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Testimonies - The book "What Will Heaven be Like"

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"You sent us some books several years ago. I've used them as Bible studies. We used What Will Heaven Be Like? I would ask the kids at our boy’s ranch how big heaven is and they would know. While walking across the ranch, I would ask, "How big is heaven?" They would answer because they knew." ( Alabama)

"Many years ago I wrote to you for your book, What Will Heaven Be Like? I enjoyed it. Many people borrowed it. Unfortunately, the last one failed to return it, so please send me another." (Ohio)

We received a telephone call last week from a member of our Board of Directors in regard to a widow who received a copy of What Will Heaven Be Like? from him. Our friend said that, when this woman's husband died, What Will Heaven Be Like? ministered to her needs and the grief she was going through. She knows where her husband is and she looks forward to joining him there. She told our friend that she was so excited about this book that she wanted to give copies to every person on her Christmas list.

"Several weeks ago I had requested your advice. My unsaved father-in-law recently retired after 40 years with the same company. He was looking forward to relaxing and enjoying himself away from all the stress of corporate America. Within two months he became sick and was informed that he had terminal stomach cancer. We provided him with three of your books, One Hundred Years from Today, Deep Inner Peace and What Will Heaven Be Like? and, at your advice, suggested to him that he read them in that order. My wife tried to share Jesus with him and pray with him as much as she could, but she often was cut short out of pressure from his second wife who is unsaved and out of sensitivity for her father's deteriorating physical condition. This is where these books proved invaluable as they were the perfect tool to communicate God's Word to him in his surroundings and condition. I am ecstatic to report that my father-in-law now professes Jesus as his Savior. We know that he takes great comfort in knowing that just on the other side of all this final pain and suffering eternal glory awaits him. What a comfort to the family members as well. Jack, there is no doubt in my mind that the writing ministry which God has entrusted to you played a huge role in this man's salvation! Keep up the good work." (New Hampshire)

Can you imagine how forlorn people feel when they find they are infected with the HIV virus? These people realize that they probably will die prematurely in the not-too-distant future. Many of these people become Christians. We're thrilled to tell you that a church in Florida recently purchased 50 copies of what Will Heaven be Like? to be used to teach a class of people who are infected with the HIV virus. We pray that these people will be encouraged as they read from the holy Scriptures about the magnificence of heaven. We pray they will share the Lord and this book with other people who are infected with the HIV virus.

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