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Testimonies - The book "What Will Heaven be Like"

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We received an interesting voice mail message from a woman. She had been studying literature from her church about heaven, but she found that much of the teaching was over her head. Our daughter-in-law gave her copies of What Will Heaven Be Like?. She called us with great enthusiasm saying that our book gave her a much better understanding of heaven.

Often when Judy and I go to church someone comes up to say how much our books have helped them. One elderly woman who is a recent widow stopped us recently to say she is now on her fourth time reading Never, Never Give Up and her second time reading What Will Heaven Be Like? She said she couldn't have gotten through these difficult times since her husband died without these two books.

"Thank you for sending me these books. I loved What Will Heaven Be Like? Because my mom died in January, I want to share this book with lots of friends who are now adjusting to life without a loved one here on this earth." (Texas)

"My husband Frank went to be with the Lord in August. Your book, What Will Heaven Be Like?, was and is a great blessing to me. I am ordering the enclosed books for my daughters." (Florida)

"Thank you for your book, What Will Heaven Be Like? I like the thoughts you wrote about heaven. They give me a longing to go to my beloved one and more yet to see my precious Jesus Who has done so much for me. You're doing a good work writing books to encourage people. Keep it up." (Pennsylvania)

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