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Testimonies - The book "Trust God For Your Finances"

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"Next to the Bible your book is the most precious book I have ever read - and I read a lot." (Missouri)

"Your book 'Trust God for Your Finances' caused me to be 'born again' after I cried and prayed at 3:00 A.M. on January first and accepted Jesus. Your book has made me see a side of .Jesus I've never known. Being born again is a new life - a first step to a major rehabilitation - a major new change. Your book is, to me, the greatest book, next to the Bible." (Connecticut)

"Jack, I am so indebted to you for opening the doors of my mind farther than they have ever been before. Since reading your book, I think of God constantly." (Colorado)

"I can't thank you enough for your book 'Trust God for Your Finances'. Ever since reading it twice and realizing the masterpiece you have written I pray for you and thank God for you." (Puerto Rico)

"This is more than a book. It is an encyclopedia - a Christian primer. Please send us fifty additional copies." (a pastor in Nebraska)

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