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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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"I decided to write to you immediately to say thanks first to God and then to you dear brother for your book Trust God for Your Finances. I ordered this in St. Petersburg, Russia and I soon got it. I was so happy to read it. When I was reading it for the first time I ’swallowed’ it. The second time I read slowly underlining almost every word. The third time I was ready to do everything it said to do. I thank you that you wrote it. May God bless you. I wish I could have all of your books and tapes." (Russia)

"I want to express my joy for the wisdom I have found in the books, scripture meditation cards and cassette tapes that you gave to me. When I received your books I was not moved to read Trust God for Your Finances because of the pollution of our pulpit regarding books on finances. However, I finally had the courage to read this book. I thank God that your writing, Brother Jack Hartman, is different from the other books I have read. The challenge of studying the Bible, giving the wisdom I've found in the content of this book has convinced me to trust God. This book is not as I thought it would be. It is a book with sincerity of Bible exposition. Thank God for this book. May God enlarge your course." (Nigeria)

"I must admit that I approached the book with some skepticism. This type of book usually is theologically shallow. However, this book is as sound as the Word of God. Thanks for introducing it to me and my people." (a pastor in North Carolina)

"'Trust God for Your Finances' is an excellent book, very practical and true to the Word of God. I have been recommending this book to the members of my congregation.” (a pastor in California)

"After studying this beautiful work I am pleased to say that my wife and I have joined the ranks of Born-Again Christians. Praise be to God!" (Illinois)

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