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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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"I have read book Trust God for Your Finances. It is very accurate and right on the Bible. I'm teaching on this book in my church and I would very much like have the other books you offer. Please send me information on how to order more books so that the great commission of Jesus Christ may continue to be filled with your teaching. Thank you very much." (a pastor from Texas)

"Several years ago my friend gave me his copy of Trust God for Your Finances. I have never read a book like this. When someone tells me something that tells me I am wrong and backs that up by Scripture, I'll listen. I have given away over 50 copies of Trust God for Your Finances. I also have used this book in a class I taught to people who had been in financial difficulties. Trust God for Your Finances is very helpful. It is loaded with Scripture." (Maryland)

"My wife and I were listening to Jack’s tape in the car. We call Jack's teaching ‘Scripture saturation’. The biblical principles he deals with are very rare. Many people just write. I think of Jesus' words, "The words that I speak; they are spirit and life". You really experience this when you listen to the tapes for a couple of hours. They have transformed my life. I needed faith and patience. I've been a pastor for twenty-seven years. In all of these years never have I seen how important patience is. It is just a blessing. The measure of life flows through Jack's teaching. I read a lot of books. I tell you, this is very rare. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless your ministry. I'm teaching Trust God for Your Finances now. I want to order everything you have." (a pastor in Mississippi)

"I have read your book Trust God for Your Finances and I would like to order this book and also the cassette tape. I came across a book on my boss' shelf at work and was able to have the time to sit and read it. Your book contains so much information. I couldn't stop reading and I couldn't stop crying. Thank you for taking the time in putting this in such simple terms for me to understand. I will always be grateful." (California)

"Your book, Trust God for Your Finances, is extremely powerful. It opened up, clarified and enlarged my grasp of this subject tremendously. I am living by faith here in Israel, so I am really trusting Him like never before! I look forward to reading everything you've ever written -- the impact on me has been so great. Thank you!" (Israel)

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