by the balance in the scriptural integrity of this book. We are also seeing a growing excitement and a joy in giving.” (a pastor in Iowa)

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