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Testimonies - The book "What Will Heaven be Like"

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"I have just finished reading your book, What Will Heaven Be Like?. This is the best book I have ever read next to my Bible. I'm ordering 10 copies to give to my relatives, my friend and my pastor. I can hardly wait to get to heaven. I am almost 85 years old." (North Carolina)

We recently talked on the telephone with friends in Iowa. They gave a copy of What Will Heaven Be Like? to the family of a woman dying of cancer. This woman’s husband and their 15 year old son read this book every day. If encouraged them greatly. One day the son said to his father, "I feel a lot better to know that Mom is going to such a special place."

We recently received a letter about a thirtyone year old Christian woman who died as a result of an inoperable brain tumor. She left her husband and a one year old son. However, her final days were eased because a friend gave this woman's husband a copy of What Will Heaven be Like? Each night during the final days of her life he sat by his wife's bedside and read to her about what she soon would be seeing when she arrived in heaven. We thank the Lord that this book was used to fill the last days of her life with peace and hope. (Washington, D.C.)

We received a phone call from a woman in Louisiana in regard to a man who had recently died of cancer. Toward the end of his two year battle with cancer he read what Will Heaven Be like? and he was encouraged by the clear vision of heaven he received.

"After losing my only child, a son who was 31 years old and a minister, in a car accident three years ago, your book What Will Heaven Be Like? was a blessing to me and my wife. I have read it to her three times." (Arkansas)

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