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Testimonies - The book "Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace"

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“I am truly humbled and blessed with the surprise gift of the books you sent me. Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace is a very helpful book. I am a chaplain and a lay preacher. My mind and heart were not at peace, but after reading the two books you sent I am now happily experiencing a fresh peace. My view toward God has been tremendously changed since reading these two books. May the Lord richly bless you for the good work you are doing.” (Zambia)

“At age sixty-three, through your books given to me by the chaplain here, I have experienced a rebirth with joy. Because of Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace I have been blessed with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Your books are great tools. They are steering me back to God. Please pray for and with me.” (New Hampshire.)

“Thank you for the two books you sent me. These books have equipped me and I am still being blessed. Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace came at the right time because I needed the enlightenment contained in this book. I had a chest condition and the pain never left my mind. I have read through this book and learned to depend upon God. The Scripture in this book has given me much peace. I really appreciate your ministry. I now am able to preach the gospel of Christ to comfort those who are living in fear. May God bless you.” (Zambia)

“Because of the powerful message in Exchange your Worries for God's Perfect Peace, over 120,000 souls have prayed the sinner’s prayer in the Philippines during the last two years. How can I ever thank you enough for getting this book to me when I was at the crossroads in my life? Thank you for being in the right place at the right time. This book changed my way of thinking forever. After decades of searching, I found what my heart was longing for. The faith that I struggled for was at last given to me. I don’t struggle with faith any more.” (the Philippines)

“I want to thank you both for your book Exchange Your Worries for God's Perfect Peace. This book is being taught in a Bible study class here in the jail. It inspired me to learn more. I hunger to know more about God's Word. I thank the Lord that He put two wonderful people in my life through your book. May we one day see each other here or above. You will always be in my prayers. May God bless you always in every way.” (Florida)

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