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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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"I have your book titled Trust God for Your Finances by Jack Hartman. This book is so detailed on financial matters. I was astounded on the instructions telling us how to trust God to meet our every need. This book has kept me on the edge of my chair. It is the best book I ever read. I gave it to a man in our church who taught a class on it. I just got the book back and I'm going to read it again. Please send me a brochure of your other books and tapes." (Pennsylvania)

"Your book is not about how to get rich quick, but realistic ways to put the Lord first in every area of our lives. We have shared this with other missionaries as well as the Chinese themselves." (Taiwan)

"I recently read your book Trust God for Your Finances -- and what exciting revelations I found throughout! I have been a Christian for more then twenty years, but I never understood the significance of or the how-to of meditation on Scripture. I have been able to carve out daily time for prayer and Bible study and meditation on Scripture even though I thought it impossible with my schedule of caring for five young children and home schooling the two oldest. Thank you for writing such a practical, easy to understand book and basing it so solidly on the Word of God!" (Georgia)

"I never wanted to read your book Trust God for Your Finances. I have always been thinking about my financial problems only -- what to do? How to overcome them? Once my Lord helped me to open this book I found exactly what I was looking for. India stands second in population and first in unemployment in the world. Though I am well-educated, I didn't have any job. I was on the streets and I got your book from Christian meetings I attended. After reading and learning so much from this book I started putting the principles into practice. I 100% agree with you that one should meditate on Scriptures and totally rely on them. After doing this I received an appointment as a teacher of English in a small private school. My eyes were filled with tears. I believe this book must be brought into our Indian languages. My wife and I are praying for your ministry." (India)

"Jack Hartman’s book Trust God for Your Finances had a powerful impact on my life. The book is based on the Bible and gave me many valuable ideas on how to be a better steward of my finances. Do yourself a favor and read this book." (Pat Williams, Senior Vice President, Orlando Magic basketball team, Florida

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