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Testimonies - The book "Never, Never Give Up"

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During the past twenty years I have read several books and listened to many cassette tapes by Rev. Elbert Willis of Lafayette, Louisiana. I have been very blessed by his ministry. Because of this I was extremely pleased recently to see Rev. Willis send in two orders for a total of 30 copies of Never, Never Give Up. He said this book is very good. He wants to give copies to several people. I corresponded with Rev. Willis and asked if he would also give away promotional copies of this book as he travels throughout United States during the remainder of this year. He agreed to do this. He said he will put a copy of this book in the hands of the pastor of every church he will speak in.

"I lack the words to express how blessed I am by reading Never, Never Give Up. I have been immensely blessed and highly elevated by the scriptural references you have brought to my knowledge. I am desperately itching to read more of your books. I am a member of the Bible study group in my church. I know that having your materials will not only provide an opportunity for me to read and grow spiritually, but it will also provide an opportunity for me to share this knowledge with other brethren. I thank God for your life and ministry." (Nigeria)

"Never, Never Give Up and your other books that I have been reading are just amazing. You have brought me back to life completely. The only thing I can say is thank you, Jack, for bringing me back." (Missouri)

"Grace, mercy and peace be to you as you reach out to the needy hurting world with your books and tapes. God bless you for all your efforts and reward you richly. Recently we met with a group of hurting parents and have started a prayer chain for one another. Now we have felt the need of sending each one of them a copy of your book Never, Never Give Up, which we feel will be a help to them. Enclosed is in order for these books and a check. God bless you. We are praying for you." (Pennsylvania)

His Mansion Ministries is a Christian home where young single people with problems are in residence. These young people study the Word of God and learn to live a Christian lifestyle. We previously sent a complimentary copy of Never, Never Give Up to Stan Farmer, the president of this ministry. Stan recently wrote to us saying, "Nanette Williams, Director of Women, has read and used a copy of Never, Never Give Up with one of the girls here. It was most helpful and Nanette came back to me with a request for six more copies. I remembered that you generously offered your books. Is there any chance of receiving these six books?" (New Hampshire)

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